Part 4 June School Holidays


Part 4 June School Holidays
Sunday morning once waking up, I got out of bed and made my way into my stepsister room to say morning. She was in the bath as I said morning and asked if she would like a cup of coffee. She replied back saying that would be lovely. I proceeded and made her and I a cup of coffee and then took it to her.
Walking into the bathroom to hand Amy her cup of coffee she was sitting in the bath, her sexy tits just out of the water with her small pink nipples. She said thanks for the coffee and we then started talking as I pitched a tent in my boxer sleeping shorts.
She noticed that and said you clearly still find me very attractive and I replied that I most definitely do.
She then asked what my plans were for the day and it turned out that we both planned to stay at home and rest as our parents would only be back Tuesday afternoon, leaving us two more nights of freedom.

I then left Amy to continue enjoying her bath and made my to the shower. After showering I got dressed putting on a pair of tracksuit pants and a warm top. I then went to the kitchen and made breakfast where my stepsister soon joined me.
As we chatted to each other she received messages from her boyfriend Kevin and I received messages from Jessica as well as my girlfriend Cassi.
Cassi asked if we could meet up for some fun tomorrow which I said sure to and after telling my stepsister my sexual plans for Monday with Cassi she said that she’s busy making plans to go spend the day with Kevin. Which worked out perfectly for us.
I then arrange with Jessica to meet up with her on Wednesday night for a few drinks which she too was happy with and looking forward to.
Sunday went on and my stepsister and I watched tv and relaxed soon made dinner and after dinner we both landed up on our parents bed where we laid together watching a movie.
We watched Good Luck Chuck together and as you can imagine with all the sex scenes I was soon pretty horny. Turned out so was Amy and as we laid watching together her hand went under her pants and she started playing with her puss.
I asked if she would like some help.
And she looked at me as she replied saying, ” don’t you have your hands tied enough with your two girls you sleeping with? ”
I replied back saying I do but I’m more than willing to help you out.
She said no its fine not tonight as she continued to finger her puss. She started moaning and her free hand gripped mine and squeezed as she started to orgasm. I was stroking my cock as she started to orgasm and knowing her fetishes I decided to intensify her orgasm. I let go of my cock with my right hand and as she continued squeezing my left hand, her moans became louder and I placed my right hand onto her throat and started choking her. She continued fingering her puss as her body twitched while I choked her harder. She then release her grip on my hand and as she finished her orgasm she pulled my hand off her throat so she could catch her breath.
She then said thank you for that as she really enjoyed it as it intensified her orgasm.
I said anything for my sexy naughty stepsis and then went back to jerking my cock. Amy then move and pulled down my pants. She then said just let me know when you near to cumming. I said ok and she took my hard cock into her mouth and started sucking me. She deepthroated my cock and knowing my fetish to have girls gag on my cock she proceed down my shaft as deep as she could and then held herself there until she gagged. She did this twice and then said sorry but she doesn’t really enjoy the feeling of gagging on a cock. I said that fine and she then took my cock into her hand and started jerking me off. I massaged her boobs as she jerked me up and down and it wasn’t long till my cock exploded shooting my cum onto my belly and chest. Amy lift my top up as she jerked me so my shooting cum didn’t go anywhere it wasn’t supposed to.
She relieved my balls from its cum and we both were real satisfied thereafter.

I went to shower after the movie ended and then found myself cuddling my stepsister and falling asleep soon afterwards.

End of part 4

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