Cuckold Husband Helps Bull Seduce Wife


Cuckold Husband Helps Bull Seduce Wife

heroine of the story

Sumant is a regular guy with a regular job. Having spent years studying, he has now managed to get a job and got the courage to marry the girl he has been dating since college. Everything has been going well and he has a very satisfactory sex life. His wife is a shapely young woman, who has an explosive sexual side. Sumant tries very hard to satisfy Anjali but he always feels that another powerful man could handle her better.

Sumant has openly discussed this with Anjali that he would like to see her with another man. But Anjali is not convinced and she says that she is happy with him and as long as Sumant keeps giving her lots of sex, she does not even think of another man.

But the idea has taken seed in his brain, Sumant never thought the idea of seeing Anjali in the arms of another man would be such a turn on. Now all he can think about is how to make it a reality.

He tried a lot of regular ways trying to arrange this but Anjali who works for an MNC is used to male attention. She has got the curves in the right places, has a dusky sensual charm and realizes any man would want to fuck her. So over the years, she has learned how to keep her distance from all these.

Sumant after having tried for 3 years almost gave up. He had also contacted some of the famous writers from ISS who claim that they regularly sleep with their readers. But it seems no one has been able to get Anjali to part her legs.

It was just another day Sumant was online and talking to guys online about Anjali, asking guys to talk dirty about Anjali. I had previous conversations with him earlier but found that Sumant was also very protective of her. He would avoid giving out detailed information about her, which was expected. This time around I asked him about Anjali and asked him to share her pic. For the first time, he shared her pic.

I probed further and it seemed after years of withholding information, Sumant had started to talk more openly about her. I found that encouraging and thought it would be fun to give it a go. So I asked Sumant to share Anjali’s email id.

Sumant was also enjoying the interest I was showing on Anjali. He asked me what I planned to do? I told him bluntly that I would like to fuck Anjali and maybe use her as a long-term sex buddy. Sumant became cautious but was excited as well.

I briefly explained the plan to him and asked him to give me all the information I needed.

Having spoken to Sumant, I had got a fair idea that Anjali was a popular girl in the college and she enjoyed male attention but nothing more. I decided to use that, flattery is the best weapon against the weak.

So I dropped an email to Anjali as an old admirer from the college and pretended that she didn’t know me but I was in love with her. All these years I have been thinking of her, the way she walked, talked, smiled and flirted. The more I flattered her, the more she relaxed as if she wanted to hear more about herself.

This continued for a few days and I was speaking to Sumant all the while too, talking about specific instances from Anjali’s college life. I knew she wanted to talk more to me but also didn’t want to speak too much.

After she had finished almost all her questions, I told her how I admired her figure, her curves, the way she did her hair, the low cut salwars she used to wear or tight-fitting jeans she had. I was pushing the conversation very slowly towards more sexual topics.

At times she would respond with a coy smiley face, at times with a cheeky reply, and at times she would change the topic. I smiled to myself and thought I have found an entrance to her head. When I spoke to Sumant the next time, I told him the things I spoke to Anjali about – he was ecstatic. He said no one has ever spoken so much to Anjali and how she let me talk all these things is a miracle.

He was very eager that I share more details with him and tell him everything. Because the husband-wife shared everything with each other, I asked Sumant whether she said anything about me to him? Sumant said Anjali had not mentioned anything about me or that she is touch with an old college friend. This gave me further confidence that I was on the right track with Anjali. I decided to push the envelope.

Next day I shifted the conversation to her looks and clothes and how she looks now. Again and again, I was using flattery and asked her to send her picture. She did. The moment she sent me her picture, I knew she was ready.

Later that evening I was exchanging emails again and told her that I was constantly looking at her pics, especially how curvy and well-shaped her boobs are. I also told her that I was imagining what color bra she was wearing. She got the drift and replied to me saying she had a black bra on, which she will change when she reached home.

I said I would love to be a fly on the wall when she was changing; admire her pert nipples and juicy melons. It was the most clichéd line but somehow worked. She was beginning to get turned on too. I enquired what color panty she had on and asked if she intended to change that too? Then I made the most obvious question, I asked her if she had recently shaved her privates? I was expecting a cold response but she must have been feeling totally randy.

She said, “Please stop, I am getting wet”. I said, “Don’t worry, I am in the email and not next to you. You just close your eyes and feel a strong hand touch your skin and slowly moving all over your body”.

She replied, “I like it”.

I said, “Anjali, I like your smooth skin and soft body, my hands are slowly moving up your legs towards your knees and to your thighs.”

“Now, gently open your legs, feel the back of my fingers brush your inner thighs, let me kiss your knees and take in your fragrance”. “I love your smell and I can see a glint of wetness on the lips of your pussy”. “My fingers are slowly reaching for your clit and my lips are biting your thighs”. “Spread your legs more,” I said.

She replied, “My legs are wide open for you, please don’t stop!”.

“My little finger is playing with your clit, teasing it out very softly.” “Your soft lips are blush with redness.”

“Now open your eyes and look at me. I want to keep looking at your face right now. I love the look on your face, I can feel the heat of your breaths and your dry lips edging to be kissed. Yes, I want to feel the softness of your skin against my face while I bite you gently”.

By this time, she already had a finger in her. I said to her, “I want to hear your moan, hear the desperation, I want to talk to you on the phone.”

30 seconds later, she emailed her number. I was also turned on by now, nothing excites a man more than the fact that a woman is turned on by him. I called her and the phone must have rung for a second. It was her voice on the other side as if she had run a half marathon. I didn’t waste any time, I ordered her to insert 2 fingers inside her. She obliged immediately.

I was guiding her and controlling her rhythm. I didn’t want her to cum soon, so I slowed her down and picked up the pace at will. She was inching towards the climax and I could hear her breath getting quicker and quicker. I egged her on and pushed her and then finally I can hear her let out a loud moan – the most visceral cry of joy, victory, and fulfillment.

30 seconds later when she got her breath back, all she said was, “Thank you, I need to go clean myself now”. We ended the call there and I waited for her to email me.

Almost after 20 minutes, she emailed that she had never done anything like that before in life and she was feeling very relaxed. But she was also feeling ashamed about it. And she did not want to make it a habit. So if we want to continue talking to each other we will have to be careful not to cross the line next time.

My reply was a simple smiley face with a wink. 😉

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