“Tommy” Part 23

“Tommy” Part 23

By Gentile

Part 23


“Tommy, is there a place that we could go to that would be private, where we wouldn’t be seen nor discovered? You’re on luncheon, correct?”

“Uh, oh.” To-my-self. My starving state immediately abated.

They spoke thru that rear view mirror.

“Sure, I have a spot where I set sometimes, take a snooze during my lunch break, or, fill out paper work, if it’s slow like tonight. We could go there. Less than five minutes off. Girl, will that do?”

“Yes. Please take us there, Tommy.”

She settled back with me and clasped my left hand in her right. Her’s was soft and warm.

“Are you okay, Girl?” Like a whisper. I didn’t want to raise the alarm if it were not necessary.

“Yes, Cully, I just need to speak to you both. And now is the time.” She brushed my cheek with her lips.

Tommy checked out for lunch thru Joyce, pulled out, made a couple of turns and twists and I was totally lost. If I’d a had to walk out of there I’d still be wandering around.”


Upon arrival:

“May I sit up front, Tommy?” This final, successful attempt was made thru the auspices of the rear view.

He didn’t even say “yes”. Just released her door thru some remote capability up front. A blunt knock was heard.

“C’mon, baby-girl.”

He and I never said a word to one another as Girl made her way around the back of that cruiser and got in.

Girl: “I know I said we’d sit and talk about certain intimate matters, guidelines and such. I just think this is a most opportune time for that. I have some plans for us this evening here, and even more for when you’re off duty and we’re once again back in our home. There our privacy is assured and we can be together in an uninhibited manner. That is the way I want to be with you both, uninhibited.”

She faced him and took his hands into hers. I stealthily moved up to seat’s edge right behind Girl’s left ear.

Without breaking LOS with him she addressed me: “Cully, can you hear me?”

I could now. “Yes.” Though I felt the loser sitting back there all by myself.

“When we do return tonight I want us to be together in bed. I want to receive each of you and while being fucked I want the other to kiss me, deeply, soulfully, to be in no hurry whatsoever.”

I don’t believe he’d ever been around a female who was as comfortable with the f-word as Girl.

When we’d argue, and we argued often in those days we both used the term to great advantage. Then upon making up we’d use it again to great advantage:

“Fuck you, Cully!”

“Fuck me, Cully-boy.”

“I’ve told Cully about our time together at your apartment. Yes, some of it. But, that was between you and I, Tommy. Cully was not there. He will be tonight. I want him to be. I want him to be close to us, to me especially. I want to feel his heart beat when you fuck me. I want to see in his eyes when you ejaculate inside me, Tommy.”

“Oh, Christ.” To-my-self as I eased on back from seat’s edge.

“You each have expectations of me. But, I have expectations of you Tommy and of my husband. This cannot be about your wants and needs and desires only. I too have those. I too matter. I want that to be acknowledged tonight here and there in our home.”

She was getting her Helen Reddy on. We’d went to one of her concerts at the Civic Center.

“Hear me roar, boy!” On the drive back.

“No, seriously, I want you to hear me, Cul.”

I heard her alright, bent her right on over as soon as we got inside the door.

“No, Cully, no! I’m not bending over tonight. Let’s shower together and do this in a loving manner.”

She ended up on top of course. And I was no worse for the wear.

“C’mon, Delta Dawn.”


“I will always be there for you two. I’m not going to withhold my body to you as some sort of bounty to be dealt upon for favor. No, that will not happen.”

A new leaf?

“And I’ll expect each us to dedicate their life to the other. No drinks after work with the girls. No NCO Club, Cully, and no off duty time spent with anyone but us, Tommy.”

I only went to the NCO Club when they placed a Space Odyssey pinball machine in there. I took root and kicked it’s ass up so high they pulled it out and put a cigarette machine in it’s place. I went AWOL and will never return unless Space Odyssey returns.


He tried to cut in, but, she stopped him and got down to brass tacks, right-down-to-it:

“Wait, please, Tommy. Can you be with me with my husband watching, Tommy? With me telling him everything? Our most intimate details? Even our secrets, Tommy?”

It was finally his turn.

He’d become emotional.

“Yes. I don’t care, Girl. I don’t care. Culburn, I love your wife. I love Girl. I have since that first night when we prayed together. I love her. It does not matter, I just have to be close to her. I’ll never hurt you, Culburn and I’ll never stop loving you, Girl. Please, Girl. Please.”

He was close to tears.

“It will be alright, Tommy-boy.” She slid closer and held him.

Being around Girl for a length of time one cried. It was part of the package. She cried. I cried. Now, Tommy cried. Plus he’d been thru the Hell of a suicide attempt so he was susceptible from the get-go.

“No, little Tommy, don’t cry, your Katie-Girl is here.” Just a smidgen of baby talk to ease his agony. Always eased mine.

And of course she had the requisite Kleenex on her, somewhere at-all-times. That was a staple for Girl.

Now she got around to me. Right-down-to-it:

“Cully, I’ll ask you the same questions. These questions must be asked. Now is the time.”

“Are you going to be able to bear witness and accept my coupling with Tommy? We will be joined physically and mentally. Do you understand that, boy? I don’t want you to run off in a fright, carrying on in that house. You want this? It will be as close as you and I have been. As close as I can be with him. I want to be close to him, Cully. I need to be. I want you there because you desire to be there and because I love you. I am doing this for you and for me and for Tommy. For all of us. Now is the time. But, we must all agree, or, it’s just fucking and running and upheaval without end, just madness. I don’t want this to be that. We can be better that. I know we can.”

I just waited as she put it out there. I didn’t try and interrupt. She’d get to me on the by-&-by.

“Cully, I’m calling your name.”

I felt light headed. Christ, I needed to eat. My stomach thought my throat had been cut. I needed that promised cheeseburger and a chocolate shake/not too thick. I knew the place Sergeant Gentile was most likely going to take us to and it was to die for.

And I wasn’t sure that night, not as sure as the two in the front seat of that cruiser were. The one like me is never sure for any appreciable length of time. The moment of absolute certainty does never arrive. Ever. It ebbs and flows, teasing and tormenting. But, I wasn’t going to walk away from this charter moment, this one, this opportunity. And I was selflessly thinking of him if I didn’t make it unanimous. I really did, honestly. There was no way I could do that to Tommy. No-fucking-way. And it had nothing to do with his suicide attempt, or, very little, maybe more, yes, more. I, like Girl wasn’t sure he’d live if I didn’t make it three-for-three. I knew there’d be misery and doubt and panic and levels of pleasure unimaginable coupled with moments where’d I curse and enjoy the terror that was on-it’s-way. Nothing could stop it. And that I have learned. So, I turned all my cards face up. And it began.

“Yes, Girl. And Tommy, I want to see, to see Girl with you. And I too will never hurt you, Tommy. I will guard you. Girl, I’ll stay the course, I swear it. They’ll be no running amok in the house, nor anywhere else. I will not renege. I will not break your hearts. Please believe me, Katie-Girl. Please.”

Now, I’d begun to tear up. She placed her left palm upon that scratched and holed plate of Plexiglas.

“I love you, boy.” Her tears cresting once again.

I covered it with my right. “I love you.”

We left them there for the length of time it took Tommy to obey Girl’s directive.”

“It is done. We will make the start. It will begin. We will begin. And we will begin here and now, tonight. Tommy, darling, take your gun belt off and come to this side of the cruiser. Come, Tommy, come to Katie-Girl.”

(to be continued)

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