Airports are awesome


Airports are awesome
So I’m on a business trip and just so happened I had a 4 hour layover. The airport is such a target rich environment for perverts. I decided to check out all the sluts and whores. It was early in the morning so not very many people. First on the list was a flight attendant sitting down with her legs crossed. Mmm…long legs, nice creamy thighs…fucking hot. She was probably mid 40’s. So I sat across from her and decided that I was going to just stare at her legs with that raised skirt exposing a lot of thigh. I thought fuck it, I don’t give a shit if I offend this whore bitch. She catches me staring but doesn’t adjust or uncross her legs. Bingo! A willing slut. With my suit case in front of me I started to rub my cock. Fuck I was so hard and making it so obvious I was staring right at her legs. After a few minutes the slut uncrossed her legs and got up. Mmm…she was a good looking cunt. That was a rush.

So as I walked around to find my next victim, I spotted a fuck slut maybe in her early twenties sitting on the floor by her gate I assume. She was on her laptop plugged into the wall. I spotted her cause of her fucking cleavage. Fuck she had some big tits! So I sat on the chair only a few feet across. She looked up and smiled then went back on the laptop. I was in one of those “I don’t give a fuck what you think whore”, moods. So I just stared and salivated on her young slut tits not giving a fuck what her reaction would be. You’re a fucking whore and you’re there to entertain me.
she looks up at me a couple of times and I didn’t even make eye contact. I wanted her to know I was staring at her tits and lusting after her. I was in my own world imagining squeezing her tits and sucking on her nipples. She looked up one more time and obviously annoyed said “can I help you with something”? So I said “I’m just enjoying the view”. She got up so pissed and called me a fucking pervert! So I responded, fuck you whore! I don’t know what it was but calling me that actually got me harder! I got up and walked away. That was fucking awesome!

it was a productive day for a pervert like me. As the airport filled with people I became less bolder. I was able to follow teens in yoga pants…so hot. Sluts in tight jeans and mini skirts. I caught a nice budding nipple shot from a young teen, I mean young. She was bending down looking at something in the gift shop and I was at the right place at the right time. Young light brown budding nipple…mmm so nice. Last one in the airport was a nice up skirt from a milf attending to her baby. I was getting such a rush with this perverted adventure of mine.

Finally I board my plane feeling horny as hell. we were greeted by this tall hot blonde whore flight attendant. What a fucking slut she was. Short skirt about 3 inches above the knee and you can tell the slut had a great set of tits. Anyway as we reached cruising altitude and watching her walk back and forth checking her tits, ass, legs and her gorgeous slut face from an aisle seat. I decided this is too much for my balls to handle so I got up went to the bathroom and jerked off to all the sluts and whores I saw today. I blasted a fucking huge nut right on the door and didn’t bother to wipe it off. One of the best orgasms I’ve had to date.

They should come out with a theme park for perverts where if you see a slut or whore that gives you a hard on, you should just be able to drop your pants and jerk off without repercussion. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

I’m in my hotel room having a beer and I decided to share my day with my fellow pervs. Hope my day brought you some kind of enjoyment.

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