Mila Mynx – cum bucket


Mila Mynx – cum bucket
Mila Mynx – cum bucket

Mila was a libertine and an insatiable one who could not exist without the constant craving of men. She wanted all men and all cocks to worship her, not just as a result of her natural beauty, and she was beautiful, but through the careful calibration of her relationships and communication, so she would always achieve a balance of power that led to her domination over all men. However, there was one true love in Mila’s life and he was her Master.

Her true love was a strong man physically, but his real strength was his understanding of Mila. He understood intrinsically her cravings both mentally and physically and he accepted them, in fact, his goal from the outset was to make sure that Mila realized all her cravings and desires. Today, was a special day for Mila, her birthday and he had a treat for her.

They were in New York at the Ritz Carlton, in a suite overlooking Central Park. Returning from dinner and after a bit too much champagne, they headed up to the suite. As always she was sexually excited and the champagne was like fuel on a raging fire. She was wearing a white dress, short, with black boots up to her knees and no underwear as instructed, not that she needed guidance…

As they entered the suite, the boyfriend had mentioned he had one more gift for her. When he opened the door twelve strong men were waiting for them, wearing only the hotel robes , even Mila was taken aback. “Tonight Mila, your going to perform for me. Each of these men are going to cum for you tonight until their balls are fully drained. None of them have had an orgasm for the last seven days. I want you to show me how much you love me by being their little cum bucket”

Mila’s pussy was already wet from the endless stroking and fingering in the car on the way back from the restaurant, but her whole body now was shaking very slightly with excitement at this plan. She lined up the men around her, telling them to drop their robes, and begin to stroke. She remained clothed in the middle, watching them, examining them each whilst she teased her own pussy. Her pussy was so wet by this sight, some had dripped onto the floor, which she scooped up and placed in her mouth. She had her first orgasm watching them stroke their cocks in this way. For the men, their cocks were aching, stiff and erect, ready to burst. Who was this woman they thought…..

What followed was several hours of total debauchery. She started by sucking each of the men one by one in the circle, still in her dress, using her cock teasing and sucking skills, including some deep throat until each one had cum in her mouth and over her face. Her face was completely covered in their cum, including in her hair. Cum dripped down her neck onto her chest and down her body. But she wasn’t finished. There would be no cleanup, she loved the smell, taste and texture of cum as each came the guys would watch her move onto the next, each guy preparing his cock for when she returned around the circle.

After the 12th guy had cum, she removed her dress and boots and walked over to the bed, laying on her back. Being covered in cum was the appetizer, but now she needed fucking to feed that deep aching pussy. Her sexual aggression towards the men fueled their lust. Two guys held her arms down, whilst the other men took turns fucking her, harder and harder. Mila lost count of how many times she came during this rough fucking, but it wasn’t enough. The guys that still had cum in their balls, they would jerk off over her whilst she was being fucked. By the end, the guys sat around exhausted, whilst Mila finished off the last guy who had already cum three times. As he struggled to finish for a fourth time, Mila climbed on top of him and started riding him slowly, squeezing her pussy around his cock until he finally came one last time.

Mila climbed off the man, as the other guys sat round exhausted, still naked and moved her pussy to his face. Mila was a mess, her hair, face, body and pussy was covered in cum. The man looked weak, exhausted, but Mila was still standing. She gently lowered her pussy to his mouth and gently rubbed across his face until she came again.

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