My First time

My First time
I had just turned 18 that summer and only just graduated it was the mid 80’s.. I got a new job and was working evening at a restaurant. I had only been working there a few months and was kinda enjoy it, I wasn’t used to being out of the house on my own in the evenings as I was mostly under the rule of mom and dad, but I was a working man I guess so they didn’t impose any more restrictions on my time out of the house so long as it was job related. I didn’t own a car so I had to barrow dads which was also new and somewhat unexpected but I guess dad got tired of having to pick me up late at night from work especially since he had his own job to get to early in the mornings. so at first I was only interested it getting to work then streight home after, but after a few weeks of that I started to take different routes home, each one a little more out ot the way. I didn’t get questioned in the morning so I just kept getting more and more adventurous with my drive home. I seem to always get the closing schedule but it was cool because the party k**s seemed to work that shift, and I started to get to know them. one nite as I drove another out of the way route home I ended up out near the local truck stop, and I saw that here was an Adult Book Store very near to the truck stop. I had always been into porn mags and would sneek dads to jack off with, and though I liked women I was drawn to the big cocks of the men in the pictures. I had by this time played with the idea of getting fucked by a man like those women in the mags and had used a home made toy to exp what it felt like to be penetrated, once I did it I kept playing that way as I enjoyed the way it felt. but at that time it was only a homemade toy not a real mans real cock. so that night I drove by the ABS and seen the cars in the parking lot and just wondered what was in side and could only fantasise about who was in there and what they were doing because the only things I knew about a store like that was what I read in porn mag stories. so over the next couple weeks I must have driven by the ABS a dozen times but didn’t have the guts to stop, being the horny guy I was I eventually drove into the parking lot. I get off of work around 11pm and that night I drove directly to the ABS and parked at the back of the lot. I watched a few men pull into the lot and go into the ABS as well as them come back out and drive away. I must have sat there about 30 minutes when a guy walked out the door and headed my way.. he was older maybe in his late 50’s tall and slender, he walked to the car next to mine and as he was unlocking his door he looked over at me and smiled so I said hi, kinda like a very nervus “hi” he opened his door and then turned to me and asked if I was going in. I said maybe but this was my first time here. he closed his door and turned to my open window and leaned into talk to me I was really nurvus by this time cause this guy\man was older then my dad, but at the same time I was starting to get really turned on. as he leaned into my window to talk I could smell his musky sent like when I s**tch my balls and smell my sent on my fingers but stronger, I knew what it was but I didn’t know why I was so turnd on by it, but his face was close to mine. now I had parked in the last spot in the back corner of the lot because it was dark and I figured no one could see me and I could sneak in and out of the ABS and not get caught but it was also to dark to see anything from the street so turns out that was a good thing. the two of us talked a bit and he said he would go in with me if i wanted him to to show me around, he seemed nice enough so I agreed as I got out of my car, as we stood there about ready to head in he stopped and said he need to piss, so I said ok I’ll wait over here.. he said no stay here and began to unzip he pulled out his cock which was on the larger side from the looks of it but to be honest I had never seen an adults cock before and guys in my school gym I only saw from a distance, but he was within arms legnth from me and I just stood there and watched him piss. he didn’t seem to mind at all, after he stuffed it back in his jeans and we went into the store he showed me how to buy tokens and took me into the back where there were movie booth, I was amazed, he directed me to a both and said he would be in the one next to mine, we watched movies and after about an hour we headed out. after we got back to our cars he asked if I was horny and if i like it in there, I kinda felt like were frinds by that point so I just said yeah with a big dumb grin. he asked if i would be back and I of course said I would be and we made plans to meet there the next nite. by the time I got home I was dead tired so I didn’t even jack off.. but by the time I showed up at the ABS the next nite I was really horny knowing that I was going to see movies and hang out with this old guy who’s cock I had seen. I parked in the same spot and he pulled in a little after I did and parked next to me, we both got out and as we stood between the cars in the dark he unzipped again and took a piss but this time he strted to pull onhis cock after and I just stood there and watched, I guess he took that as me bing interested bacuse he reached out and cupped my balls and started to massage me. I got hard stantly and he rubbed and groped harder, I reached out to his cock and he turned to give me access and I was amazed how hard and soft at the same time his cock felt in my hand. he undid the button on my pants and un zipped me before i could stop he had my dick out and my pants were down near my knees. he moved in close and I leand back against my car door as he stroked and jack my cock, as I still had ahold of his as well but wasn’t working it like he was mine, next thing I knew he was down on one knee and sucking my dick and I was totaly lost in the lust of the moment he had his hands all over my hips and ass and was squeezing my cheeks and with one swift move he turned me around and was tunging my hole. I don’t know how long this went on for because i could barely move I was in so much please I just let it happen, his fingers went into me and he spit lubed me and opened me up then he walked me back around to the rear of his car where we were even more hidden, and I let him lead me like I knew what was going to happen, he turned me to face the trunk and pushed me over gently and I complied eagerly, he then resumed fingering me and stretching my hole and then I felt his breath on the back of my neck and he told me to relax, he held my hips and then with one had guided his large cock to my spit slicked up and fingered hole when I felt the head of his cock touch me I started to quiver and as he pushed against me I could feel my self submit as I felt the weight of his body on mine. he slid his cock up and down between my cheeks I guess to lube it and then I felt him push at my tight hole.. he worked my hole with his cock until i could feel him start to slowly slide in, I felt the pain build as he pushed deeper and I guess I moaned because he stopped and pulled back only to try again.. it took two or three attemps but soon he pushed in and wasn’t stopping dispite my deep gutteral growns.. then all at once the pain stopped and all I flt was this full stuffed feeling as he pushed deeper into me.. he moved his hads to my hips and steadied me as he slowly began to pump in and out and as his speed and depth grew so did the pleasure I was feeling. I could feel his entire shaft as it moved in and out and I could feel the shaft jump and twitch as he worked his cock into me. I can still remember the cold feel of the trunk on my stomach and the sounds of cars passing on the street across the parking lot and then I was aware of the sounds i was making, grunting and groaning whimpering and feeling helpless as i was being held in place and fucked by this old man and how I must have been enjoying it because not once did I even consider trying to stop him or get away. at one point he pulled his cock out of me and suddely I could breath again.. he unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants then stepped up to me and in one stroke slid his cock back into me fully. it felt like he was fucking me for a long time and by the time his cock was ready to explode hot cum into my gutts I was pushing back into him as he pumped into me.. he moad and told me he was cumming and he hammered into me deeply and emptied his huge old balls into me.. he laid over me after he was done and I could feel his shaft thob and as he slowly pulled it out I must have been a tight hole still because I didn’t leak hardly any of his cum until I was already driving home. I met with him again several times at the ABS and he fucked me each time both in the booths and out in the parking lot each time I was filled with his hot cum by the time we met for the last time I was able to take his large cock with ease and I learned to use vasaline to help get him in. it was a great summer to lear to be a bottom.

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