My Kentucky girl PT. 3 all true


My Kentucky girl PT. 3 all true
Sorry for dragging this one out but she spent the weekend lol. Ok, I believe I left off as we headed back to the bedroom on Saturday morning after only meeting her in person the night before. We began to make out again, my hands all over that sweet ass. She pushed me onto the bed and climbed on with my hard on rubbing against her wet pussy I ran my hands from that amazing ass, up her back and around to her beautiful tits. Rubbing and squeezing them as I gently pinched her stiff nipples. She continued to grind against me with my cock getting wetter and wetter from her juices, then she managed to work me inside of her warm wetness hands free and said” there we go” I said ” yes ma’am, there we go” she started bucking her hips just getting the cock like she wanted, I moved my hands to that amazing ass again just to hold it and squeeze it at first but as she continued to rock back and forth on my cock, I started thrusting her down on me… Balls deep. Not long after that, she held my cock inside her pretty pussy and turned a 180 getting into reverse cowgirl. I couldn’t stop my hands from exploring her entire body from ass to tits and everything in between. She loved the attention and the position because not long after climbing on her perch, she started to move without rhythm, bucking uncontrollably. There it was, she was cumming again. It was wonderful how her pussy was gripping my cock as I grabbed her tits and held her all the way down on it. She finally let out a gasp and said” oh baby, I needed that” I said I was glad to help. She climbed off my cock and said ” now there’s something else I need” as she moved down to take me into her mouth. I of course was covered in her juices and before she took my cock in her mouth, I could see pre cum, a big drop of it on my cock head. She stuck her tongue out to lick it off and said,” hmmmm, sweet” then began to suck my cock like it would be her last. Damn this woman had skills! Holding and gently squeezing my fat nuts as she worked my dick with her tongue and mouth. I told her ” I can’t take this anymore” her exact words were, ” turn it loose!” I reached down and took the base of my cock in hand and started short stroking it as she licked and sucked the head and sensitive underside. That was all it took. I said” ok baby, I’m gonna cum!” She didn’t miss a beat as I unloaded in her mouth without spilling a drop, she ate my cum like a pro! I said, ” that was awesome! Thank you so much” and kissed her deeply. We just layed together for a while rubbing and touching eachother, just enjoying being together. Evidently it was what we both needed. I told her that she had the most amazing ass I had ever held in my hands and she got on all fours with it up in the air and said” I’m glad you like it, why don’t you come grab it with both hands?” I got behind her and did just that. Rubbing my cock head against her still wet pussy my dick getting harder by the second, I gave her ass a firm grasp and eased up inside her slowly until I was buried to the nuts. I swear, the woman had the tightest pussy I had ever been in! I pumped her slowly and steadily as she diddled her clit ( I love it when a woman does that). I could feel my balls tighten and my cock start to twitch so I knew I was about to cum again. I said” damn baby, you are so fucking good I’m going to cum already!” I gripped her ass with force and began to slam my dick into her tight, wet, hot pussy. Then I took one final stroke as far as I could get up inside her and just filled her with another load of my cum. I stayed inside of her until my hard on subsided and plopped out of her well fucked pussy on its own. Kissing down her back to her ass, still rubbing and squeezing it as I watch my creampie run out of this woman who I’d never seen just 24 hours earlier and just smiled. We got up, dressed, and went to town for gas and supplies. We spent that night just being 2 people enjoying eachothers company before she had to leave on Sunday. I really enjoyed the time I spent with this woman who changed the way I thought about older women remember, she was 12 years older than me. The next day was Sunday, her day to go home. But bless her heart, she had a special surprise for me. We had gotten up, had a shower, we had coffee and talked a while and she said, ” while you were in the shower, I took it upon myself to check your freezer and I want to do something for you” I said, ” oh sweetheart, you already have LOL” she said ” no silly, I want to fix you supper. But first, we have to work up an appetite LOL” I didn’t argue, we started at eachother once again. One for the road so to speak. No crazy positions, long stories, just a long slow, very intimate goodbye fuck that ended up with her cumming on my cock, me cumming in her pussy and getting to watch it run out of my new friend, me feeling a real connection with someone that I had missed for a long time. The icing on the cake was an amazing fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy with home made biscuits dinner that she made for me. After supper, I carried her bags to her car for her. We said our goodbyes and I thanked her for a truly wonderful weekend. She said it was wonderful wasn’t it? I had a great time. I put her in her car and told her to drive safe and let me know that she made it home alright, feeling kinda sad as she drove away. A little over 2 hours later she called like she said she would just to let me know she’d made it home safely and thanked me for my hospitality to which I replied ” it was an absolute honor and privilege to have you here. You are welcome any time. We hung up and I’ve never heard from her again. I recall the memory very fondly and I miss my Kentucky girl. I hope you’re doing well out there. Thank you for letting me get to know you. You are a smile on my face that my wife just don’t understand. I hope you all enjoyed my story. Please comment and hopefully get yourself off to my memories. Thank you all

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