Enjoying a hot load from an Uber rider

Enjoying a hot load from an Uber rider
‘Would you like me to suck your cock?’ I asked my sexy Uber rider.

It was out of the blue but I was so horny and he was just too sexy not to ask. Besides we’d been flirting since he got in my Honda.

‘I would love that.’

Without hesitation I was making the slide into the back seat that I’ve become addicted to. In a fluid motion I was landing next to him, unzipping his pants and pulling out his cock like I the practiced slut I am.

My rider took a sigh and sat back as he played with my ass while I bobbed on his cock with my mouth; it was like he’d finally gotten the relief he was looking for and I was more than happy to provide it. OMG what a nice cock.

I couldn’t resist myself and sat up and kissed him deeply. That was the relief I was looking for. To feel intimate and wanted by this complete stranger I’d just met 15 minutes before. We made out for who knows how long but soon I realized I was only getting what I wanted. I’d forgotten his massive erection and knew I had to get back to what I’d promised but it felt so good to kiss him. He was a great kisser.

I bent back down and took his beautiful cock back in my mouth. I loved the effect I had on him. This lovely cock was connected to a man who was tall, dark and handsome, his dark brown hair had a few early specks of grey but in my mind it made him look distinguished.

Right now the only thing on my mind was making him cum; I went slowly to start with, alternating between the head and shaft, holding his testicles in my hand, rolling them in my fingers. God it felt wonderful. He was so damn hard. I put his cock completely down my throat, so I could actually lick his balls. I got into a wonderful rhythm, fucking his cock with my mouth. I purred as I felt him swell inside my throat. I knew he was going to cum.

I rapidly increased my deep throating, fucking his cock with my mouth and starting to gag on it. I had to taste his cum. I had to have his cum deep in my throat. I wanted him to fill my mouth up and swallow the sweet taste of his sperm. Feeling the familiar stir in a cock, I wrapped a hand around his thick shaft, stroking him off until I could sense he was about to shoot and then slammed my mouth and throat back down on his cock as it went off. I swallowed many times, fuck he had a lot of cum, and gave one final kiss to the head and licked up the remaining cum off his cock before looking up.

“How was that?”, I asked.

He surprised me by laughing lightly and leaned forward, kissing me deeply and letting his hands roam down to cup of my ass. He told me to take off my jeans so he could see my ass better. I quickly pulled them off. He pulled me up and onto his lap, my wet pussy rubbing against his cock which was quickly hardening again. We stopped kissing long enough to take off my t-shirt and bra. I was now completely naked, parked in the back of the Redmond Marriott parking lot and rubbing my bare pussy against a very hot looking executive type. His hands reached up and held my tits and pulled on my thick nipples. Lifting them to his face so he could take my nipples into his mouth. I tilted my head back and purred at the sensation, then placed one hand on his chest to steady herself, and with my other, guided his cock into my cunt. Oh fuck a bare cock of a stranger but I couldn’t resist.

His hands dropped to my waist, our eyes locked as I swayed my hips, my mommy ass bounced with every movement, he seemed entranced by the sight and spanked my cheeks hard. I giggled, thankful no security guard was stopping us and perhaps watching the show from some surveillance camera.

And as my hips moved faster I knew I was getting close and didn’t want to hold back. My sexy rider recognized the look building on my face and pushed his cock harder, matching my rhythm until he was penetrating deeper and deeper into my cunt. My legs began to quiver and he quickly grabbed one of my nipples back into his mouth, sucking and nibbling and pulling to push me over the edge until…

“Fuck, fuck, god FUCK. YESSSSSS!”

I tightened my grip on my rider and buried my face into his shoulder as I came, it was enough for him and he came as well, shooting deep inside me, giving me a mini-second orgasm from the sensation of his cock pumping. We caught our breath and stared at each other, both panting but both smiling, I darted forward and kissed him deeply one last time.

I can’t believe what a lucky slut I am. kisses, jen

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