Seeing my friend again.


Seeing my friend again.
Days after that first night and next morning with my friend Tim, I was nervous to see him again. Our friendship had changed for sure, but in what way I didn’t know. Would he pretend like us having passionate, loving sex didn’t happen? Could we go back to being buddies? I didn’t know. I did know that I found his cum strangely addictive and I had trouble thinking about much anything else. Thoughts of his cock, the taste, the way it felt in my mouth drove me crazy. As much as I loved him bringing me to orgasm and how amazing they felt, seemed almost secondary to the pleasure I got from pleasing him.

On the way to his house my cock stirred. Seeing him again was strange, and we both felt it. Not until he touched my arm after going to his room, did I know what he was feeling. His touch sent tingles through my body and made my head swim. With his parents down stairs, I turned to face him. Tim placed his hands on my waist and looked at me. I was nervously looking at the floor. When I looked up he was staring into my eyes, then leaned his face towards mine. Our lips met.

He pressed his soft lips against mine and my cock became instantly hard. He moved in closer and I felt his hard dick rub against mine. Softly and gently we kissed, open mouthed, our tongues touching each other. When my hands moved to his firm little ass, he moaned softly and kissed me hard. I moved to his neck, it just seems like the thing to do and kissed and licked it softly, Tim ran his fingers though the back of my hair. As much as I wanted him to suck me, I found myself going to my knees in front of him and unbuckling his pants. Tim nervously looked towards his bedroom door, i’m sure hoping his parents didn’t come in.

I pulled down his pants and was greeted by his beautiful hard dick, standing almost straight up and throbbing. His cock looked amazing, his well defined head and veiny shaft attracted my like a magnet. I pushed my face into the space between his balls and his thigh and ran my tongue against him, feeling the soft wrinkles of his balls. Tim inhaled sharply already on the edge of orgasm. I breathed in his scent and licked gently at his sack before licking up his throbbing and twitching shaft. Tim gripped his cock at the base and held it still for me. My tongue made circles around his swelled cocks head and I tasted his sweet sticky pre cum. My own cock aching and throbbing and straining in my pants, leaked pre cum as well.

With him holding his rock hard cock for me, I slid my wet lips over the helmet and sucked him back and forth. Feeling the ridges of his helmet, I realized I LOVED sucking his cock and savored every lust filled, passionate, loving moment. I moved my hands to his ass again and felt his smooth, firm skin, cupping and squeezing them. With my lips wrapped around his dick, I moved a finger along his ass crack and felt the soft folds around his hole. I ran my finger tip along his assholes opening and Tim’s body shook and he let out a soft moan just before I felt his warm jizz flood into my mouth. Shaking and quivering, he reached out and held my head for balance. His orgasm rocked him and I quickly had to swallow his flowing cum. I moaned softly too as the taste of his semen overwhelmed my senses. Thick and delicious, the sensation of having his cum in my mouth and swallowing him made my body tingle.

I stood up and closed his Tim’s door, then stripped off my pants and sat on the edge of his bed, leaned back and opened my legs. I watched as Tim, with lust on his eyes, moved to his knees now and crawled over to me. He pushed his face into my balls and inhaled deeply. Then, as he looked up into my eyes, licked from the base of my balls to the tip of my quivering cock. Tim closed his eyes and turned his head, softly kissing and mouthing up and down the side of my shaft. I watched him as he made love to my dick, it felt incredible. “Make me cum” I said softly. Tim looked up at me again and smiled before taking my hard cock into his mouth. Wet and wonderful, he quickly brought me to the edge. I layed back flat on my back then felt the pleasure of releasing my cum into his waiting, sucking mouth. My whole body shook as he swallowed wave after wave of my explosive orgasm.

Tim lovingly licked the sides and tip of my cock before climbing up and laying on top of me. I felt his still hard cock against mine and I grabbed his ass, grinding him into me. We layed like that for awhile, his head buried in the bed next to mine. I lightly began to stroke my finger tip up and down his ass crack, then along his hole. Tim raised his head and kissed me on the lips. I pressed my finger tip against his opening and he sighed before kissing me again. I pushed my finger inside him and a soft, “yes” escaped his lips. He dove his tongue into my mouth as we kissed and I pushed my finger deeper inside him. With a slight rocking motion, I curled my finger inside him and began grinding our cocks together. Tim stopped kissing me and tilted his head back, clearly enjoying the feeling. I pushed my finger as deep as it would go into his asshole and he moved his hips, arching his back and grinding against my finger and his cock against mine.

I watched as his breathing quicken and he bit his lower lip, then I felt a warm, wet, slick feeling on my cock and abdomen. Tim came on top of me with my finger in his ass.

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