Enough Compensation?

Enough Compensation?
George Simpson received the package just this morning. He now sat behind his desk as he stared at it. His daughter Elise has sent him the package. And he wondered why. His birthday is some months away and he couldn’t think of any other occasion that would merit a gift.

With eager fingers, he quickly opened the brown envelope. Slightly surprised when he unwrapped a videotape.

Wondering what this is all about, he slipped it on the VCR and sat back to watch the curious tape.

After a few seconds, his daughter, a young girl of nineteen years appeared on the T.V screen. Her soft blond curls framed her heart shaped face, angelic deep blue eyes stared at him, and thick blond lashes emphasized their almond shape. She was wearing a deep red dress that had always been his favorite.

She was sitting on a bed, in a place he had not seen before. George wondered where his daughter is, and for a brief moment of panic thought she might have been a*****ed and this is their way of telling him!

But she appeared more admonishing rather than worried.

“Hi Papa, if you’re watching this tape right now then you ought to know that there are some things you shouldn’t do to other people…” She was interrupted when a black man, in his mid-fifty’s sat beside her, he was a large man, balding in the head and his huge belly strained against the confines of his shirt. George immediately recognized his former employee, one of the janitors.

“Hi there Mr. Simps. It’s good to know that you’ll be watching this, coz we really want you to see this. Watch carefully and you’ll know what I mean.”

Much to George’s horror, the black man was fondling his daughter right there in front of the camera, but Elise wasn’t fighting them. Rather the opposite, she held the Nigger’s hands and squished her sweet melons in his palms. The black ape was kissing her nape as he unbuttoned the front of her dress and slowly pulled the garment down her body.

“You see my dear papa, you’ve hurt these people’s feelings when you took their jobs away. The company could still maintain gaining profits even without laying off employees. You know that, but still you allowed them to be out of work…” Elise paused, to welcome another black companion who sat beside her on the huge bed. Elise was wearing only her bra now, one man, George recognized as Micajah Stone was slowly peeling her lacy panties from her legs. Elise lifted her hips obligingly as the old Negro pulled the scrap of cloth and threw it away.

Immediately, Micajah groped for her pussy, Elise had just shaved for this occasion. She moaned once, accepting the slobbering kiss from another black man known as Ol’Bob who was thrusting his fat tongue in her mouth. While two pairs of hands were busy fondling her boobs, her tummy, her thighs. The contrast of her creamy white skin against their dark chocolate ones was startling. George could only sit paralyzed in his chair. He couldn’t believe that his only c***d, his only daughter could degrade herself like this. She was only 19 years old, her black companions both old enough to be her grandfathers. Slabs of excess fat jiggled at the men sides, making them look wobbly like hairy jelly as they moved, while she was all smoothness and grace…

Her eyes when they returned to the camera were blurry with desire. Elise, his daughter, was actually aroused with these old sleazy niggers!

“So…I…ummm…” Elise struggled to continue what she was saying but she couldn’t, not when Micajah slid two of his fingers in her pussy and was teasing her clit with his thumb. She was also busy stroking two horse dicks that looked as huge and long as her arms.

Ol’Bob continued for her. “What she’s trying to say Mr. Simps is that she’s here to console us in this time of great need.” Ol’Bob showed badly decayed front teeth; fear of visiting a dentist, as well as his general disregard for hygiene was responsible for this condition. But Elise didn’t mind his stale, sour breath. No doubt about it as she accepted another wet kiss from him.

“You’ve got a nice body, missy.” He jiggled her boobs that would fill a snug C cup bra.

“Me and Bob here would have plenty of fun, won’t we Bob?” Micajah said as he finger fucked her pussy.

Bob only grunted in reply. Elise was noisily sucking his cock. She’s young but she’s no innocent. She knew how to drive a man crazy with just a few flicks of her tongue, gentle nips of her teeth.

“ FUCK!” Bob bellowed as she took his cock deeper in her throat. He couldn’t see what she’s doing to his dick beneath his huge belly but he could sure feel how good she is.

“Lick my balls honey c***d.” He ordered. Then growled again as she slipped lower to gently suckle his hairy scrotum. Elise slipped lower to lick his ass hole, making Bob curse again loudly. Drops of fluid dripped down his one eyed cobra, but she quickly slurped up and down his cock to catch his juices.

“Hell and Damnation!” He cursed again. “You could suck white off rice!”

Micajah stood up to shed his clothes, his hairy cock throbbed, perfectly erect against his huge belly.

He watched as Bob continued fucking her mouth, then without warning he pushed her head down on his cock as he squirted his sticky shit, shouting profanity as he reached his climax. For a moment she felt suffocated, never before deep throating a foot long cock, but being the good girl she is, she swallowed all his cum, not wasting a single drop.

Giving the couple a few moments to recover, Micajah asked his friend to handle the camcorder.

“I want her father to see this.” He said.

The place tilted all of a sudden as someone, obviously Bob picked up the camera from where it was perched and slowly approached the couple on the bed.

Elise lay on the bed with her legs dangling at the edge of the bed. Micajah knelt before her on the floor. He parted her legs to expose the deep pink of her pussy.

“Take a good shot at this Bob.” He ordered. Bob came nearer to capture everything up close. He zoomed in first at Elise’s clit while Micajah tweaked the hard bud. She was dripping wet with lust, and more than ready to receive his cock. Elise reached down between her legs to part her pussy lips, stretching her slit open for her lover to see her insides.

“Fuck me!” She purred, “I’m dying to have that cock inside my pussy!”

The old black rubbed his fat penis against her moist cunny. Micajah couldn’t believe his luck. This young girl, no longer a c***d but barely a woman is allowing him do this. By letting him use her cunt, she should know that she’ll never be the same again, her future lovers would know that a black cock had fucked her…fucked her really deep, fucked her pussy depths that they’ll never be able to reach unless of course their cocks are longer than his 13 inches. For a moment, Micajah tested her cunt and thought he was too big for her as her pussy, willing as she was, won’t stretch wide enough to permit entry. Well, what was he expecting? She’s only 4’11 tall, while he was 6’2—small pussy, giant cock. But Micajah was not about to back down.

“Spread you legs wider white bitch.” He ordered. Elise did as she was told, with hands at the back of her knees she parted her thighs, opening herself completely to her black partner, stretching her legs so wide apart that it was almost painful, but not as painful as the ache in her loins yearning to be fucked.

Micajah grasped her firmly around the hips, permitting no escape. Then he heaved his hips forward, dropping his 220lbs weight on her tiny body, at the same time pulling her hips towards him, forcing the tiny pussy mouth to open wide or get torn apart. He heaved forward again, intensifying the pressure until with a triumphant growl his monster cockhead finally sank inside her tiny pussy.

“OHHH FUCK! That FEELS so GOOOOD…” Elise wailed as her Negro lover skewered her pussy with his thick pole.

“You like that, you fucking white bitch huh? I’ll rip your tiny pussy in two.” He kept on thrusting until he plugged her pussy so deeply that his balls slapped against her ass.

“Isn’t your daughter precious Mr. Simps?” Micajah grunted, pumping furiously while he stared at the camera. “She got a sweet, young pussy. Tight and hot. Damn HOT…” He lifted her hips higher to sink deeper, forcing her tiny pussy mouth to stretch wider to receive his invading cock.

“I’m fucking your daughter’s tiny pussy Mr. Simps. I’m stretchin’ and fillin’ every bit and cranny of her tiny fuck hole…and she’s loving it. Don’’t you sweet bitch? You love the way my fat cock is drilling your lovely, pink pussy don’t you?” He continued pumping her cunt, pumping in and out, in and out, in and out.

“Yessss.” Elise moaned like the slut she is. “Fuck me…fuck me harder.”

She rocked her hips wildly against him, pushing his dick deeper, grinding her clit against his hairy pubis.

His wiry gray hair was tickling her pussy lips with each contact. And the sensation only added more to her excitement. This hairy old Negro was fucking her, fucking her cunny deeper than any other cock than has fucked her before. And she loves it, loves every freaking second while he fucked her brains out.

Micajah was tireless, like a fuck machine that he was…minutes passed, as he continued pumping, never slowing his pace, while Elise climaxed at least three times.

He may be an old man, but he got the stamina of a horse. Elise soon discovered for herself just how tireless a black man really is as without pulling out of her, Micajah lifted her. Elise clasped her arms around his neck as he stood up, while he supported her hips, endlessly ramming inside her, she tried wrapping her legs around his waist but he was too fat, so Elise let her legs dangle at his sides. Micajah clasped the backs of her knees, and effortlessly lifted her up and down, sliding his cock in and out. The position also managed to stroke her clit against the base of his cock as he moved triggering another orgasm for Elise.

Replete with her fourth release, Elise sagged against his hairy chest, wet with sweat. With a rather dreamy, amused look, Elise watched the black pole as he pumped continuously, rubbing his huge cockhead against her cervix. She looked at the face of the man who fucked her, who’d given her so much pleasure. Micajah gave her a toothy grin, showing tobacco-stained teeth with thick calcular deposits. Almost in a daze, she watched as he lowered his tongue towards her. Getting the cue quickly, Elise sucked the old man’s fat tongue, like a babe on its mother’s tit.

Then he lowered her down the bed.

“ Turn around, I want to fuck you like the bitch you are.”

Elise flipped on all fours, presenting her sassy butt to her nigger lover, the bed gave way as Micajah joined her on the bed. Grasping her hips, he slipped inside her cocoon more easily this time, he had destroyed her tightness truly well, and her future lovers will know that a black cock has fucked her pussy before them. The thought excited Micajah even more. With renewed ardor he began to hump harder and faster, fucking her pussy with quick, deep thrusts. Elise felt the heavy weight of his stomach against the small of her back as he leaned forward to hump away, spreading her legs to give him more room, giving him more access so that he sank deeper with each thrust, Elise only wanted to feel his monster cock hitting bottom as he poked her again and again.

Elise buried her moans of pleasure on the pillows, rocking her hips against him, then she began to clutch his cock with her pussy, squeezing him so exquisitely. Micajah gasped, he didn’t expect that a young girl like her knew such whore tricks. But it pleased him, as she continued milking him. It wasn’t long until his formidable control finally broke.

Elise squealed I delight as he flushed his cum inside her, nearly bursting her womb with baby making goo.

As one they collapsed on the bed, breathing heavily. Then without slipping his cock from her cunt, Micajah flipped on their side, bringing her with him until he lay on his back and Elise on top of him.

Bob zoomed in on their still joined genitals. The contrast of his black cock swallowed by her pink pussy was amazing. Then while Bob was recording everything, Micajah slowly pulled his dick out. Her pussy lips tugged at his retreating flesh as if kissing him goodbye. Then with a soft sucking sound, he was out of her tiny pussy; thick coatings of cum crowned his cockhead. More of his thick shit flowed out of her pussy, slowly.

With a huge black finger, Micajah rubbed his own cum, spreading the thick goo over her pussy and fingered her clit. Elise twitched in pleasure and her hand joined his, rubbing herself in front of the camera for her father to see. His precious daughter creamed by a hated nigger.

To add insult to injury, Micajah made her lick his cock clean of cum.

George couldn’t bear to watch any more but he couldn’t find the strength to stand up and switch the T.V off, it seems that the black varmints were not done yet with his daughter.

For as the tape continued to roll. The black men were intent on fucking her for more time to come. First Bob poked her rosy poop hole. Elise had been reluctant to let the nigger use her backdoor.

“I’ve never been fucked in there!” She said, her face creased in concern for the first time.

Micajah was quick to soothe her.

“ Don’t worry honey c***d, think of it as just another first time. Bob here will be really nice to you. Won’t you Bob?”

“ You bet I would nice. Very nice.” Bob chuckled as he pumped his cock in his hand. Then he lay behind her, spoon fashion. Elise behind her shoulder with huge blue eyes, she was really nervous about Bob fucking her in the ass, the man got the cock of a horse for goodness sake! What if she gets internal bleeding or something?

Bob kissed her wetly on the lips, tweaking her nipples and tugging at them to distend the hard buttons.

“You’ll love this honey pie.” He said. He lifted one of her legs. “ Hey, Micajah get a good shot of this.” Bob yelled to his friend. Micajah’s rumbling laughter was heard from the background as he picked the camcorder to capture the latest action.

For a moment to ease her frazzled nerves, Bob poked her pussy first. Elise sighed her pleasure as she was once more filled with black meat. Bob had no difficulty to stuff her cunt, he slipped inside easily like oiled eel.

“Like it honey?” He growled as he began to thrust, the white bitch really loved his black pole, Bob couldn’t believe it. She was not faking it, hot pussy juice was coating him, easing his movements even more, he didn’t need to hear her say it aloud, her pussy is weeping with lust for him!

He plucked her clit rather roughly making her wilder as she thrashed against his cock. Then when Bob thought he was sufficiently lubed by her own nectar, he pulled out.

Elise moaned in protest, her pussy gripping his throbbing dick, refusing to let him go but was helpless to stop him from his intent.

“ Relax sweetie. Uncle Bob will fill you soon enough.” He positioned the huge cockhead against her rose hole. Elise tensed once more, but she didn’t resist. Docile as a tamed cat, she just lay there waiting.

“She’s a tight one.” Bob hollered, licking his lips in anticipation. Like Micajah before him, her butt hole refused entry.

Bob released her to kneel on the bed.

“ Get on all fours, I’ll be up your ass in no time.” He ordered.

Elise obeyed meekly, presenting her butt to him. For a moment, Bob caressed her dripping pussy, which quivered in unfulfilled lust.

Then he slowly crouched behind her hips. He positioned the blunt tip of his dick against her tight poop hole once more, then grasping her hips he dropped his full weight against her, driving his cock slowly but surely into her tight ass. Elise whimpered as he slowly broached her back door but he only ignored her, she was so tight that even air couldn’t come between them, but she lay there unresisting, willing her muscles to relax so he could sink inside. Then, just as Bob thought she was simply too small for him, her butt hole parted. With a victorious cry he rammed against her with all his might.

Elise cried out in pain this time as he sank balls deep inside her ass. The black man was not without finer feelings, he waited, unmoving for her to adjust to this new invasion. He reached for her clit, teasing her until she moaned once again and more of her pussy juice filled his hand.

“Ready for some action my horny babe?” He growled. Without waiting for her answer, he began to ram in her ass.

“OH FUCK! She’s the most damn tight ass I’ve ever drilled!”

He rammed against her again and again. Micajah zoomed in on as his black balls slapped against her pussy. Moisture from her pussy coated his hairy scrotum, making the black sack glisten.

Elise began to rock against him, moaning, aroused once more, her pain forgotten. She rubbed her clit in sync with his thrusts until she felt her climax approach.

Bob didn’t last long though, soon he was dripping his cum inside her ass, even as he shuddered in ecstasy. Then with labored breaths, he pulled out of her. Thick cream flowed out of her ass to drip in her cunt, Elise rubbed his cum against her pussy, fingering her clit as she masturbated herself.

The tape would probably roll for some more time to come. But George couldn’t stomach any more. Dazed, he sat there, staring at nothing, not knowing how to cope with the situation. His daughter, his only c***d, defiled by these hated niggers How could she? How could she let them degrade her like that?

George rubbed his head as if trying to drive away some unseen demons that were tormenting him.

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