The hiring manager


The hiring manager

My name is Mr Joe Mellow and I am the hiring manager for an employment agency. We hire part-time and full time staff. The “dream jobs” are the work from home jobs. All the women want them. Let me tell you about a true story, circa 2000. Her name was Sandi.

Sandi had lost her job, and her husband had walked out on her and her two k**s. She was doing her best to raise two teenagers and put food on the table with the small unemployment stipend each week. She was behind in her rent and facing eviction. As she dressed that morning she realized that her diet of rice, pasta and potatoes the past couple of months had gone to her thighs and butt. It was a tight squeeze into her skirt and blouse. She opted to dress up a bit ad wear her black patent leather high heels instead of flats. Looking into her mirror, she just felt overweight; unappreciated; and hopeless. She wished she had more time to fix her hair and make-up. But then again, it was so hot and humid that day in Daytona Beach, her hair would have just gone limp.

Sandi arrived a couple of minutes early to the Nova Road office building. She was given an application to fill out. She could not help but notice that the other applicants were all twenty years younger and thirty pounds lighter. And judging by the receptionists, she thought that I only hired attractive, young, and fit.

She hesitated where it said Education on the Application Form because she was a high school dropout. But she answered honestly and gave the form back to the receptionist. Then Sandi sat back down and tried to look cool and calm and relevant while co-applicants were chatting about their college degrees. Finally, the receptionist said “This way Miss Radcliffe”.

The receptionist brought Sandi to a very utilitarian interview room furnished only with a grey desk and two chairs. One chair is behind the desk, the other chair faces the desk. There is a small window on the door, but otherwise, the room is like a closet. The walls are drab and the AC is pumping out too much cold air. The chair is hard and uncomfortable; the room is far too cold for Sandi.

After a few minutes, another secretary told Sandi that Mr. Mellow will be right in, so have your resume ready. Then she comments that the room is right near the AC and if Sandi was cold, they could find another room.

Sandi agreed and was led to a much plusher room. No desk or hard chairs here. Just two plush off-white chairs facing a love seat and glass coffee table. The secretary put some papers on the coffee table and asked Sandi if she would like coffee or something to drink. Sandi declined. The secretary motioned to the white chairs and told Sandi to have a seat. As Sandi sat, the secretary used a remote control to close the blinds and d****s. “So no one else tries to book the room”, she explained.

Sandi sat in the plush chair and the angle caused her skirt to rise much further up her legs, then she would have liked. The seat was so soft that her knees were above her lap. As she realized her dilemma, there was a knock on the door and I walked in.

Sandi offered me her hand to shake and covered her exposed thighs with her resume and crossed her legs. I started the routine questions and Sandi answered them with the right degree of detail. Then she started to dangle her black high heel off her toes.

What Sandi was thinking: 
After a about five minutes, I finally had the nerve to look Mr Mellow in the eye. But I immediately saw that he was fixated on my dangling shoe. He even repeated a couple of questions so I drew out my answers knowing that he was obsessed with my foot. When I uncrossed and re-crossed my legs, he actually sighed.

Now there were pauses between his questions, but his eyes never left my dangling shoe or foot. He was actually licking his lips. Oh my God, he was actually excited ! So I let my shoe fall to the carpeted floor. Our eyes met and I heard myself tell Mr Mellow “Get it”

Mr Mellow:  I had tried to hide my foot fetish from Sandi, but she was either an expert domme or just unimaginably sexy. I so wanted to go over there to her and explore her. As my softness was leaving me, Sandi dropped her shoe and said “Get it” When I stood up she said “No crawl to me like a bitch” I crawled over to her and groveled at her feet….

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