My beautiful little “Trap.”

My beautiful little “Trap.”
It felt so good to have a warm, wet, wonderful mouth wrapped around my cock. I strongly suspected that this girl was actually a boy, but strangely that only made it even hotter. So beautiful and feminine, her soft lips felt amazing as they gently slid up and down my hard shaft. Her mouth and tongue worshipping my dick, almost making love to it. It was incredible.

I met her outside a club. The street was filled with bars and night clubs, and people looking for sex. She was so sexy and feminine, such a beautiful, petite body. Dressed in a slim black dress and heels, she made my heart race. I was thrilled when she appeared to be interested in me.

It wasn’t long before we were in a dark, back booth and making out. Her red, full lips drew me in like a magnet. I could have kissed her all night, she made my cock so hard!

I asked her if she would like to get out of there and she said yes, “How about a drive?” she said softly. We got into my car and she leaned over and started to undo my pants! I almost crashed! I was surprised at how forward she was. She looked so innocent and young, but she knew exactly what she wanted.

She slid her cute little ass back along her seat and took my hard cock out and stroked it softly, just inches from her face. She moaned and kissed it gently. I had to pull over.

She took my aching cock into her wet, wonderful mouth and slid her red, full, soft lips along the head. Her soft moans only made it even more incredible. What an amazing girl!

Taking my cock deep, I put my hand on the back of her head and stroked her hair and down her back, feeling her small, petite body as she sucked me. “Baby, I’m gonna cum” I said. I expected her to pull her mouth from my cock, but she did just the opposite. She moaned louder and sucked me deeper and even harder. She wanted my cum!

I squeezed her petite shoulder as I was rocked by an amazing orgasm. Her hungry mouth never stopped sucking me. Sucking and swallowing, she continued to moan, loving it as much as I did.

She leaned back back in her seat after licking and sucking every drop from my cock and shy smiled as she wiped cum and saliva from her mouth.

She said she had to go but gave me her email address and said to message her soon. She seemed so shy, but so eager to suck my cock. I could barely think about anything else!

The next morning, I sent her a message asking to see her again. She started to hint that she wasn’t what I thought and that’s why she didn’t want to give me her number and especially why she didn’t want to go to my place, or hers the night before. “Here, I’ll just show you.” she said, too shy to say the words I guess. She sent me this picture.

Somehow I knew already, somehow, I sensed it I guess. I was quick to write how beautiful I thought she was and how much I liked her, all of her.

It would be several days of messaging back and forth before she agreed to see me again. She explained several times how nervous she was to see me now that I knew her secret. I said I would meet her anywhere she felt comfortable and she finally agreed.

We meet for dinner. She wore another beautiful feminine dress and heels. The look in my eyes must have told her how gorgeous I thought she was because she immediately leaned into me and softly said, “Let’s get a room.”

I couldn’t wait to feel that mouth around my dick again!

Once in the room, I asked if I could see her. She slowly slid off her dress as I leaned back on the bed and watched. First off her shoulders, then down to her waist. Her body was so petite, boyish even. She slid the dress to the floor and stood there in front of me wearing nothing but stockings and high heels.

She looked so beautiful! Her smooth, perfect skin, her thin, petite, feminine frame, her beautiful soft cock. “Come her, baby” I said softly and held out my hand, She climbed onto the bed and with her tight little ass in the air crawled over to me. I held her gently and kissed her softly. She felt my hard cock and rocked gently on top of me, grinding softly against my dick. Our tongues met and she moaned, letting me kiss her deeply. She unbuttoned my shirt and kissed my chest. She knew what she wanted.

She licked my nipple and then down my stomach. My cock throbbed inside my pants, begging to be released. I watched her undo my pants and ease down my zipper. I helped her pull them down, freeing my cock, and she sighed. This “girl” loved cock!

She kissed along my shaft and planted soft kisses on my balls. My cock jumped and twitched under her soft, full lips. Begging for more. She ran her tongue along my length, kissed the underside of my cocks head with a wet, open mouth before sliding her lips around it and sliding them it. Her wonderful, wet mouth took my breath away.

I stroked and rubbed her waist and hip as she layed on her side and sucked me. I ran my hand over her cute little ass, caressing and squeezing her ass cheek. She reached down and pushed her cock and balls between her legs, making them stick out from behind. I immediately stroked her tight little balls with my finger tips. She let out a cock muffled moan in approval. I touched the tip of her swollen cock and felt her slick, sticky pre cum coat my fingers. I traced around her cocks head with her slick, leaking fluid and lightly stroked her pre cum covered head with my finger tips.

She moaned and took my cock into her throat, lost in cock loving lust and the heat of the moment. She pushed my dick deeper into her mouth and began to squeeze and tug on my balls. It was too much! I came again, I didn’t even bother to tell her. I knew she wouldn’t mind!

She moaned, eager to taste and swallow my cum. I filled her mouth as wave after wave of cum shoot out of me. I rubbed her cock’s head harder as she sucked my exploding cock. Her body shook and I felt her warm cum begin to ooze out and over my fingers.

She rested her head down next to my cock and stroked it lovingly with her hand as her body continued to quiver in the last wonderful moments of her own orgasm.

She moaned softly as I ran my cum covered fingers along her balls and between her ass cheeks. Her cum felt warm, wonderful and thick and slick. I finger tip found her tight little asshole and rubbed it gently before pushing her own cum inside her. She moaned and stroked my cock harder, making my rock hard again. My finger slipped deeper inside her making her exhale sharply and arch her back.

I pushed her onto her stomach and she eagerly lifted her ass in the air, waiting for me to take her. Her little ass looked so good, I wanted her so bad. I held her slim waist with one hand and guided my hard dick into her opening with the other.

She threw her head back, letting out a soft, “Yes” as I pressed and pushed inside her. Slowly at first, until all of my saliva and cum lubed cock was deep in her ass. I leaned forward and kissed her neck, then with a grinding motion, moved my hard dick in and out of her. We made love like that until I felt another amazing orgasm build.

My breathing quickened, my orgasm building. She whispered softly, “cum inside me.”

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