Getting Extra Friendly – Chapter 2


Getting Extra Friendly – Chapter 2
Getting Extra Friendly – Chapter 2


“Hey Matthew, its Amelia.”

“Hey, how’s things?”


“Good, and what can I do for you?”

“Can you get an hour or so off to stop by my place?”

“Yeah probably, is there something you need help with?”

“Yes, there is, and I need you and Jason to do it right.”

“Ooooooh,” Matthew replied, “any particular time?”

“About an hour from now would be perfect,” Amelia replied.

“Excellent, I’ll see you then.”

Matthew finished off a couple of things and then made his excuses to leave the office for a couple of hours, dashing out the door and trying to conceal the erection that resulted from knowing what was about to happen.

When he arrived at Amelia’s house, he knocked on the door with butterflies leaping about in his stomach. Nothing had happened between them since their night of passion and he’d thought that this day wasn’t actually ever likely to happen.

When Amelia answered the door, she was wearing knee-high leather boots, a black G-string, matching bra and nothing else.

“Woah, that’s hot,” Matthew exclaimed as he drank in the sight of her.

“G’day,” She said grinning at him and stepping aside to let him in. She shut the door behind him and then stopped him from walking further by reaching out to grab his erect cock through his pants. “Glad to see that you came prepared.” Amelia knelt down in the hall and worked Matthew’s cock free through his zipper and took it in his mouth, sucking up and down the length of his cock with her hands grabbing at his buttocks, pulling him towards her as his cock slid into her mouth.

The door opened and both Amelia and Matthew started, looking up to see Amelia’s boyfriend Jason standing in the door way.

“Geez, couldn’t you even wait for me?” he laughed when he saw what was going on.

“I told you first one here would get to start,” Amelia said to him.

“Huh, you didn’t tell me that,” Matthew laughed.

“Yeah, so you’re just extra lucky you were the first one here,” She told him.

Amelia didn’t bother getting up from her knees, she just pulled Jason over to her, extracted his cock and started sucking on it, still holding onto Matthew’s cock with one hand. After alternating between them for a few minutes, she announced that it was time that they all went to the bedroom.

Jason and Matthew followed her, both of them eyeing off the gorgeous picture that she presented as she strode ahead of them. When they were all in the room, she turned and demanded that both the boys undress. As they did so, she removed her bra and lay back on the bed, telling them that when they had done that, they could have a nipple each. She also pointed out the lube on the side table, “We might need that later,” she said, grinning.

Jason and Matthew climbed up onto the bed on either side of her and each took a nipple in their mouth, sucking and biting at it. Amelia made sure that she could reach a cock with each hand and played with their erections as she enjoyed the attentions that her breasts were receiving.

“Get this where I can suck it,” she said to Jason and he moved to kneel alongside her head where she could take his cock in her mouth.

Matthew saw an opportunity and started to kiss and nibble his way down Amelia’s body until he moved between her legs. He pulled the G-string aside and began to delicately lick all about Amelia’s pussy without actually penetrating her or touch her clit. When her hips started to writhe, he ran his tongue straight up the slit of her pussy until he flicked her clit with his tongue. Then he pulled the G-string down over her boots so that they were all that she wore.

Amelia spread her legs for him and Matthew dove in, feasting on her pussy as she did the same on Jason’s cock.

After a while, Amelia called out for a swap and Matthew and Jason traded places, Matthew getting his cock sucked whilst Jason worked his tongue all over Amelia’s appreciative pussy.

Amelia stopped sucking Matthew’s cock, holding it in her hand as her breathing became rapid and ragged. She cried out and the boys watched as she came, her body shaking with pleasure. As she subsided and recovered, she rolled over onto her hands and knees.

“Now fuck me Jase,” she said, indicating to Matthew that he should kneel in front of her now so that she could suck him while she was fucked. Jason moved in behind his girlfriend and slid his cock into her pussy.

“Damn you really want this, you’re wet as,” he remarked as he started to slide his cock in and out.

“Fuck yeah, I’ve been wet all morning wanting this,” she replied before taking Matthew’s erection back into her mouth.

As she was pummelled from behind she was f0rced down the length of it until, sucking deep and hard. Matthew leaned around and grabbed Amelia’s tit with his hand, pulling on her nipple as she sucked his cock. Rolling it between his thumb and fore finger, Matthew could feel himself getting close to cumming and told Amelia that this was happening. She just kept sucking until Matthew thrust at her mouth and his cum exploded from his cock and into her mouth.

Amelia released Matthew’s cock as he recovered and allowed Jason to keep fucking her doggy-style. When he too announced that he was close to cumming, Amelia slid from his cock and turned around, taking his wet erection into her mouth and sucking him until he exploded. As she had with Matthew, she sucked his sperm down her throat, swallowing until there was nothing left for him to give.

By this time, Matthew’s cock was erect again, and Amelia told him that she wanted to feel it in her pussy again. She lay on the bed and Matthew climbed between her legs and started fucking her missionary style, sliding in and out, his balls pressing up against her arse as he thrust home.

“Oh yeah, come on Jase, get yourself together, I need another cock,” Amelia said as Matthew slowly fucked her. “Come here and I’ll suck you hard again.” Jason moved over next to Amelia’s head and she took his cock in her mouth, working her magic upon him until he was fully erect again.

“That’s better, time for some anal!” Amelia said as she released Jason’s now erect cock from her mouth. She told Jason to lie down on the bed and then climbed over the top of him, guiding his cock into her pussy, facing him. “Ok Matthew, get your cock in my arse,” she instructed.

Matthew grabbed the lube from the side table and after slopping some on his cock, moved in behind, finding a spot between the tangle of legs that allowed him to start feeding it into Amelia’s butt. He went slow, pushing and squeezing himself in. Amelia held still as she felt the second cock penetrate her body. When Matthew was in, she wriggled slightly before telling the boys how amazing it was to have two cocks in her at the same time. Jason could barely move, but Matthew started sliding his cock in and out of Amelia’s butt and the movement of that f0rced her pussy up and down Jason’s cock at the same time.

Amelia cried out and announced that she was cumming, her body rocked by the f0rce of the pleasure coursing through her. She twitched between the two guys, her pussy and arse clenching at the meat that was buried within them.

Matthew thrust a few more times, short and quick inside her butt before he exploded with cum, filling her bum before sliding out and stepping away, allowing Amelia to work up and down on Jason’s cock. As Matthew’s cum started to ooze from her arse, she rolled off of him and demanded to be fucked hard. Jason took up the position between her legs, holding himself over her as he rammed his cock home again and again. He grunted and cried out when he finally exploded inside her pussy.

“Shit, I have to go back to work,” Matthew exclaimed a bit later, having cleaned himself up and dressed. “See you guys some other time!”

“I sure hope so,” Amelia called out as he walked out the door with fond memories of her running throiugh his head.

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