Daniel Effeminate College Student Chapter 12

Daniel Effeminate College Student Chapter 12
Chapter 12

Back on Land

Daniel had passed most of the last day and evening sketching scenes on the cruise ship. He had previously sketched a number of scenes or noticed interesting scenes to sketch. On the first morning he sketched the young, very cute and well hung waiter wearing a tight uniform serving an older gentleman a coffee. On that same morning Daniel also sketched a blonde Adonis applying sun screen on his companion’s remarkably toned body. A third sketch that first morning depicted a number of handsome and very physically attractive young men playing volleyball in the pool. In addition he had also sketched a scene in a nightclub on the ship, a gay couple in a romantic embrace at sunset and the dinner scene at the Captain’s table. These were the sketches Francis selected from the many Daniel had completed. All of the caricatures showed handsome, young, gay men with toned bodies and genitalia prominently displayed.

Francis was a wealthy philanthropist who liked to support young artists was most impressed with Daniel’s work. He had invited Daniel to an auction with an opportunity to show and sell the series of sketches which depicted various scenes with gay men on the cruise. Francis explained that he was the host of an auction of Egyptian art and artifacts on Saturday at a local hotel in his home town, the port city where the cruise terminated. Francis reviewed the sketches and selected 5 of them which he had framed when they arrived on land. They would make a series called “Fun on the Cruise” and would be auctioned off at the show. Three of them would be sold as a miniseries together and the two others would be offered as single pieces.

Arrangements had been quickly made for Fabio to stay with Harris and Daniel would stay with Terri for the weekend. Terri would become Terrance or Terry and would not be dressing as she only took the role and dressed en femme while on holidays. However she suggested that Daniel could stay with her and she would help dress him en femme as Danielle. It seemed that close friendships were made on the final days of the cruise for a number of them. Francis was becoming very attached to Colin and could not get enough of the young man’s fat 9″ cock and Harris and Fabio were becoming an item.

On Saturday evening Terry had selected a stylish outfit for Danielle featuring a Nordstrom navy blue asymmetrical button closure mohair blend jacket. Matching the jacket Danielle wore a pair of flare leg mohair blend pants which were very tight in the crotch showing his boy cock very nicely. Under the jacket Danielle wore a ’70s revival trend, richly hued floral print silk blouse with a front button closure and two button cuffs. Accenting the smart spread open collar Danielle wore a luminous round pearl rope doubled and knotted necklace which hung in the open neck blouse on the smooth soft skin. On her ears were ‘Luna’ 1″ drop pearl earrings which accentuated her long mussy pixie hair style.

On her delicate feet Danielle wore a pair of flattering black coloured T-strap flat chic shoes styled with a pointy toe and edged in gleaming studs. Danielle would dangle her shoe whenever she could to get some relief from her delicate foot being encased in the pointy shoe. Her lips were rouged in a dark red lipstick matching her painted finger and toe nails. Danielle looked stylish but had a professional air as well.

When Danielle and Terry arrived at the entrance to the display rooms they were stopped at the door by security as identifications were checked. The security guard looked at Daniel’s passport and saw the photo of a cute, blonde boy but who had passed him the passport was a lovely sexy lady. He was confused and Lawrence had to be summoned to ensure that all was correct. The middle aged security guard just smiled and licked his lips as he looked at Danielle’s ass after she entered.
There were about fifty invited guests plus the small group of friends from the cruise at the auction. Harris arrived with Fabio on his arm as the mature man was staying with the handsome younger man. Colin was there and was being introduced by Francis to many of his friends who guessed that Colin was hung like a horse if he was with Francis. Danielle and the group mingled and looked at the art and artifacts that were displayed for the silent auction. Each person arriving was assigned a number so as to place your bid secretly without others knowing who was bidding for what items.

As Danielle and his group strolled through the rooms the young Italian artist noticed and recognized the Egyptian man Rames Fadil who he had met at a dinner party which he had attended with Adrian. Fabio was at the same dinner party and Danielle pointed out the Egyptian man to Fabio and the two agreed that it was him. They were totally convinced when they saw the Rosa the lady boi from Thailand standing near him chatting with a group of interested bidders. Although Rames Fadil saw Danielle he did not recognize her because Danielle now had different coloured hair, was dressed en femme and in a different city.

After about thirty minutes of browsing through the art work and artifacts Francis found them and took Danielle by the hand and escorted her and the group to see her art work being displayed in a smaller room. The mature gentleman had selected six of the sketches and had them framed. The sketches were listed in the brochure for the event with the artist simply identified as Daniel, an Italian artist. The work was now on display at this auction and people were bidding on them. Daniel and his entourage were so excited to see his work on display. Fabio and Harris placed a bid on the dinner scene at the Captain’s table as that is where they had met. Unbeknownst to the others the couple had locked eyes a number of times during the dinner. Francis told them that Daniel’s art work was being viewed as unique and was gaining some attention and bids were being placed. He said that some people wanted to meet the artist.

Danielle accompanied Francis as they left the others and went to another room where he introduced Danielle to an older gentleman named Calvin Burke an executive banker and very rich financer . Calvin was an old and dear friend of Lawrence and was chatting with him when Lawrence was called to rescue Danielle at the door. Calvin instantly wanted to meet Danielle when he learned about her from Lawrence and asked for an introduction. Calvin had made a bid on one of the framed sketches vowing to have a piece of art work and have Danielle also. Calvin had a taste for cute young boys and girls and Danielle looked to be so very desirable.
The handsome gentleman shook Danielle’s hand and complimented her on her artwork saying “I do like the simplicity and the theme. Of course you have made our imaginations run wild with the caricatures in your work.” Danielle was blushing as the mature man held her hand and complimented her. Here she was standing with a mature, handsome gentleman holding her hand as the gentleman said “I am making the winning bid on one of your sketches. I would like for you lovely girl to come with me this evening to find a place to display it in my house. Lawrence is a close friend and I think that he would approve of me inviting you like this on short notice as I am flying out tomorrow on a business trip.” Lawrence nodded in agreement.

Danielle was surprised to be asked by the banker and replied that she would have to check with her friend with whom she was staying. Of course Danielle wanted to spend time with the handsome, very mature and distinguished banker but she had seen the Egyptian Rames Fadil and wanted to speak to him and see where it may lead. Danielle took Calvin’s hand in hers and asked where he was flying to the next day and learned that both had the same destination. She then told him that she hoped that they could get together and informed him that she would let him know about this evening. Danielle was very interested in Calvin as he was the oldest man she had met and felt the excitement of possibly being with the silver haired gentleman.

Shortly after Danielle spoke to Terry and Fabio about travel plans for his departure the next day. She informed them that both she and Calvin were travelling to the same destination the next day. Perhaps they could be on the same flight. Fabio understood Danielle’s desire to meet Calvin and decided to chat with the man concerning the air travel as he was making her travel arrangements. He approached Calvin and spoke to him about the flight and the two of them then went to a travel kiosk in the hotel where arrangements were made for Danielle and Calvin to fly together the next day. Fabio told him that they would meet at the airport as Danielle had other plans for the evening.

A short time later Danielle and Terry approached Rames Fadil and Rosa the lady boi from Thailand and introduced themselves. Rames and the beautiful Rosa were very surprised to see Danielle and Rames was really happy to see her here at the auction. They talked about the Egyptian art and artifacts and of course Danielle’s sketches. Again the two were very surprised that it was Danielle who was the mysterious artist that Lawrence had talked about. As the auction was finishing and the artifacts and art work was being put away by security Rames invited Danielle and Terry to join them for a drink in their hotel suite. During the conversation Rosa and Terry had made eyes for each other and of course Rames was hot for Danielle. Rosa had her own room attached to the suite with a separate bedroom for Rames.

The four arrived in the room and Rames opened a bottle of French Chardonnay and they had a drink. There was not a second drink and they hardly finished the first when they became two couples as Rosa and Terry disappeared quickly to Rosa’s room. In the room they hurriedly kissed exploring each other’s mouths with excited tongues. Soon they were undressed and tasting each other’s cocks. Terry had never been with a lady boi and marveled at her breasts and firm body and thick cock. He kissed and licked the smooth soft skinned Rosa from head to toe biting and sucking on the thick nipples of the small breasts. He was excited and surprised to see a 7″ uncut thick cock with no pubic hair and her ass cheeks were very round and firm.

Rosa loved the attention Terry paid to her body with slow gentle kisses, caresses with his fingers and tongue. Terry was much different from other men she had been previously with and she was very experienced. Rosa had been with many straight men and women, gays and lesbians. Rosa was thinking that Terry was more like a woman who appreciated her whole body and liked foreplay and not just her cock. Her whole body was responsive to Terry’s gentle touches and when his tongue licked her ass cheeks and her anus she moaned loudly and bit the bed sheets. As a result her cock was very hard and excited and pre cum was oozing from the tip. Terry tasted it and then shared it with Rosa with a kiss exchanging saliva and the salty taste of pre cum.

Rosa loved Terry’s slim smooth body and took time to explore it kissing every inch even his smooth arm pits which she found so exciting for a man to be totally smooth. Of course she licked and sucked the hard thick cock and his testicles which she sucked and caressed gently following his moans and reactions. She moved up his body and kissing him and while whispering in his ear commented on his smooth body. Terry replied telling her that he dressed as Terri but only when on holiday and never at home. Rosa now understood and kissed Terry and said “I would love to see you dressed. You must be beautiful. Did you help Danielle dress this evening?” Terry replied that he helped the cute Italian boy dress. He continued saying that he liked his look and also his spirit.

Terry then kissed Rosa and asked if she wanted to fuck him or would he fuck her? Rosa replied that both would happen as she reached down and started to stroke Terry’s hard thick cock. She then moved down and held the lovely cock with the head beaconing to be sucked which she did putting her experienced lips around the head and sucking it. She tasted the first wetness of Terry’s precum and then proceeded to take more of it in her mouth. She sucked it taking all of it easily into her experienced mouth. Terry was lying back on the bed with his legs spread allowing Rosa to suck him and caress his testicles at the same time. She abandoned the cock and moved to his balls and licked and mouthed them gently while masturbating hid thick cock. Terry moaned and thrust his hips as the lovely lady boi sucked his balls and held his lovely thick cock.

Rosa then knelt on the bed and told Terry to fuck her ass with his cock. She too was very excited with the thought of this lovely man who was so very gentle with her pumping a gorgeous cock in her ass. Terry knelt behind Rosa and started to kiss and lick the lovely lady boi, the first he had ever met. He kissed her cheeks and then spread them and licked tasting and smelling a raspberry flavour. It was oblivious that Rosa had showered, washed and or bathed using a raspberry flavour wash or gel. Terry took his mouth away from her ass and said “Rosa you taste lovely, a raspberry flavour. You are such a sweet girl to prepare yourself like that.” Rosa who was loving the gentle kisses and licks from this appreciative man turned back and replied. “Yes I bathed earlier in a steaming bubble bath just before going to the reception l always keep myself ready for a lovely mouth.”

Terry then continued to lick the flavoured anus and forced the tip of his tongue into her as she moaned with excitement. He then replaced his tongue with a finger and then a second both of them sliding in and out of the tight lady boi.Then Terry moved his hard cock into the the pretty boi and started fucking her very hard. Terry was so very excited he seemed to care at the moment only of his own pleasure. He then withdrew his hard cock and asked Rosa to get on her back as he wanted to see her pretty face as he continues to plow his hard cock into the cute, sexy lady boi. Whe he faced her and had entered her again as her slim legs and slight hips wrapped around him Terry leaned down and kiss the sweet boi. He was extremely excited and was soon shuddering as his semen rushed through his cock and exploded into the sexy lady boi. He ejaculated several large quirts of semen into the ass of the pretty lady boi and then collapsed on top of her recovering his breath.

When he recovered his breathing he kissed her again and as she moved against him Terry felt her hard cock. He looked down at it and instantaneously wanted to suck it. Terry was very experienced at sucking hard cocks. He thought back to when he first tasted one and his college days when he would go to gay bars or meet men and couples friends of the men he had sucked and pleasured. However it was the first time that came to mind when he met a very cute college guy who was a couple years older than him. It was early in the summer before he went to college and the cute guy was home for the summer and they met at a party.

The guy was athletic, a member of the varsity swim team, very cute, rich, confident and dressed with style, extremely popular as he had lots of friends. However Terry noticed that there was a kind of gay flair to his clothes and manner as he searched for that in boys. In all Terry found him to be very pretty and could be very faggy if he wanted to. At the party the guy was chatting to a group of very popular guys and pretty girls when their eyes met. Terry was surprised that this guy had smiled at him thinking that he was not in this cute college guy’s world. All the same he thought that a message was communicated. A short time later when Terry was alone the guy approached him and calmly said in a soft voice that Terry had not heard earlier when the guy spoke saying “I think we have similar tastes. If you are interested we can leave this party and go somewhere quiet”. Terry was surprised and just nodded an affirmative as this super cute, slim blonde haired guy with tight designer jeans showing a very nice package was hitting on him. The guy asked “Are you driving?” Terry replied that he was not and the guy said “Leave here in about ten minutes and I will pick you up down the street on the corner.” He then left and went back to his friends announcing that he had to leave but would be back later.

Terry did as was asked and the guy was waiting in a very expensive sports car. Terry got in and the guy introduced himself as Ken. He said as he put a hand on Terry’s thigh “You are very cute. I like younger guys like you who are hiding that they are gay. Let’s go to my house, my parents are gone for the weekend.” Ken’s parents house was a very big expensive house with manicured lawns and a big pool on a large patio. Ken took Terry by the hand and led him up to his bedroom where he kissed him and said “I have been looking for a sweet guy like you since I came home from college last month. Do you like guys like me?” He then pushed Terry down on the bed and started to take off his tight fitting yellow polo shirt and revealed a very trim but muscular smooth chest with wide aureoles and nipples. He next placed his fingers down across his cock which was showing nicely and asked “Do you like the look sweet boy? I like to be faggy with pretty boys like you.”

He then took off the tight stylish designer jeans and stood in his briefs with his large cock bulging for Terry to see. Then he commanded Terry to take off his clothes. As Terry was undressing Ken would kiss him as he took off each item of clothing. When Terry was naked Ken said “Oh my you are such a pretty boy. Have you been with other guys before?” Terry shook his head saying “Sorry I have not.” Ken replied “Oh sweet boy you have nothing to be sorry about.” He then took down his briefs and said “Come and taste cute virgin boy” and caressed the 8″ thick cock with his fingers. Terry knelt and taste a cock for the first time and within several short minutes tasted and swallowed a huge amount of semen from the older college boy. Some of the semen had leaked from Terry mouth and dripped down across his chin and fell on his chest.

When Ken withdrew his softening cock he pulled Terry to his feet and licked the semen from his chest and chin and the kissed Terry mixing semen and saliva which the two cute faggy boys shared. Terry spent the weekend with Ken having the older college boy fuck his virgin ass so many times he lost count. It was an experience that sent him on his way to gay loving. The two secretly met often during that summer and went to gay bars, clubs and parties in their home town and more often in other cities where they seduced pretty boys individually and as a couple. As Terry finished reminiscing about his first gay encounter Rosa was shooting a huge load of semen in his mouth.

Danielle and the Egyptian man Rames Fadil were in the master suite and Rames had asked Daniel to strip for him as he was smitten with the cute boy. Danielle remembered their conversation when they had met at the dinner party and the commitment that Rames had alluded to at the time. Danielle asked Rames if he remembered saying that perhaps the cute boy could help in a business transaction for his friend and lover Adrian. Rames replied “Yes, anything you want” as he was sat in a big arm chair with his hard cock tenting his trousers. Rames had had many cute boys over the years. He fucked so many smooth, blonde with soft skin, very cute and young Egyptian boys that he had forgotten the number. Each visit to his home country he made arrangements to have a couple or three come to his villa for a few days. There were so many young boys with energy and lots of young sweet semen to share with each other and the mature Egyptian man for him to choose from in the larger cities.

Danielle was wearing just a dark red silk thong matching the dark red lipstick and her painted finger and toe nails. Terry had also applied some dark rouge to Danielle’s aureoles and nipples which made them match the finger nails which were pinching and pulling on them. With Rames in a trance watching the pretty fem boi Danielle asked if he would make the unsold artifacts available to Adrian for resale at a very reduced price. As Rames was readily agreeing with the proposition Danielle went to the bed and lay on her back and asked the mature Egyptian man “You like my pretty toes? Come and suck them.” Rames moved to the bed and looked at the pretty gay boi who had a delicate foot with red painted manicured toe nails resting on an upright knee. He knelt and took the delicate foot in his hand and began kissing, licking and sucking on the toes and foot. He had the big toe in his mouth sucking on it and then he licked and kissed the cute painted toe nails.

A Rames attended to Danielle’s delicate foot and cute toes she reassured that the Egyptian would live up to his word and she told him that he could make arrangements through Lawrence and Serge at La Galerie. Rames nodded in agreement with his reply being muffled with a delicate foot in his mouth. Danielle having been satisfied that Rames would follow through said to him “Pull down my thong and you get the prize you handsome man.” The Egyptian was a very handsome man with a wonderful physique for a mature man in his sixties. He took down the thong and licked his lips as he saw the cute boi cock. Danielle was lying on the bed on his back and Rames licked him all over and swallowed his boy cock in his experienced mouth. The mature man then stood and took off his clothes revealing a thick hairy chest and a wonderfully thick long cock which was hard. He was so very horny from having have the boy strip for him and then suck the gorgeous delicate feet and finally the slim smooth body.

He took retrieved some gel from the night stand drawer and put a liberal amount on his cock and some on Danielle’s anus when the boi knelled up on the bed with his round ass in the air. Rames didn’t take any time to prepare the boy for what was to come. He just mounted him and forced his enormous cock into the boy without any passion. It was his own satisfaction that he wanted and wasn’t concerned about the boi. Danielle sensed that Rames didn’t care for his enjoyment and was forcing his big cock into the boy for his own selfish pleasure. So Danielle thought about the mature and handsome Calvin Burke the executive banker who he was going to meet the next day. Calvin had shown come genuine interest in meeting Danielle and the boi was taken with the solver haired seventy year old man. He entered into a zone of thinking about pleasure with the mature handsome banker as Rames drove his cock into the boy. Danielle hardly noticed that Rames had ejaculated his huge load into the boi and the only passion he felt was when the the Brazilian man sucked his boi cock to completion and swallowed the semen. Danielle dressed quickly and went in search of Terry.

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