Tricked by the Ex

Tricked by the Ex
I’d been doing odd jobs for my ex wife, Laura, in my spare time recently — she’s my ex and we are still good friends but we occasionally still played together when the mood took us, often reliving in fantasy; talk about our past adventures together (we had a dom/cuck relationship).

Her favorite being hearing about me sucking another guys cock, my favorite oddly enough was hearing about her sucking cock too, so it was safe to say we were pretty much on the same level with our dirtiest fantasies.

Anyway, I awoke one morning to a text from her asking if I’d mind doing her a massive favor, one of her friends needed a small decorating job doing and their normal decorator had let them down, would I mind stepping in and helping her friend out? She said she’d told the friend that I was pretty good at decorating and her friend was eager for me to come round. I gladly agreed and she gave me an address and asked if I could be there for midday.

I arrived at just after twelve, a detached house not too far away. I walked up the gravel drive to the front door and pushed the buzzer. I waited patiently for the door to be answered, I was a little taken aback to say the least when a guy answered the door — I’d just assumed it would be one of her usual girl friends, I never really thought to ask and looking back she never let on…I looked up at him; he was around 6ft, black but with light brown skin, with a stocky but athletic build…I couldn’t help but glance down and catch sight of the impressive bulge in his trousers. I stammered slightly that I was Alex and told him that Laura had sent me over. He smiled and said he’d been expecting me and invited me in…

I walked in behind him, my eyes drawn to his ass, tight in black trousers and I felt my own cock twitch a little. I really didn’t expect what would happen next!

He asked me to sit down on his leather suite, it was so luxurious and soft that I melted in to it, he asked if I needed a drink but I said I was fine…it felt a bit odd and I was getting nervous, the place didn’t look as if it was ready for decorating……

He sat down beside me and said “Hi, I’m Lou, I hope you don’t mind but Laura hasn’t really been honest with you about the reasons we wanted you here” I started to talk but he cut me off and told me to; “watch this”…..at that he pressed a button on the remote and the TV came to life, a huge LCD screen.

I was just taking in the size of it when an image flickered on to the screen….I was stunned, it was a video on Laura and Lou, both sat on the very couch I was seated on now. He was naked in the video, she had on a sheer black bra with fishnet stockings on but no panties. I watched in shock as she wrapped her hand around what had to have been the biggest black cock I’d ever seen. It looked so huge in her small hands, her white skin and pink painted nails contrasting sharply against the dark black skin of the huge cock.

She lowered her mouth towards it and began to dart her tongue across it. I felt my own cock bulge in my pants, I felt dizzy with pleasure, being so turned on watching her work this cock. It was really stretching her mouth, I could see his dick becoming slick and shiny with her spit as she worked it in her mouth. She looked in to the camera smiling with her eyes and she looked in heaven as she let out a muffled moan through the cock in her mouth.

I turned towards Lou and asked him what was going on….he explained that Laura had told him that I’d kept on asking her for the repeat of the threesome she and I had with another man at a swingers club but that she was struggling to find time so she thought she’d treat me to a cock of my own…I felt a bit weird at the thought of being set up and a little humiliated that they felt they had to show me the video of her sucking him but it all added to excitement and I felt myself getting more turned on especially knowing the power Laura had over me setting all this up, knowing how I’d feel.

I felt his hand take hold of mine and guide it towards his crotch. I felt the warmth of his cock beneath the thin material of his pants, I felt so slutty massaging his growing black dick, I leaned forwards and kissed his cock through his pants. He groaned as my lips made contact. He then pushed my head up and told me to get on my knees in front of him as he sat on the couch with his legs spread wide. I felt so horny at being told what to do by another guy and I was wishing Laura were here to see it…. 

I positioned myself between his legs, on my knees and he told me to unbuckle his belt and slide his trousers off…as I slip his pants down I gasped as his giant cock sprung in to view…it must have been ten inches long and so so thick but it wasn’t even hard yet!! 

I felt my own cock throb as I looked on this cock in front of me with pure lust.

He took hold of his dick and run his hand up and down it and told me he wanted a slow, wet blowjob. I responded by reaching out and stroking his cock along with him, gently pulling it towards me. I opened my mouth and took it in, I let my tongue swirl around the head and then shaft as I pushed more of it in. 

I could feel his cock pulsing and growing in my mouth to full hardness, I loved the feeling of him growing in my mouth. I wrapped one hand around the base of his cock and the other I ran up and down his thick thighs as I started working my mouth up and down this huge cock…each time trying to take it a bit deeper in to my mouth.

Every three or four strokes I’d pop it out and lick all around it, getting his giant cock wetter and wetter with my saliva and his precum. He tasted so good, I was in heaven choking on this gorgeous black cock as he moved his powerful hands to the back of my head, pushing it in deeper, fucking my face…

After five minutes or so of servicing his cock I moved my mouth down to his balls and began to flick my tongue across them, taking turns popping each one in to my mouth to suck. He let out a big groan as a licked faster…..he began working his cock with his hand as I still licked and sucked his balls. I felt so submissive on my knees in front of this huge black guy, my cock was aching, I reached down and began to jerk my own.

He was jerking now faster and faster, he let out another deep groan as he told me he was about to cum…he pulled my head up and shoved his cock in to my mouth…..spurt after spurt of his scalding hot cum hit the back as my throat as he unloaded in my mouth.

It felt as if I was swallowing mouthfuls of his hot cum.

I couldn’t believe how much there was. At the same time I felt my own cock climax and let out a stream of jism across the floor. He pulled his cock out of my mouth, the last few spurts hitting my lips as I started licking him clean whilst he told me what a cum slut I was….I felt so used kneeling there cleaning up my ex wife’s new lover. 

He pulled his pants up and I felt a little sheepish, still cleaning myself up, I smiled at him and told him it was a shame Laura couldn’t have been here to see this….to which he replied:

“Oh that’s OK” he said, pointing towards a camera near the fireplace that I hadn’t seen, “she can watch the video I recorded of you being a cock sucking slut as she’s fucking me tonight!”

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