Wife meets Stranger At Local Bar.

Wife meets Stranger At Local Bar.
I received a call from my wife while she was sitting at a bar in Sarasota. She told me that this older guy was hitting on her. She is 38 and he was 50-60. She said he wouldn’t leave her alone. He told her he needed to get off and all it would take is for her to suck him with her great full lips. He kept whispering to her to go to the parking lot and suck his cock. My wife is very submissive and loves to be told what to do. She called me again and said this guy wouldn’t leave her alone. I asked her if she wanted to suck this guys dick? She said she would and it kind of turned her on and that she was very horny at the time. I asked her if she would tell me about it if she went thru with it. She told me that she would tell me every detail. It turned me on that she would do this so I gave her permission to go thru with it. Here is how it went as she told me. She told him to meet her at her truck. They walked out and got into it, she parked away from the restaurant. She reached over and started rubbing his leg. Feeling up and down his leg working to his cock. She said she then began rubbing his dick thru his shorts getting him hard. She then leaned over to unzip his shorts and pull out his dick. He slid his shorts down exposing his cock and balls. She was surprised by a shaved very thick cock eight inches long nearly hard. She wrapped her hand around it and began stroking his cock slowly. She said he told her that she needed to put her slutty mouth onto his dick and suck it with her wonderful full and thick lips. She then leaned over and licked up and down his cock before she took his dick into her mouth. She said that she thought she could get him off by quickly by sucking him hard and deep. She is very good at sucking cock and thought this would be easy but she was wrong. She began by sucking his cock well, but this is not what he wanted. She said he told her that he liked it dirty and rough. She got very excited and that her pussy was very wet. He grabbed her tits and pinched her nipples very hard thru her shirt. He made her deep throat him, he grabbed her head and fucked her mouth very hard. Forcing her head and mouth deep onto his cock. He told her that she was his slut until he filled her mouth with his cum. He had her shirt pulled up off of her tits letting them bounce and swing as she sucked him. He told to suck him well or he would hold her head and fuck her mouth hard again. This really turned her on as she likes to be told what to do. He pulled her mouth off and made her suck his shaved balls while licking his cock up and down. He had one hand holding the back of her head while the other gripped his dick. He slapped her face with his cock, rubbed it on her face. He wasn’t interested in cumming fast, he wanted to enjoy this opportunity. to use my wife’s mouth. He then made her deep throat his thick cock again. She said her spit and slobber were running down his cock and balls as she gagged and choked on him. She said he wasn’t nice while he held her head on his cock. He was talking dirty to her, calling her a cock slut and how he couldn’t wait till he unloaded his cum down her throat while he fucked her mouth. He kept squeezing her tits, slapping them and pinching her nipples. She was taking all eight inches down her throat while he held her head and fucked her mouth. Her tears and black eyeliner were running down her face while he held her head on his dick. He pushed his dick deep into her mouth pulled out then slapped her face with his cock again. She said he made her beg for him to cum into her mouth. She asked him to please cum into her mouth. Please let me taste your load. Fuck my mouth until you cum. She said he then held her head and began to fuck her mouth very roughly. Holding her head while he began to deep stroke her mouth making her gag and choke on his dick. She said this guy knew what he was doing. He kept talking dirty to her, calling her a dirty cum slut and that this is what she gets. All the while she had her mouth on his dick blowing him. She said it turned her on even more when he talked dirty to her. She sucked him even harder. He held her head onto his cock. Making her suck him deep. He pulled her off of his cock because he was about to cum. He rubbed her pussy thru her shorts and slapped her ass. He slapped her tits and pinched her nipples making her wince. He said OK are your ready to taste my cum. I want to fuck your mouth until I cum. You must keep your mouth on my cock the whole time until I am finished. She agreed and began to suck him well. He wrapped his hands into her hair and forced her mouth deep onto his cock while he long stroked her mouth. She said he felt his cock grow in her mouth before he began to throb and pulse and then he began to unload into her mouth. He filled her throat with cum as he fucked her mouth deeply with both hands holding her head and his hips pushing his cock into her throat. He held her head onto his cock until his cock quit throbbing and spewing cum into her mouth and she was done swallowing. She said he grabbed the back of her head when he was done and said she was his cock whore and that the next time he saw her she owed him another blowjob……….

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