Red – Part II – The Truck Stop

Red – Part II – The Truck Stop
Sara’s mind raced as she eased up I-95. It had been a routine trip from Richmond heading home to Hoboken until the accident stopped traffic 30 miles back. Traffic was moving much better north of Wilmington, but she was still panicked over what had just happened. Stuck in dead-stop traffic, listening to her boyfriend, Brian, talk dirty to her on the phone, she’d done the unthinkable. Brian knew she was wearing her short jean skirt, no panties (She’d left them on his apartment floor when they fucked before she left town.) and the thought of her driving up 95 like that was making him horny. He’d talked her into a rock-her-world orgasm. She smiled at the thought of her orgasm, the pleasure, but then suddenly the thought of seeing that truck driver beside her, peering out his window, with the video camera in hand, shook her. “How long had he been there? What had he seen? What had he gotten on VIDEO?”

Thirty minutes after videoing the tall blonde bringing herself to orgasm while beside him in traffic, in the middle of I-95, Cliff still had a hard-on. Man, what a show she put on for him, and all unbeknownst to her. AND, he got it ALL on video. He couldn’t wait to get to the truck stop, crawl into his sleeper and watch it. He’d made good time since the accident cleared up and was just a few miles from his resting spot for the evening.

Sara cursed under her breath as she noticed her gas hand on E. She found an opening and moved back into the right lane. In a couple miles she made her way up the exit and waited at the light to turn towards the truck stop. It was now after 8 and still 85 degrees. The sun was easing behind the clouds, but the humidity was heavy. Sara was hot and she’d not taken time to dry her cum-filled crotch once she noticed the trucker filming her. She grabbed the towel as the light turned and wiped at her crotch.

The light was turning green as Cliff eased up the exit. Wait, is that the little red Toyota with the gorgeous blonde turning there at the light and heading to the truck stop? By golly, it sure looks like her car! Cliff turned into the truck stop as quickly as he could and parked his black Kenworth in the back lot. From his parking spot, he could see the young station attendant walk p and talk to her as she sat at the pump, and he turned, grabbed the nozzle and opened her tank door. Cliff snickered at the shocked expression on the young man’s face when she swung the door open to exit her car. Certainly the k** had gotten a peek at the same delicious bush that he’d filmed a while back. Something in Cliff’s mind clicked.

It was still fairly early and the truck stop wasn’t crowded when Sara went in and asked for the ladies room. Once inside, she realized she was alone, so she took a paper towel from the counter, wet it, and took it into the stall with her. She jumped slightly as the cold wet towel touched her tender pussy lips. She wiped away all of the dried cum from her highway orgasm, went to the mirror, splashed water on her face, and brushed her hair. The A/C in the restaurant was cold and she could feel her bare nipples stiffen against her thin lavender tank-top as she headed out. The trucker sitting alone at the last booth noticed too, and his eyes followed her to her car. “Red”, her old ’99 Toyota Corolla was gassed up and ready to roll. The young attendant with the obvious bulge in his work khakis, said “You’re all ready to go miss, have a fun trip”. She swung open the driver’s door and squeezed all 5’10” of her long-legged gorgeous body behind the wheel. The attendant stood on the raised concrete between the pumps to improve his view. He was not disappointed. Another car pulled up so he returned to his job. She was putting her purse in the floor of the passenger seat when she saw someone approaching the door. Looking up, she recognized that it was him, the truck driver that had videoed her.

“Evening little lady, I didn’t mean to startle you, but I wanted to talk with you for a minute, please. I have something I think you’d like to see. Can you pull over there so we could talk?” He raised the video camera up to the window, and Sara knew exactly what he wanted her to see. He pointed to the lot beside the building, and turned, heading that way.
Fear overcame her as she watched the tall trucker walk around to the corner of the restaurant. “Should I drive off? Call the cops? What would I say?” “Hi, a man who filmed me having an orgasm in the middle of 95 wants to talk to me?” There was nothing she could do. She knew that. She had to do as he said, or else what would he do? Cliff reached the side of the building, turned and watched as Sara started the car. He could tell she was nervous and unsure of what to do. His groin stiffened as thoughts of her light brown bush danced in his mind. Sara put Red in drive, turned, and made her way to the side of the building.

Cliff walked over to the red Toyota, smiled at Sara, and said “I want to thank you for that little show back there and I was wondering if you’d like to watch it with me?”

“NO!” Sara snapped back.

“Well then, I guess you don’t mind if I show it around?”

“You wouldn’t do that! You better NOT do that!” Sara glared.

“Or what?” smiled Cliff. Sara didn’t answer. He knew she didn’t have an answer!

“Look missy, here’s the deal. Unless you want me to post this video, with your car and tag number, to every damn porn site on the internet, you need to let me have a closer look at that bush. You understand me?”

“Nooo, please don’t” Sara pleaded.

Cliff just looked at her and smiled. “Oh fuck”, thought Sara. What can I do, I can’t do anything. I can’t let him show that video. “What do you want?” she murmured, knowing the answer.

“Get out and come on with me, honey.”

Sara turned off Red, rolled up the windows, and headed to the big black truck 50 yards away. She could feel her knees weaken as she got closer. Cliff reached up and slung open the door. “My name’s Cliff, what’s yours?” “Sara” she mumbled as she grabbed the handle on the side of the cab and climbed up into the truck.

Cliff’s dick was throbbing as he watched Sara’s bare ass and hairy bush, climb the ladder into his truck. “Sit on the driver’s seat while I get this straight” as he opened the curtain to the big walk-in sleeper. Sara had never seen the inside of a road tractor before, all the lights, switches and controls, and was amazed by the room. Cliff was tossing clothes into the corner of the sleeper, threw back the bed sheets, and she watched as he set the video camera on a shelf.

“You’re NOT filming me again” Sara demanded.

“No honey, I hooked it up to the TV so I can show you the video.” Cliff pulled her into the sleeper and closed the curtain behind her. A TV adorned the wall at the foot of the bed and the video was just starting.

“Watch this, it’s going to be good. I’m just seeing it for the first time too.”

Sara sat on the bed and watched in horror as she masturbated in her car. “Turn it off please. Please, you can’t do this.”

“Listen” Cliff said, “I’m not going to hurt you but I’ve never been so fucking turned on while sitting behind the wheel in my life. It’s your last chance, you can put out, or you can plan on seeing your pussy splattered all over the internet.”
Cliff stood and his pants dropped to the floor. “You know what to do.”

Sara timidly turned towards him. She gingerly took Cliff’s 8 inch rock hard dick in her hand and parted her lips. He was much bigger than Brian and she could taste his sweat. A tear slid down her cheek. “No, this isn’t happening.”

It wasn’t long before the thoughts of sucking on a stranger’s cock started to fade. How could she be enjoying this? She had been forced into a truck and was being blackmailed into sex! Even though, she felt her hand slide down her belly to her hairy twat. Cliff could feel his cock getting ready to spray her throat with cum. He backed away, pushed her back on the bed and spread her legs. Sara’s frayed jean skirt rode up to her waist and he pulled off her tiny lavender tank top. “My God, look at those tits.” He grabbed them with both hands and sucked hard on her nipples. Sara was writhing with pleasure as Cliff pushed away to admire her body. He lowered his smiling face to her cunt, and heard her gasp as he spread her pussy lips with his tongue. His cock was throbbing, and had been since he’d videoed her getting off. When she was dripping wet from his tongue working in and out of her hairy pussy and nibbling her clit, he got on his knees and placed the head of his cock between her puffy cunt lips. She groaned as he slid in the head of cock. He pushed harder…and she moaned. Finally, he shoved all thick 8 inches of his rock-hard cock into her. Whatever fear and embarrassment she felt an hour ago was gone as she willingly thrust her hips against his plunging cock. “Fuck me, oh fuck me, pleaseeeeee”.

Two hours later, Sara awoke, exhausted. She rolled over, and stood up. She slid on her jean skirt, pulled her tank-top over her bare breasts, and pushed back the curtain to leave. Cliff rolled over, “Not so fast, sweetheart. Fucking me just one time just ain’t gonna do it. Once ain’t enough to stop me from posting your video online. Unless you want to be known as the “Interstate Masturbator” to every trucker in the country, your face and pussy plastered all over the internet, and your career ruined, you better give me your number. I’d like to hook up with ya when I’m up this away again.” Cliff gave an evil little smile. Sara knew she had no choice. Cliff tapped his phone as she reluctantly rattled off her number. He pressed CALL to make sure it was the correct number, and her phone rang. “Thank ya babe. Oh, and one last thing Sara before you go. Whenever you’re driving, you be sure to leave them panties at home. Us truckers work damn hard out here and seeing a gorgeous babe drive past showing her cunt is what keeps us going.”

Sara nodded.

“Thanks babe, I can’t wait to see you again.”

Sara climbed down the ladder and headed to her car. “What the fuck have I gotten myself into? What the fuck was I thinking? No one must ever know”, she thought. She walked towards Red. As she opened the door and slid into the seat, she could feel her sore, but satisfied pussy, and smiled. She fired up Red and headed north.

Cliff reached up beside the TV, turned off the RECORD button, laid back on the bed and smiled. “Oh, I’ll be seeing you again soon, my sweet Sara. Real soon.”

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