fucked hot neighbor Indian wife

fucked hot neighbor Indian wife
Hi All,
My name is Rajesh and this is the real accidental story happened in my life.
I am staying in Australia and I had to go back to India as part of work replacement. So we had to vacate the room and accordingly arranged.
But later work was extended for 2 months and I had to stay again. Since we already agreed to leave the current room I somehow managed to stay
in my friends room for this 2 months duration.

The apartment area contained many apartments and facing each others. All the houses were 2 Bedrooms with one big hall and kitchen and wall facing
other houses were almost glass frames with curtains. We had couple staying opposite to our room and they just had baby which used cry most of the times,
especially in the night. Somehow the couple didn’t had good understanding they used to quarrel frequently.
Wife was very beautiful, white toned, big round boobs and nice hairs. She usually used to shit in the sofa in the hall and most of the times with either skirt
or chuddies. I could see her sofa clearly from my balcony and of course those nice thighs too. I used to switch off the lights in our balcony and continue to be in phone call
and keep roaming there in the balcony.

On one Sunday, she cam back from trip with her husband and another couple, must be family friend. I saw her in blue long skirt that day when she got down from the car.
It was around 8PM. This couple went to room and husband roaming around the hall with k**. From another room beside hall there is attached bathroom with glass covered
shower and I could see the bathroom too from my balcony throughout their room to bathroom. I could see bathroom shower clearly if that door kept open.
In fact I realised it that day only. Wife switched on the lights in the room and kept room curtains open. I was just looking at her while talking on the phone and to
my surprise she opened her long blue colored dress and I could see her just in dark bra and panties. My god she was beautiful and I could not hold on to see
the amazing body. She then combed her hair for some time and then tied it as a bunch. To hell with me to greatest surprise she then removed her bra.
Those were pretty big melons. Her tits were round, black and bit large aerolas too. She poured some kind of ointment and applied over her body. I could not believe
what I was seeing. She then went to bathroom and adjusted the shower, that’s time I realised it is bathroom!! and was very surprised to see her in bathroom in just panty.
I am not sure whether she was doing it intentionally. She then started taking shower, though it was not clear I could see her naked and that was pleasure to me.
I got big tent inside my undie. She continued taking bath and then removed her panty also in between. She then moved to other area of her bathroom were I could not
see her.

After few minutes she suddenly appeared in the room, she was just naked with towel in her hand. She continued to dry her hairs, I believe she dried her body with same
towel inside bathroom but was not able to see that scene. She played with her hairs for 5-10 minutes while she naked. She bent down many times and i could see her big
boobs and ass clearly in side view. She even turned towards our room and I could see from front many times. She might have not noticed me in balcony because of the
tree in between our houses. It was big tree and I have to keep look her places in between the leaves. As such these leaves were giving glimpses of view of her from room.
I continued to see her like that then later she changed herself to some short skirt like dress. It was above her thighs. While she wore this she didn’t wore anything
under this.

I had my dinner too keeping my eye on the opposite house frequently. That night around 11:13 PM I saw her husband moved to bedroom and slept I believe, I could not see
their other room though were this couple used to sleep. She sat on the sofa with her legs stretched on the small table kept opposite to sofa. This is were I used to her
thighs usually. I was thinking of her naked body sometime back while I was watching her thighs. It was glorious sight. After sometime she bent forward and the straight
lined legs become little bent now. I could now see her up to ass from that position. Same dress was there on her till her thighs and it was bit above this time as she was seated.
Then she suddenly started messaging her thighs then her hands moved towards middle of her legs after sometime. She slowly started fondling her pussy. I could see she
messaging her pussy but could not see her pussy and ass as it was still covered. I was not sure if she fingering herself, was not able to stop myself, my hand slowly went
inside my undies and started caressing my cock which was already in its peak state. While she was fingering her pussy, I masturbated myself. I am not aure how many times
she came, she kept it continued for long time and I came for thrice in this session. She then stopped and stretched legs, I could not see her boobs though as the edge
of the sofa was covered by the wall, hell!! glass was ending there. I hope she must have fondled her boobs in the start or may be she was squeezing them now.

While I was thinking this she stood up and went to bedroom. End of the beautiful sight for the day. I was not able to believe this, I stayed their for sometime and
masturbated on the bed again thinking as though I am really fucking that beautiful lady. I kept waiting for my chances to see her naked from next day and didn’t find
the same whole week. I had to go to office also and thus didn’t find much of time. I saw her on sofa, roaming in the balcony and hall many times but not just naked.
I felt like seeing clearly so bought Binocular. Since then started seeing her with binoculars whenever she is on sofa or dining table. I rarely found her on the room
where I saw her naked earlier.

One day I saw couple going out and she was wearing pink saree. I planned to see her again and went from my room. I followed them and got into same train. I sat just
in opposite seat and then I was having good glimpse of her. She was so beautiful and my cock just got erected after seeing her small cleavage. Her blouse had wider opening
and boobs were popping out bit. I had never seen her like that, her usual gown didn’t had such cleavage for her boobs. I then tried trick and started talking to
my friend over phone, I then intentionally mentioned my address and asked him to come. Listening to this her husband started talking to me and he mentioned his room
there. We ended up mentioning we are in opposite room then about k**. I took this opportunity and started talking to k** also and we had funny conversations.

Then wife started looking at me different way, she probably knew I am from opposite house. She gradually touched her boobs sometimes and with that my cock grow up
and she noticed that tent over my cock and how I tried to hide it from rest of the people there. They then got down at place but I stayed in the train to avoid my bulge from others.
She did smiled at while leaving. Then I was back to my room and stayed there. Around 7 PM the couple came to house. We all waved at each other and smiles exchanged while
they were entering the apartment, I was on my balcony that time. Then I could see them entering their house. They all went to bedroom and later she came back to other bedroom and
went back with tea/coffee to bedroom. After sometime she came back to the other bedroom. She was still in the same saree. She moved some times their and here and
then started removing her makeup. She then removed her Saree and stood there caressing her hairs with her hand. She was just in Blouse and petticoat. It was light red or you
could refer it as kind of pink itself, petticoat was also matching too. After sometime she removed her blouse and then petticoat. My god she was just in bra and panty, her
undergarments were bit dark pink compared to saree and blouse. This set of bra and panty were very small, her bra was almost covering only her areolas and I could see
big part of side-boobs. Her boobs were not so much big but enough that anyone can first notice those. Those were pointed towards her areolas and so beautiful. Her panty also
was hardly covering her round big ass. She kept roaming around the bedroom and I could glance her from all angles and clearly as I had Binoculars now.
She started speaking on the call and was just in bra and panties. She then sat on the edge of the bed. After finishing the call she sat there only and started combing her
hairs with her hands while looking herself in the mirror. She then just removed the bra strap of her left side and started massaging her left boob. That was great sight
to see her full boob, I wish those were my hands. She pinched her areolas. She removed other strap too and started fondling her boobs with both hands. Bra just reached her
navel and stayed there. Just then her husband appeared on their balcony and just spoke to me and asked about tea and like that. She just then tied her hairs and went to
bathroom, alas she closed the door this time. After speaking to husband I had to return to my room, of course why I should talk to him!! that was not of my interest.

I kept thinking about her glorious body for days and hoping to see her again in same attire. I masturbated many times thinking of her. One thing I didn’t know yet was
whether see knew I was looking at her and was see intentionally doing it, or she was just unsatisfied woman and that was her common practice to console herself.
I used to work on weekends during Project release times and take comp-off on week days on that week. I was on leave and was staying in my room on Wednesday.
It was around 11AM the k** was crying and she came with k** and consoling him in balcony. She was in kind of nighty/gown, it was white with black straps. She sat
on relaxing chair in the balcony and then suddenly started breast feeding the k**, I was not sure whether to look at her or not. Her gown just had not stitched
opening to pop her boobs and feed the k**. I stopped looking at her and pretended like adjusting my dresses over the hanger left over balcony for drying.

After feeding she waved to me!!! and then inquired why I was in home. I told her about the work on weekend and was taken comp-off today. She then told about how she
missing the work. She told she used to work earlier and left only after she became pregnant. It was bit distance so she said she will meet me later and went inside.
I was not able keep myself away from looking her. I was watching her while she was having breakfast on the table. She then came to balcony, smiled and then she asked
my room number like casually.
k** started crying meanwhile and she mentioned she will come to small park downside in the apartment area. Was curious and went there, she was sitting on a bench with k** who was
still crying. He didn’t yet stop though she brought him to different place. I then told lets keep walking then he may stop crying or may sleep. We just started walking, talking
and she consoling her c***d. Like that I just stepped towards my apartment and she just accompanied me talking about work, her village, etc. I then took courage and asked if she
can visit my house. She didn’t mind and we came to our room. I told I will prepare tea, she smiled and laughed and went to balcony. I was preparing tea and looking at her
frequently. To my luck k** slept this time. I called her for tea, she came in, put her sleeping k** on the sofa and we started sipping our tea.
My god while having tea I was able to glare at her boobs, nothing inside!!! She then told it was good to have tea in the winter/cold. She hugged herself and rubbed her
shoulders. She slightly raised her dress and very small part of her left boob was visible through that pouch of her dress which was open for feeding. It was actually
showing her tit. Not to mention I was on my boxer and could not stop my cock from creating a small tent. She adjusted herself, put her one leg over other making sure her
dress raises up bit showing legs to me. I really still didn’t know whether she was doing intentionally or all these things happening casually.

k** started trembling and he might have woke up, she then patted him and told may be leather sofa is cold for him, I suddenly offered to move him to bedroom and place him on the bed.
She obliged and we went to bedroom, she placed him on the bed and kissed his forehead, she was bent this time I could see her cleavage. I then moved to glass door of the room
and closed the curtains. She asked why and then I said to avoid light from falling on the k**, I was bit taken back by this. I just came back and sat on the bed. She was at
other end. We just started speaking about movies and she asked about my marriage, I told I am still looking at and yet to finalize. In fact girl was finalized for me and I used
to talk to her only over the balcony. She then asked to show the pic and she told she looks very thin, small and beautiful. She then asked what kind of girls I like and
how I am finding this girl. Talk went here and there and I ended up mentioning her that she actually is very beautiful. She smiled and asked just beautiful. We then spoke about
love, loving girls, wife and crush. I mentioned as we might have some crush but really don’t like them as wife. She then suddenly told “Oh you mean just sex!!”.
She asked me what kind of girls arose me, I told I wish to have sex with boobies but my partner to be slim and small boobies. She asked whether she come into crush or life
partner category of mine. I hesitantly told “of course you have big and beautiful boobs!!”, was amazed at my statement.

She then looked at her boobs and said “BEAUTIFUL!!, REALLY??”.
I said “YEAH, look at those pretty melons!!, big and juicy”.
We both now bit open, and by now I realized she knew I seen her naked. She then put her hands inside her gown through that open area and slowly moved her hand over her one boob.
I said “Common, you know your boobs, size and how they feel, why you touching those now as though you realizing it now 😛 :-P”.
She smiled and said “I know but how you know?”
I said “I don’t know, I just think so by looking at them over your dress, dress is bit transparent and I can make guess with that”.
She said “stupid!! don’t think much. You need to feel the things and then make out what they really are, else it’s just assumption”.
I just moved towards her and looked at her, she gave me her permission with those eyes. I just touched her left boob with my right hand and slowly moved over it.
Since her k** was sleeping there she mentioned to go to other room and we back to bedroom on other room. She then blinked and asked me to feel her boobs.
She lifted her boobs pouch and placed my hand inside her dress. God I was touching such thing for the first time. My cock was pushing my boxers and hands were feeling
something amazing. Is this some strange skin or all boobs feel like this or some, and she is one among those. I don’t know but I was on clouds!!!

I can’t explain what I was experiencing, I lost myself and my other hand was on her other boob without my realization!!! My hands were all over her and then I felt something
nice and cool over my thighs. She was slowly pushing her left hand over my right leg towards my rod. Her finger touched my cock, she slowly fondled tip my my cock!!
she then lifted my leg put it completely on bed and pushed me over the bed and slowly came towards and top of me. She pulled my V-neck T-Shirt downwards
and started licking my chest visible over. I placed both my hands over her head and she was slowly moving with tongue licking my over chest.She with other hand pulled my T-Shirt
upwards and we both removed it together. She was more dominant and started kissing my neck, ears, shoulders, chest. I was in heaven. My body was rock solid and now
was started shaking little bit with her kisses and saliva all over me giving me a strange pleasure. I never expected a lady can give such pleasure.

We then looked at each others eyes and slowly moved close to each others and started kissing. Kiss became more intense with time and slowly tongues slipped inside each other.
It become more and more passionate and we were almost jumping over each others mouth like as though we are in game and trying to win over other. While kissing like this
we slide on the middle of bed, side by side and continued kissing. She then moved from mouth and started kissing all over my face, I slowly escaped and started kissing her
neck and then moved down to her body. We moved slowly sat on the bed, moved towards the edge of the bed while kissing each others body. We ere kissing like as though we were
hungry and fighting for some delicious food. While I again kissing her neck, was trying to move over her boobs slowly. She slowly slid down her gown as when when I came
down over her body. She was just catching the same speed and making her skin bare to my lips and tongue as and when I came down and down!!! When I felt my saliva was over
I was just one inch below her navel!!! She started shaking a bit and stopped me>>>>>. She then stood up, removed her gown completely and then bent and started kissing me.
She was just in a very small panty, it was barely covering her ass crack I believe. I could see her buttocks and moved my both hands over her buttocks while kissing her lips.
I started squeezing her buttocks and passionate kiss continued. She suddenly taken back, she shook a bit and lay down over the bed… her panty was wet in front…She started moaning like
“ahh ahh hoooghhh……” It was very arousing. She slid her panty and it was shining. Liqued ran out of her vagina!!! Amazing cunt!!!!She rubbed vagina and pulled the vegina
walls around and more liquid came out. I forgot about my cock all this time since she came over me kissing. She looked at me passionately and slowly lowered her sight and
then looked at my boxer. Yes, though I forgot about my cock, my cock was still in aroused state and made big tent there… I removed my boxer and then undid my JOCKEY!!!
She smiled, surprised and then lovingly told “hoyyyy, it’s bigg!!!”.

She held my cock with her right hand pulled the skin and played with it. I then pulled her panty and thrown it over my jockey… She slowly moved her hands over my back
and hugged me tight. She took me with her and lay down on the bed. We started kissing again and I started licking her both both boobs one after the other, bite her
tits and she moaned loud then. She held my head whenever I bite her boobs and asked me to be gentle. She then slowly caressed my cock and pulled it near her vagina!!!
Was waiting for long for this… It was first time for me and she slowly moved my cock over her vagina pool… She made like erasing her vagina with my cock.
She then slid it over her vagina and I was just raised my head… She held my head from back with other hand pushed it inside her two boobs. I felt like merged inside those.
I didn’t know what to do for sometime, I was just feeling her inside of vagina with my cock.. strange feeling and I even started shaking a bit… She then slowly started raising
buttocks and body up and own rhythmically. I started pushing IN and pulling OUT my cock through her cunt. We both were moving away at our center parts same time and come back
at same time. My cock was feeling deep inside her and completely inside when we both meet, it was making sounds due to liquids over there between her cunt and my cock.
She started moaning loudly with speed we were reaching. we were like fucking each other as fast and hard as possible and she was moaning very loud compared to me.
She was still bouncing and I just spilled out my sperm load, my cock ran out of her vagina when sperm came out and it just spilled all over her vagina and navel.
I just fell over her body and started kissing her face all over like a mad dog. I even biting her lips, cheeks and even nose. Over this I felt her nose as very arousive.
In fact I was mad about all her body, I don’t know what all I licked in the session and how I enjoyed her body till now.

She lifted my head after sometime, kissed me on lips, then all over my face and then pushed me beside to her. She came over me, started kissing my chest, tummy and licked
even the sperm stuck to my body when I fell over her body after spilling the sperm. She then slowly started moving her lips over and around cock and I was feeling her tongue
bit by bit around my cock. She then increased the phase and started licking my balls. Oh god my cock got erect again by this… I was just pushing my chest above the bed,
my head and buttocks were pushing down to bed while she was licking my balls. I suddenly felt cold over my cock and when I saw she put it inside her mouth…
She giggled and started pumping my cock inside her mouth. She was giving me pleasure after pleasure. After sometime she came over me and told if I can do the same to her.
I had no idea though but just pushed her down, came top of her started squeezing her boobs, licked her lips and face all over. She was smiling, laughing and getting aroused
and pushing her boobs towards me like was raising my chest earlier. She then placed her hand over my head pushing me down. I went down slowly licking, biting and
kissing her body on the way. Like this I was on her cunt in few seconds. I was just slowed down at her cunt but was slowly licking it..
She then placed her fingers over her cunt and opened it bit. I somehow slid tip my tongue inside her vagina and she suddenly shook, her voice was moaning and shaking.
She told to continue like that and asked go as deep as possible.
I was enjoying making her erotic by now and vigorously started licking her cunt. It was soft and shaved. Now I myself widened her cunt with fingers and started inserting
my tongue deep inside her… She was moaning loudly and then held me by my chin and lifted me up. She said “IT’S TIME FOR ANOTHER GAME!!”.
I pushed her legs wide apart and came over her. I directed my cock again over her cunt and pushed it inside. this time it went bit easily and and we again started hitting each
others bodies center to over meeting point. We both were moaning. I was completely on her body with full weight and pushing my cock in and out of her cunt vigorously with great SPEED!!
She caressing my back with her fingers, it was definitely tearing and bit pain, but was nothing for the pleasure I was having. It continued for sometime and we slow down
our speed by time. I was then slowly pushing my cock inside her cunt but with more strength. She was moaning slowly with the same velocity and her moaning used to end
when I hit the deepest part of pussy possible between us. I felt I was going more deep when we were doing slowly but with more rough way.

Like then we were looking at each other while doing this and moaning. We then Started kissing. Kiss continued and we basically ceased pumping our cock and vagina each other.
We were just pushing other to reach more deep and deep, our kissing was deep as my cock inside her cunt. We were all sweat by then and I started kissing her neck and her boobs just near
the neck. She was then lifting me kissing my neck, chin and lips. We were doing this to one another in cycles keeping the cock just well inside her cunt.
After sometime I spilled inside her cunt while we were kissing. We were more towards kissing and all the activities were just happening between my cock and her vagina walls
unknowingly. We broke after a while and I just slept over keeping my head just above and between her boobs. My cock just came out of her cunt was just below her buttocks and
between her legs. She then covered my back with her legs and locked me there. We remained there in the same position for sometime. She then started moving her fingers over
my hairs. She kissed my forehead and lifted my head. She was signalling to depart, I moved away from from her and stood up. We both moved towards the window, placed our bodies
over the wall and looked at each other. We then kissed once. She then moved and dressed herself while talking to me.

She said “I was not expecting I will have such pleasure today with you. It was great and I am loving it”.
I said “I can’t see you going away”. Before I finish sentence, she said “you just need to get time like this, I will all over you”.
We came near and kissed. She was already dressed and so I just took jockey and wore it. We just then sat on the edge of the bed sometime, no talk.
She kissed over my cheeks and went to other room were k** was sleeping. She blinked at me gave me flying kiss while going towards the front door. I just kept door open
and watching her till she started stepping down from stairs until she was visible to me. I then ran in, wore my boxer and T-Shirt and ran towards balcony.
She was waiting down, waved at me then opened her apartment main door, went in. We met thrice after this and then I had to come back to India. I will the other three experiences later.

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