Getting Some ABS Dick


Getting Some ABS Dick
It was a hot Florida night, but that just made me yearn for some dick all the more. I drove up to the closest adult video store just north of where I was staying. There were a few cars in the lot just off the highway, US 19–that was a promising sign, so I paid my five bucks to go into the video booth area to see what was up.

This booth set up wasn’t my favorite design, but the place almost always offered up some good cock. One problem is that the booths were all small, with seating on a bench that could only hold one person. Another problem was that the doors won’t stay open for just a few inches by themselves, so you have to prop them open with your foot. In addition there weren’t any gloryholes. That meant there were only a few ways to make contact—by eye contact with someone outside in the hall who might then follow you into a booth, or to find a booth in use but with the door propped open or to go in a booth and prop it open yourself and wait. Tonight all three worked for me.

As soon as I walked into the small arcade, a guy popped out from the entrance to one of the booths. I suspect that he was watching someone else, but not liking what he saw. He was a good looking middle aged guy, so I followed him around the central island of booths to the other side and when he inclined his eye to an open door, I made a positive indication and we joined each other in a cozy booth.

There used to be an all gay video booth in this place, but not anymore. Now you have to scroll through lots of pussy to get to some good cock. Now I don’t mind pussy porn, and jack to it sometime, but I was encouraged that this guy scrolled to a good cock flick. He pulled down his shorts and I started stroking his dick before putting it in my mouth. As he was of only average size, I had no trouble at all taking him deep in my mouth. He was in the mood to do some face fucking, which is okay by me as long as it is not too aggressive, which he was. He also showed a lot of interest in my ass. I love ass-play, but not getting fucked which seemed to be on his mind. When I showed no interest in that, he excused himself to go piss, and that was that. (That is a horrible break-off line, by the way. If you aren’t getting what you what, just say you want to cruise some more.)

I wandered back over to the other side of the island and found that the booth that had interested my first dick was occupied with a guy who was using his foot to keep his door open a bit. Advertising! I looked in and he allowed the door to open all the way, so I entered. He was a younger guy, maybe in his early 30s, big and heavy set with a Cubs shirt on. He was pulling on a shortish, but nicely thick dick that I reached out to pull a bit. “Nice thick dick,” I told him and he enjoyed the compliment saying, “Thanks.”
I bent down to start sucking on him and he really was hooked. After a while I asked him if he would stand so I could sit, so we changed places. That allowed me to really dig in and enjoy his now totally hard five incher. Again it was no problem to go all the way down on him, then pull back and tongue the nice fat head. I started bobbing back and forth on his cock and I could feel him tense up, preparing to shoot. His load came out in nice pulses and with a terrific taste. I kept it all in my mouth and continued to suck him for a while before pulling back and showing him his own cum in my mouth. By then he was reaching for his pants and out the door, but with appropriate expressions of gratitude for his orgasm.

I returned to circling the around the arcade hoping more cock would materialize. There was one small guy who clearly wasn’t interested in me so I stopped showing interest. Then a second good looker showed up, but again I could get him into a booth, so I went into one to jack off before heading home.

However, I did keep the door open just a bit, just in case. After a while I noticed some movement outside my booth door, so I allowed it to open wider. It was the second guy, the hot one. I said, “Come on in,” and that old desire to shoot a load took over. He entered and pulled down his shorts to expose an already rock hard cock. I pulled his shorts on down to his knees so I could rub his butt and legs as I went for his dick. It was a delicious, uncut six incher and I started bobbing up and down on it. After a short while, I backed off to look at it and pull back the skin. But that was enough to set him off and a couple of big shots of cum blasted out—I only wish I could have tasted them the way I tasted the last guy. Mr. Three quickly covered up and was out of there, letting me alone to stroke a good load out of my own eight inch cock that had never been touched by any of my companions. Oh well, maybe next time I can give and get.

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