My MIL – My wife Part 2

My MIL – My wife Part 2


I woke the next day morning, it was Thursday and my MIL was not there in the bed. It was 7:30 and may be she was bus making breakfast as usual. I laid there thinking about yesterdays events and I had an instant hard on. I had no intentions of going to work that day. I called up office and reported sick for the next 2 days. And in the weekend my wife would be back but I din’t want to think about it yet. I woke up walked in my boxers to find my Lakshmi my MIL.
She was in kitchen making breakfast and I stood at the door and watched her beauty. She had her hair up with a claw clip and was wearing the nighty she had worn last night, but no bra on and just the panty. I went near her and hugged her tight from the sides, I placed my left hand over her ass and with one hand cupped her awesome boobs. I loved her boobs, it was just like Monica Belluci’s boobs but a little smaller. She turned her face to me and we immediately went into a passionate kiss. I said Lakshmi I love you. She broke my hug and asked me to take bath as I had to go to work. I said I had asked for leave and I would enjoy her for 2 full days. She gave a naughty smile and insisted I take bath anyways and then have breakfast. I said you haven’t taken bath too and if we have to take bath one at a time it will be late and I suggested lets take bath together. To this she smiled naughtily again and said, ok you go and I will join.

I wanted this bath to be special and I did not want it to be a quick shower, so I went to the bathroom, filled the bath tub, used lavender douche to create the foam and all the time I had a hard on thinking about fucking my MIL in the bathtub. I dropped my clothes and tied a towel around my waist but the dick popped out as I went to call my MIL. She laughed at seeing me like that and asked strictly to go and wait. I went and got into the tub and waiting and waiting for 10 minutes and it seemed too long, and then she came, and she took off her nighty and wow, her amazing boobs. She turned around and bent before me posing her ass close to my face in the context of removing her panty. She stood stark naked and she looked at mirror and checked herself out. My dick was ready to burst, I tried to pull her and she dodged me and started teasing me, I loved this whorish side of my MIL. She was enjoying the attention so much, she must have felt young again. I begged her to get in and finally, she climbed in and this was her first time in a bath tub and the douche smell excited her. I pulled her over me and the water splashed all over. Her but was still over the water and her boobs where all wet and crushed over my chest.
I hugged her tight and smooched her on her lips sucking her succulent lips deep into my mouth. She slid her tongue and was licking inside my mouth and we played war of tongues as we constantly tried to win over others tongue. I slid out and climbed over her, she was naked in neck deep water, right under me and she looked sexy. I could not hold on anymore and my dick searched for her pussy under water. She held it and guided it in and it slid in completely and I stayed there enjoying her convulsions and her pussy walls clasping against my dick. She left out a huge moan, ohhhhhhhhh.uhhhhhhhh… hmmmmmmmm. I started fucking her, and she laid back enjoying and with every stroke the water splashed and she would moan with every thump…like hmmm hmmm hmmm haaaa hmmmm hmmm hmm haaa.. I fucked her for 10 mins and I cummed inside her. I fell over her, smooching her face and kneading her boobs. I slid under spread my legs and she came close to me with her back against me and now her lovely ass was pressing against my growing dick. I cupped her boobs from behind and starting playing with it. I Licked all over her neck her ears and fingered her pussy under water. She was becoming one awesome company.

After 15 mins of foreplay in the tub, I was hard again and ready and this time I wanted her doggy, I made her kneel, now only her hands and legs where under water and her entire body was above and it glistened with water. There was s**ttered foam on her back and she looked heavenly. I knelt behind her my ass out of water and I slid my dick deep into her pussy, i bet we looked erotic like that, it was too erotic for me, her wet ass stuffed with my dick. I started ramming her holding her hips and she was moving her hips against mine, we settled into a nice rhythm and after I while I stopped pushing and she went back and forth sliding over my dick. I bent over and kissed over her naked back and put some water and foam over her body and played, I reached for her boobs and squeezed them hard I bend over and held her hair bun. It got loose and I was able to clutch it in one bunch. I pulled her hair and held her hips and started fucking her vigorously, she started moaning loudly, fuck me fuck me son in law, fuck me harder, don’t stop, fuck me deep….ohhhhh yeah….ohhhhh hmmmm uhhhhh …hmmmm fuck me. I fucked her harder listening to all this moaning, she was cumming hard, she had come already once and our juices oozed out. I kept fucking her , I stood up and started mounting her like a bull and with every thrust I was deep inside her hitting her walls and finally we cummed together and we both were tired.

We lied in the tub for some time breathing heavily. I hugged her close. I was completely satisfied and I have made her my own slutty mother in law. I will live my every single fantasy with her and she was going to enjoy it. We climbed out of the tub and I took her to the shower, I removed her hair bun the hair fell out and I smelt and played with it and we took shower together and we washed each other, I was thinking how nice t would be for her to have longer hair…which I told her later but some other things as well but that is for another story another time.The first 3 days of having my MIL was exhaustive. In those three days I had fucked her about 20 times. I was tired but not my senses, I was spurred more, I wanted my Mil, wanted to keep drilling her, seeding her. But this was Saturday and my wife would be here anytime. I checked for Lakshmi my MIL, she was with the k** feeding him and she saw me and smiled. I called her for a quickie she said, her daughter could be there any moment. I went over to her, kissed my c***d and then kissed her on the lips. We smooched a good ten minutes. She kept insisting that we shouldn’t do it. I never listened and started squeezing her boobs over her nightie.
I told my c***d and put her in the prom to play and grabbed my MIL. She was sitting on the couch and I removed her nightie over her head in one pull and she was sitting there with her panty. I squeezed her boobs leant over and sucked on those heavenly melons. It tasted a little different, her boobs. I stood up, pulled down my boxers and my dick was just getting hard. She had her pinky panty on and she took my dick into her mouth, her warm and wet mouth was what it needed. The blood gushed down to my dick making it grow with every suck and I could feel my balls tighten and the nerves shooting up. I kneaded on her bare back and she had her hair in a wonderfully made bun. I removed the bun and let her gorgeous hair fall all over her back. She had get black her, except for a few strands that where graying out. It was amazing how her hair maintained its shape even after a night’s sleep. I gathered her soft and healthy hair in my hand and started thrusting my already hard dick into her mouth, I could feel her deep throat and within these 3 days she had improved a lot on sucking and was enjoying probably as much as I did. She was sucking it so fast, her movements very so rapid, her gathered hair in my hands where bouncing off in waves, her boobs giggling.
I asked her to stop and pulled her up and smooched, sucked in her wet lip that was covered with my pre-cum. I pulled down her panty and I lifted her leg and placed it on the couch and started licking her cunt by kneeling in front. She was already wet and was oozing and I licked her vigorously, when my mobile rang and I had to pick it as it was my wife. I said hello and kept licking her mom’s cunt, she asked me what I was doing and I told her I was having my breakfast and she just told me she would be there in 40 minutes. I told my MIL Lakshmi this and hung the phone. Lakshmi got tensed and wanted me to stop, but I licked her deep for another 2 mins and asked her to bend over the couch. I spanked her butt and took position right behind her, my dick just probing her wet cunt. I shoved my manhood into her and held her hair and fucked her doggy. I rammed my initial strokes hard and slow and then on set into rhythm.
I groped her boobs and spanked her butt and rode her like a slut and fucked deep into her pussy, she was all the times tensed about her daughter who would be getting home any moment.I fucked her good 20 mins and then cummed into her..we just sat on the couch tired and in a flash she took her nightie and went into the bathroom to wash, she had a very quick shower and was out and I pulled up my boxers and went in for my shower. The room had smelled of our juices and my mom had sprayed the room spray and had also lighted some agarbathi’s. We sat down and I was still groping Lakshmi when my wife’s taxi pulled in. I squeezed my MILs boobs before going to open the door for my wife, her own daughter. I took my wife’s luggage and took it to our bedroom and came back to join them in the hall. Mom and daughter were catching up and my wife straight away took our k** and started playing with her. That night went uneventful as me and my wife slept in our bedroom and my MIL slept in the other bedroom.
The next day morning I was woken up by sound of kettle and glasses from the kitchen and I came to my senses and realized that my MIL had woken up and was busy in the kitchen preparing coffee for us, I checked across the bed and my wife was still sleeping, probably tired from her journey. Lakshmi was in the kitchen and was wearing a saree, I just went and hugged her and bit on her neck and licked her ear lobes. She wanted to free herself and mentioned her daughter is here and she might wake up, I was grabbing her ass her boobs and was feasting on her luscious mature body and she was all the while wriggling to get free. Such kinky act roused me more, the idea of having fun with my MIL when her own daughter was sleeping in the next room was erotic. I was starting to have a hard on. I pulled down my shorts and kept my Mils hand on my dick, I asked her to suck it. I was rubbing it forcefully on my dick and she was excited as well as scared, I asked her to suck it and made her kneel down on the kitchen carpet. She started licking my shaft and had taken it into her mouth, I was playful and probed her mouth and ponded her cheeks, she was eating the meat and was getting into the act, my dick was rock hard at the moment when suddenly, I heard my wife calling for me…
Time force, I hurriedly pulled my shorts, my MIL was stunned, she stood up and adjusted her saree, my wife was calling me from the bedroom a second time, I went to check the room, with a tent in my shorts, my wife asked me to check on the k** as she heard a noise, I checked my k**s prom and she was still sleeping, just that she had rolled over, knocking a toy. Luckily my wife didn’t notice the bulge. I had a idea, and the thought of it made my blood shoot up and a heat traveled from my spine to the head. What if I fucked the daughter with the hardness that was given by the mom. I just locked the door and jumped into the bed, and started playing with my wife, my wife signaled that her mom could hear, I said, I was starved, which was a lie of course and I pressed me hardness on her, she was surprised that I already was hard. I hushed her told her we would just do it softly, kissed her full lips, my wife has full lips, better than my MILs and is very succulent. Pulled down her pant, slid my hard penis, she wasn’t ready but she was getting in, I slowly groped her and kissed her and licked her neck.
I sucked her lips and stroked her and rammed her pussy deep but slowly. Long slow drawn stroked, she was controlling her moans, the bed started to shake but I was not pounding her hence was not noisy. I pumped her slowly but steadily and in 15 mins I cummed. She was smiling, thinking her hubby was so horny to get a fuck out of her. What she did not know though was that hard on was for her mom.
I laid back and relaxed and my wife got up to get a shower. She went into the shower and I just dragged myself to the kitchen to find my MIL, the coffee was ready and I grabbed her and kissed again and told her what I had just done. I just told her I fucked her own daughter with the very hard on she gave me. She said “You are such a horny fucker” and shied away. I groped her and played with her bootyliscious body. I pressed her against the wall crushing her boobs with my chest and licked her face and sucked on her lips. We parted and came down and sat in the hall with our coffee’s and my wife joined us later.
I dream to this day of fucking mom and daughter in the same bed, but I know that would be taking it too far and as of today I am more than content to lay them at different times Its been over a week now and me and my MIL have started living a life of husband and wife in the absence of my wife. I come back from home, play with her and have fun and I was addicted to her warm mature pussy. I wanted to take this to the next level, I wanted a honey moon with her make her my own and fuck her to eternity. I never disclosed this to Lakshmi my MIL, buti was always planning for it in my mind. That Friday, I told her.

Me: Lakshmi, I want to tell you something
MIL : Yes, what is it that you want to say.
Me: I like you and am so lucky to have you and fuck you. You have given my life a wonderful meaning. Its just that …and I trailed off..
MIL : What is it…are you unhappy, are you guilty about us ?? She was seriously concerned..

Me: No no no, infact I want you more am obsessed. I told her, Lakshmi I want u like a wife, I want to take you to beaches, resorts, have you like my darling and live a second life …
MIL : I don’t know, its ok within four walls but how to manage it outside, moreover, am your own MIL, your wife’s mother..

Me: Leave that to me, but what I wanted to tell you is, you are gorgeous, but I would like you to tone down a bit, loose just some little fat and become more stylish. I want u in beaches in Bikini. I will take you to awesome places and we can have so much fun..
MIL: Aww you don’t like me like this…she was visibly disappointed.

Me: Holding her shoulder, I told her…Lakshmi I love you, its just that I want you to be sexier and bold outside too. I want you to attend to your beauty, just the minor details.
After much assuring and cajoling, she agreed and installed a tread mill and a cycle at home and took her to beauty parlours. Being a beautician herself, she just controlled her makeover herself, I asked her to get a layered hair style and get waxing done and some other stuff…

She was having a makeover.We went out and purchased some sexy lingerie and night wear for her and she was loving all the attention. She was already so sexy, her face had a new glow, her hair was so cool, thick layered and till her hips….ufff I could fuck her all day long.

It was Saturday and my wife called in to say, she was held up with work and was not travelling this weekend. I made a big scene, mentioned how bored I would be and so on. But I was happy; I had 2 full days now with my new found love my MIL. I called my MIL and showed her my morning hard on .

MIL : Oh not now, your c***d woke up and I am feeding her.
Me: Lakshmi please, atleast give me a suck.
MIL: Woo, why you are getting demanding these days. Remember am not your wife, just your MIL.

Saying that she just left and I laid there stroking my hardness, thinking of what she said. I masturbated thinking about marrying her and I resolved that I would marry her. I got ready and after breakfast, I just told her.

Me: Lakshmi, I just was thinking about what you said, you are right and you are not yet my wife. But you will be my wife and we will marry.
MIL : stunned…what are you saying, what’s the need for it ? Are you not having all the fun ? This marriage stuff won’t be necessary.. what if Priya knows ?
Me: Priya will not know, I need you more. I need you as my wife, we can get married no one will know. I want to marry you make you mine. I kept insisting and she finally agreed.

I told her, we would get married in a temple in the next city. I had to drive a full 120 miles for this. We got ready and my word did she look gorgeous. She was wearing traditional marriage saree. A white cotton saree, with red blouse, her hair was loose, neatly combed till her butt. I went and hugged her tight and wanted to smooch her, she pushed me and said, after the marriage, wait for the first night.

We drove the entire 120 miles and all the while I had a mild hard on thinking about it. I called my wife Priya to tell that we were visiting the temple and she was surprised and was thankful I was taking care of her mom good. Little did she know I was marrying her own mom and she was taking care of her son in law in the best way possible.

Lakshmi had bought along the mangalsutra that her long lost husband had tied and we purchased flowers and garland. It was tough to get Indian flowers in US except in such places. We went into the temple, prayed and exchanged the garland and I tied the mangalsutra around her neck. It was wonderful to see her like that, the mangalsutra over her saree and between her boobs. We got some more flowers and I kept it on her hair. It was a long drive back home and I was itching.

As soon as I got home I groped her and was madly kneading and smooching her. She stopped me. She said, since I wanted a marriage everything should be properly done. She asked me to wait, she went in the room and made arrangements, she decorated the bed with flowers and she asked me to take shower.

I took my whose and wore the white dhoti and white shirt that she asked me to wear. She asked me to wait in the bedroom. She went out to the living, checked on the baby and fed her and in 30 minutes made her sleep. Now I was waiting so impatiently but I knew it was necessary and I just obediently waited. I was hoping that she comes soon. But she had other plans. She went and took a shower and it was 30 more minutes of waiting for me.

It was around 7 Pm. She finally was there. And my god. She was awesome. Just like a goddess. She wore the same saree, and she had combed her hair beautifully and she walked with a plate. She had in the plate jasmine flowers, kumkum and milk. She gave me the plate and touched my feet and asked me to bless her. I raised her up with one hand.
MIL : Please keep the kumkum on my forehead.

I silently kept it on her forehead and on top of her forehead where her hair starts, she had a hair split there a couple of weeks ago, but now, she has a open hair style and it was all different and more importantly sexy. She then turned around and I kept the flowers in her hair and kissed it.

I kept the plate down and hugged her from behind, kissing on her neck over her hair. She turned around and asked me to take the mil, I gulped it hurriedly and gave her the rest and she drank it. She looked sexy and i just grabbed her and and smooched her. She let her tongue into my mouth and played with mine and wanted to win over my tongue, was a hot kiss.

MIL : Now am your wife, own me and take me completely.
Me : Love you Lakshmi. Those words really send a hot wave from my spine up to my head.
MIL : Turn off the lights
Me: NO Lakshmi, I want to feast on your body and see your expressions. So I turned on the night lights, which was bright enough to show me what I wanted to see and dark enough to hide what my MIL wanted to hide.

I turned around to see my MIL seated on the bed,, her head down like a new shy bride. She had a wonderful pose, her legs were up on the bed, slightly bent and drawn closer to her, her pallu was almost off and was clinging on to her broad shoulder. The site was awesome.

I went close to her and leant over her and gave her kiss on her head, The hair mixed with smell of jasmine was erotic. I slowly removed of her pallu and she was there just like a goddess. Her heavy boobs, strapped in a chick red blouse with a bountiful of her cleavage presented in one big erotic show. Her smooth belly with round deep navel ufffff. I was having the most rock hard hard on’s I have ever had. I held the end of her pallu and she understood. She stood up and I removed the saree off. She was standing with just the blouse and red petticoat. I went near her and sat together with her. I slowly hugged and kissed on her neck. I held her hair in my hands and kissed o it and smelled in, I collected all her hair and put it in front of her shoulders and started kissing her back .every inch of her back.

I slowly traced her blouse cut with my tongue and she was ecstatic with this foreplay and left out moans…hmmm…uffff…mmmmm..heyyyyyyyyy

I gropped her boobs full and squeezed and I licked her neck and ears. The smell of the flowers were erotic. I unbuttoned her blouse and ripped open her bra. I laid her on the bed. The hair over her left boobs and the mangalsutra between her boobs looked erotic. I said, Lakshmi…love you. I pressed myself on her and started sucking on her boobs, kissed her chest where the mangal sutra touched her. It was the most awesome feeling.

I wanted to enjoy her in a very seductive and sensual way and I continued my foreplay. She was itching for my hardness in her. It was too much to take. I left my hands inside her petticoat and removed her panties. She tried removing the petticoat but I stopped her. I started kissing her feet and licked her thoroughly and made my way up slowly, kissing every inch of each leg, her calf her knees and her thighs. I let my head inside her petticoat and drew it over me and I started licking her clean shaven pussy.

MIL : David, lick me deep, lick me deep my husband. Feed on my juices, drink them all.
Me: Lakshmi darling, your pussy juices are so good, you are so wet for your young husbands cock. Aren’t you.
Mil : Yes, fuck me please, make me yours, take me, own me.
Me : Lakshmi, your pussy is mine, your body is mine and you are all mind, and saying that I licked her deep spreading her pussy lips. I reached deep and tongued, gathering and licking every drop of juice.

I came out of her petticoat and smooched on her lips, she tasted and sucked on her juices from my lips. She reached for me hardness over my boxers and stroked it. I removed it and became completely nude. I slowly lifted her petticoat, and I came over her. Positioning between her legs, I rubbed my hard dick over her clit and slapped it.

Mil : Fuck me please, put it inside me…please please put ur dick into me…fuck me please
Me: Will fuck you my darling wife, saying that I pushed my dick into her warm wet pussy.
MIL : Awww feels good to have you between my legs my husband. Fuck me. Make me a whore, make me pregnant.

Hearing that just made me go crazy..make her pregnant ? What erotic thought.. Though she would not get pregnant anyway, just that thought made it erotic. I started pounding her.

She started moaning and thrusted her hips upward, she would leave huge gasps…of ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..ufffffffffff..hmmmmmm…deeper…fuck meeeeeeeee…. Please….hmmmmmm
My new wife, my MIL was under me begging me to fuck her what erotic sight, her horny face and lustful expressions, her s**ttered bindi, her silky hair over her naked boobs, the new mangalsutra. I fucked her deep for 10 mins and she was reaching a orgsams and I could feel her muscles convulse and pray her love juices over my dick, I cummed in that spur of the moment, it was a huge jet of sperm and then short spurs and jets for the next few minutes.

I laid over her and said, love you are a super wife. She blushed and kissed on my lips.

She got up to take a pee and she walked away towards the bathroom with just the petticoat and her bare back with her hair covering her back and the jasmine flowers still clinging to her hair, but crushed. It was awesome to see her huge tight butt wrapped in that cotton cloth. It was a scene straight out of some erotic movie. I was getting ahrd looking at this. I followed her and washed my dick in the wash basin as Lakshmi sat on the toilet seat to take a pee. I washed it and I just stood before her face and she understood, she took my limp dick in her hand and stroked it and started licking on it hungrily. She bent down and licked my balls and wow it was so erotic. Her hair was falling over on her face so I collected it into my hands and held it into a nice pony. She started to take my dick into her mouth and sucked it really tight, pressing her lips hard on it, I could feel my blood gushing into my dick that was growing in her mouth.

I pulled her up and smooched her and guided her to the bedroom, groping on her ass, I made her lean over the bed and I undid her petticoat. Her tight onion butt was right in front of me, my new mature wife was now ready for a hot doggie, fuck. I knelt down and licked her clit and sucked on her pussy, spreading her legs wide apart.

I then stood up and placed my dick over her burning mature cunt and slid it in. I stayed in her pussy and I spanked on her butt. She was surprised. She turned and I gave her a naughty smile, I gave her a another spank and she left out a ooooooooooooooo…..

I grabbed her hips,I dug my fingers deep in the extra flesh she had and was shooting from my hips. I thrust her hips against mine and the sound of her butt hitting against my pelvis was awesome…it made a soft chut sound , the sound of fucking. She started to respond now with her pushing her hips towards me. I stopped groping her hips, and leant over her and squeezed her boobies. Turned her nipples and felt its hardness. I gathered her s**ttered hair and was riding her.

She was like a horse being ridden by its master. I kept pulling her hair and fucking her. I banged her hard for 15 minutes and I could feel the sperm stirring up in my balls. I told her and she increased her speed, and within minutes I came deep into her cunt for a second time. I lied over her and we got into the bed and got under the sheets. Here was my MIL, my wife now, naked under the same sheet. I played with her boobs and sucked and we smooched endlessly until we fell asleep. It was around 12 PM. Last thing I remember was hugging and falling asleep on her chest.

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