One interesting week (Part 2)

One interesting week (Part 2)
This is part two of a three part story of a interesting week i had, so i had decided to take a trip up to Manchester to watch football (soccer), but also thought well its probably time i broadened my horizons and see a escort up north, and then started the research to find a decent escort or “massage palour” during my stay, and came down to a short list of about 3-4 locations, which all depended on the rota of the women.

So i took the train from London to Manchester, and then checked into my hotel thinking maybe i should have just got a escort to come to the hotel, however instead i traveled all the way to Eccles in Manchester to a “Massage” place that specialized in mature ladies. So i had done my research and based on the Rota wanted to see a lady called Cindy, On the website her profile describes her as in her early 40s a petite blonde, about 5ft5 with shoulder length blonde hair with blue eyes, a UK size 10, 34D bra size, with J-Lo bum all in all a very bubbly lady

Thats who i wanted to see and normally with these types of places you tend to see who is available at the time or make really akward small talk with the “maid”/”madam” who answers the phones, and given im not from the area i was hoping it was the lady i deffo wanted to see as there was another lady on with her called Raven who i wasnt so keen on. So when i entered the establisment pressed the bell to grab the madam’s attention, she let me in and asked me to take a seat, and told me that one of the ladies was with a “client” right now, and she will get the available lady to come meet me, and then decide if i wish to stay. She then reminded me that this place specializes in only Mature women. To which i responded thats primarily the reason i came here.

So after she leaves the room to go fetch the available woman, i take a look around my suroundings, seemed like a really old mini cab office, where you speak through the a gap in the window to the person, anyway, so im sitting on a sofa which im sure is probably has to be at least 20-25 years old, and then whole place strongly smelt of cigarettes. So i hear footsteps coming down the stairs and now im really hoping its Cindy coming down and not Raven, i took one look up noticed the Blonde hair, and with a strong accent she said hello, i was relieved to know i was going to see Cindy. Cindy then ran upstairs, and i was asked by the Maid if id like to stay? i said yes, and she said follow me upstairs.

I followed her, and she had asked how i found out about this place, and why i chose this place, i said basically the internet, and i love mature women, and she responded yeh they know how to look after men better. she lead me into a bedroom, and asked how long i wished to stay, my first time being in Manchester i opted for half and hour, which surprisingly was only £45, thats compared to London prices which could range anyway where from £60-80 for half and hour with some escorts. She took the money, and told me Cindy will be with me shortly and to make myself at home.

I took a look at the room, it was a tad grotty and old for me, like one of those really poorly kept homes, the room had a shower in the corner of the room, and a bed in another with a towel in the centre of the bed, and really poor pillows, but i was going there to fuck not sleep so that didnt bother me much. I got out of my clothes, left my boxers on, i tend to leave them on till the lady comes in always think a sting operation will happen and one day and police come in and im just there with my cock out lol.

It wasnt long before she came in anyway and we got all the small talk out the way, she started with a soft massage with me laying on my front, she used powder as per my request as that meant i wouldnt have to take a shower after, she started on my back and gradually worked her way down, spending alot of time teasing the inside of my leg, teasing my balls and making my cock stiffen, she then asked me turn around and was excited to see my hard cock, she started to wank it, and say someones happy to see me. I sat up to kiss her, and then suck on her tits, which i started to bite on her nipples a little and she let out a little moan, She climbed on top of me rubbing and grinding her pussy on my cock while biting on one of my nipples before kissing me more.

She then put on the condom on my cock, making a joke that she always worries about getting a condom on with her nails, as she always fears she will hurt the cock and then get sued lol, anyway she got it on, and started to suck on my cock, i would have prefered to have been sucked without the condom however that was a extra £10 and i couldnt be bothered to pay for this time round, and to be honest her blow job with the condom on was great, she just kept sucking at it, unlike many escorts who spend little time sucking cock, while Cindy worked her magic on my cock with her mouth, lots of eye contact, licking balls, a very sloppy blow job.

I asked if i could lick her pussy, she happily said yes, and then said can we 69, cause she wanted to carry on sucking my cock, and said only a idiot would say no to that. She pressed her pussy up to my face unfortunely it was shaved, but i wont complain, anyway i went to work on her pussy, fucking it with my tongue and really working her clit with my tongue, much to her delight and moans, while she licked my balls and sucked hard on my cock, and started to lick just under my balls. I gently started to spank her arse as i licked away at her pussy, she then started to grind at my face as she got close to cumming, she started stroking my cock hard as she got even closer, before putting it back in her mouth and she said with a mouthfull im going to cum, she squelled in delight, holding my cock hard in hand, whilst shuddering while i continued to tease her pussy.

She rolled off me, stroking me to make sure i was still hard and said you dirty boy i need you to be inside me, its only fair i make you cum now, and then she asked how i want it, i asked if she could ride me, so i could suck on her tits and watch them bounce, she agreed, and she slid me inside her, and said no need for lube today as you made me so wet, you dirty boy. she started to bounce on my cock, moaning with each bounce, telling me how hard i was, she lay on top of me to kiss me, and grabbed her arse and thrusted upwards, she continued to kiss me, biting my lip at one point, our tongues making a salivary mess.

She was tiring and asked me to take her from behind, my cock slid out of her and i rolled off the bed, she got on all fours at the edge of the bed, and i wanked my cock a bit ensuring it was still hard and slid into her wet pussy, forcing it in and holding it there for a bit, watching her face in the mirror, i pulled back and thrusted hard hearing her moan loudly, i grabbed her round bottom and pulled it hard towards my cock as i pounded her pussy, she was now looking at us in the mirror also, saying to give it to her each time.

I pulled my cock out, and she rolled to the centre of the bed and spread her legs, waiting for me to re-enter her pussy, and i didnt need no invitation, as the next thing i did was climb back into the bed, rub my cock head on her clit, and then shoved my cock in, thrusting hard, she pulled me in close, kissing me, telling me she wanted me to cum, hands grabbing my head lovingly, licking my ear, and then kissing me more as i thrusted my cock deep in her, i could feel myself reaching the point of no return, i told her im gonna cum, she said give it to her, i shot my load in the condom, i lay on top of her for a few moments, with her cuddling me telling me im a good boy, my cock softening in her pussy, then we both got up and cleaned up.

She said i should make another visit next time im in town and hopefully she will be on the rota, and i hope she is one of my favourite punts ever. I gave her a kiss goodbye and then headed back to the hotel to get ready to watch the game,

part three of this story will go up shortly after this post has gone up, for those interested private message me i’ll give you the website/contact information for this place mentioned in this part of the story.

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