Best Friend Ate Me On The Kitchen Counter

Best Friend Ate Me On The Kitchen Counter

Sarah munched happily away at my vagina as I sat, legs open on the counter of her mom’s kitchen. The pleasure of it made my tummy quiver as I watched the enjoyment on her face. “I never knew you were so into this.” I said, playfully. We’ve been friends forever and never once did trying sex with each other come up, although we’ve been snuggly and slept in the same bed many, many times. I certainly thought about it a lot.

“I didn’t think you were open to it,” she said between licks. I thought about this for a moment.

“I’m not sure I was until recently,” I had to admit. I liked how it felt to be naked with her. I especially liked how it felt to be wanted by her. She took in my private places with a thoroughness that suggested she’d thought about it a lot and was savoring each taste and experience. Her mouth explored me with a certain intent to find every line and texture. She rubber her cheek against the stubble above my clit. Her tongue found its way everywhere between the ink at my waistline all the way down to my pink butt hole. Every now and then a “mmmmmm: came from her. I felt like a favorite dessert. I couldn’t stop looking at her face down there, enjoying me.

And ohhh, how she enjoyed me. Insistent gasps began to rise up as her tongue seemed to meld with my clit. The warm wet caress of her mouth felt like waves of delight washing up through my tummy to my breasts and shoulders. It was intoxicating.

“Oh, Sarah it feels so goodddd…” I told her, encouraging her. Her tongue dipped down to my butt again, then back up, down and up. I rolled my hips a bit to expose myself to her more. My nipples stood up in the slight breeze from the kitchen ceiling fan. She was topless and I could see her nipples bouncing slightly as she nibbled at my pussy. I didn’t want it to stop ever.

“Oh!” I flinched a bit when she put a finger inside me. Her melty mouth lovingly licked my lips and darted around her finger as she thrust in and out of my slit. It was like she anticipated what I wanted to feel and how to make me feel it. Her thumb slid easily over my clit with each thrust, her tongue filling in around her fingers with licks and sucking noises.

“Oh my god, don’t stop…” I could feel myself edging closer to an orgasm, I wanted to cum in her face in her mom’s kitchen. I sat with my back to the open window, feeling the sun on my body as she ate me. She started to dig into my clit harder with her tongue, a sort of soft drilling sensation, intermittently mixed with her wet thumb sliding over it. I was going to cum any second.

“You’re gonna make me cum, Sarah. I want to cum for you, I want to uuhhhh ahhhhhhh…” and it hit, the climax flashing upwards inside me until I was bent over the top of her head, gripping with both hands as she ate at my vagina wetly. I bucked and squeezed at her, trying not to squeeze too hard, but unable to control myself. She held on, locked with me in a sexual symbiosis, driving the spasms forward with her finger inside me. It was hot as fuck.

I dropped back on my hands as the last of the spasms were spent. I felt a creamy dribble on my butthole, dripping down onto the counter. She licked me down there, cleaning it off, enjoying my flavor. Then she stood and kissed me, her mouth rich with my juices. Our tongues played indulgently over each other, my musk covering our chins and lips.

“I want to make you cum so badly it’s all I can think about,” I whispered to my best friend. She playfully pulled me off the counter and took her place there. Between her legs I found her glistening flower, the object of my lust and took a lingering taste of her, filling my mouth with her taste. She moaned long and soft. I knew she was going to enjoy it as much as I had, and maybe I would enjoy being down here even more!

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