Doing what I love


Doing what I love
This is a true story that happened years ago. I hope you enjoy it.

I have been cross-dressing for several years. Long before I met my first wife, we had been married for about four year. One day my wife came home early and caught me dressed up as a woman. We had a long talk and at first she liked it me dressed as a girl. We would walk around in panties and tee shirts in front of our two k**s, a daughter 3 and a son 2. They kind of liked it that they had two mothers. My wife and I would go out dressed together and pick up men. We would take them home when the k**s were at their grandparent’s house. We would suck them off get fucked by them.
After a year or so she said she didn’t want to be married to me because of my cross dressing. She said she loved going out and picking up men but couldn’t get use to the idea of her husband sucking other men and getting fucked by them. She told our two k**s, that she didn’t love me anymore. She moved out of state and took the k**s with her. My daughter kept in touch with me. My son didn’t care to talk to me. When my daughter turned 18 and was out of high school, she asked if she could come and live with me. I told her she could and so she moved in a week later. At first I wouldn’t dress up as a girl when she was at home. Didn’t know how she would take it, her dad dressed as her mom. She asked me on day if I still dressed up like a girl. I looked at her and said yes. She asked me why I had not dressed up in front of her. I told her I didn’t know how she wanted me to dress as a girl. She smiled and said she would love it, for me to be her mom. I said ok and went to my room and dressed in my panties and tee shirt.
My daughter would always call me when she was on her way home with one of her friends. She would call me to warn me she was not alone. I would get dress in my male clothes. One day my daughter brought her boyfriend home without calling first. She didn’t call me to warn me she was bringing her boyfriend home. They walked in the house and caught me cleaning the living room dressed in a short tee shirt that just came to the top of my bikini panties. I had put on my makeup and a long black wig. I was also wearing hose and heels. I had plans to go out later that evening with some of my close friends who knew about me. We live in the country far away from any neighbors, and I usually walk around the house in just my panties and tee shirts. I love being in the back yard in my panties and tee shirt. The only time I am in my male clothes is when my daughter brings her friends over.
I have to admit that some of her male friends were very good looking. I would always wonder what they would think if they knew I was wearing panties and hose under my pants. I use to think of what it would be like if she didn’t call me and I was caught dressed as a girl. Well today it happened. None of her friends knew that I was a bi cross dresser. As they walked in to the living room, there I stood in all my glory, high heel, panties and tee shirt. They walked in and surprised me. I was bent over dusting the coffee table with my butt towards the front door. My daughter said “Dad what are you doing”. I stood up and turned to face both of them standing at the front door. Her boyfriend was standing there with the biggest smile on his face. I decided not to make a big deal of being dressed in panties and a tee shirt, I just smiled at both of them and said “Hi, Kevin, come on in and sit down. Excuse me while I go and put on so clothes. “He just stared at me”. He said you don’t have to, you look fine to me. My daughter punched him. He was a junior at the Univ. of NM. My daughter had just started there a month earlier, but she had been dating him since she came to live with me. Her boyfriends didn’t know that I wore panties and that I dressed up as a woman.

My daughter was a little upset with me; she followed me into the bed room and said she was sorry she didn’t call me before coming home. I said yes you should have. She said she was busy with her boyfriend and forgot to call me. I said I am sure you must have been really busy to call me, when you know I walk around in panties at home. I asked her what are you going to tell him, she said she would just tell him the truth. She said it he would understand because she saw that he liked what he saw. She said she would go and explain me to him. She asked me to please stay in my room while they were there. It was fine with me because I didn’t have to get dressed. She told him that I loved dressing up and wearing woman’s clothes when I was home alone. He asked if I wore woman’s panties when she was home with me. She told him yes. He asked her if she minded that I was always in panties and dressed as a girl. She told him my dad has done this all his life. They soon left and when she came home alone she told me that he couldn’t stop talking about me and had so many questions. As he talked about me to her she said he had a big smile on his face. He told her that he wouldn’t have known that I was not a real girl. He said if I had not talked to him, he would not have known it was me. He said he thought I was a friend of her father. He told her that I was very pretty and had nice legs and ass. My daughter said she hit him again when he told her that.
Apparently me being dressed in panties and make up, stuck in his head, because he dropped by a few days later while my daughter was in class…and I was again dressed in panties as usual. I went to go outside and get something from the car, I’m always outside in my panties, heels, and tee shirt enjoys walking around the yard. I was sure surprised, when I opened the door to find Kevin standing at the front door. When he saw me he had a grin from ear to ear. He kept looking at me up and down. I told him my daughter wasn’t home, and he told me that he knew it; he said he had come to see me. I raised my eyebrows and laughed. I said you came to see me? “Well, I said you’ve seen just about everything there is to see of me, he said “NO I didn’t” he told me that he didn’t get a good look of me the other day. He said he did get a good look at me ass and it was so beautiful, when he came home with my daughter. He said you ran off to the bedroom so fast and I just got a glimpse of your legs and sexy sweet panty covered ass. He said that he was hoping we could talk and not run off to get dressed. I said you just want to talk. He said maybe more. “I invited him in”.

He walked in and I closed the door. I asked him what else do you want to see. He smiled and said everything. I turned to walk into the living room he grabbed my ass with both hands. He was rubbing my ass on top of my panties. When he grabbed my ass I jumped but I decided to let him cop a feel. I continued to walk into the living room as he groped my ass and rubbed the back of my legs. I was getting so turned on. I was not sure what my daughter would think of what was going on with her boyfriend. I stopped and turned to face him and I saw the big bulge in his pants. I started to tell him what we were doing was wrong. He stopped me by giving me the biggest and wettest kiss I have ever gotten. As we kissed he slid his tongue into my mouth. I welcomed it and sucked on it. He was also rubbing my ass. He slid my panties down and cupped my ass. He picked me up by my ass and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He moved his hands towards my love hole and played with my love button.
He walked me to the sofa and sat me down on it. I helped him get undressed, we sat on the sofa and kissed, and then he kissed me down my neck, down my breasts, to each nipple. And very quickly I was lying on the sofa on my back. He grabbed my ankles and raised my legs up in the air. I couldn’t believe I was with my daughter’s boyfriend. He was kissing the back of my calves; he maneuvered his cock into my ass, making fast work of this first fuck! It would not be the last time he would fuck me.
Yes, my daughter eventually found out about us and was mad at both of us, but mostly at him. She knew me quite well and knew that I had an appetite for young cock, and I pointed out I’d actually done her a favor by showing her what an unfaithful, horny guy he was before she made too many commitments to him! She soon had a new boyfriend and I continued to fuck Kevin and several of his college friends. My daughter transferred to a collage in California. When she left she told me that now that she was out of state she didn’t have to worry about me fucking her boyfriends.

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