Helen’s Revenge on racist hubby


Helen’s Revenge on racist hubby

My husband, Luke and I were brought up in a very strict religious cult in Nebraska and our parents organised that we be married at sixteen. It seems very young, but that was usual for our community and it did seem to work since it is now 20 years on and I am just approaching my 37th birthday.??To say we were naïve was an understatement. Nobody smoked, drinking was only on special occasions and wives did as they were told by their husbands and bible class was compulsory every Sunday afternoon. We knew little about the world outside our community and the only sex education was given to Luke the day before our wedding. Prior to that we didn’t even know about sex as discussion about it was forbidden. So for 20 years we did ‘it’ once a month in what I now know to have been the missionary position, and not that I knew at the time, I never once had an orgasm during sex, although I had explored my own body and had fingered myself to a climax several times, later feeling dirty and unclean over what I had done. At the age of 36 I had never seen another man naked or seen any penis other than my husband’s. ??We had moved away to California in our early 20’s and Luke had settled into a steady job for a national company, getting fairly regular promotions, but nothing for a year or two and he was starting to get frustrated about this. Anyway, about a year ago Luke came home one night and said we had been invited by his MD, Chris to a home warming party at his new house to celebrate his recent divorce from his fifth wife! I had met Chris many times before and he had even been to a swimming party at our place. Six foot two, blond and well built and admired by all the women, hence the number of wives and although I thought he was very attractive, I had been put off by his arrogance and the way he always manoeuvred himself to be near me and make suggestive comments whenever we were out of Luke’s earshot. Given our background I was shocked by his talk and never said a word to Luke who used to tease me that Chris fancied me and how jealous he was that I was married to Luke.??” I want you to wear that short summer dress when we go to Chris’s tonight” Luke announced the day of the party??”No way am I wearing that so he can see me in it”. Luke was aware that I didn’t like Chris but thought it was because of the way he was with women generally rather than things he had said to me. “I don’t want HIM looking at me in the same way he is with every other woman he meets”??”Look, I need to keep in with Chris if I’m ever going to get promotion and it’s always the executives with the pretty wives who get on”.??I was sort of flattered by this as I had kept myself in good shape at 5 foot six, 116 pounds and a 36C bust and I was not so naïve to realise that men looked at me and fancied me.??As if he was reading my mind Luke said “You know how Chris fancies you. We’ve both seen it and I need you to just be nice to him tonight”??”No way” I replied “He may be good looking but I don’t like his attitude to women and I’m not wearing that dress just so he can lech over me as well”??”Listen, I need this promotion and you’ll damn well wear that dress whether you want to or not and what’s more, for arguing with me, you will make yourself look more attractive to Chris by not wearing a bra”??Given our upbringing, I knew I couldn’t go against Luke’s wishes, so at seven that night I arrived at Chris’s new mansion in my white summer holiday dress which finished six inches above the knee, with my firm breasts moving freely under the sheer fabric. Luke and I were not talking at this stage and my anger at him intensified as the cold air hardened my nipples making them visible through my dress. ??Chris met us at the door, looking as handsome as ever, but I felt the familiar revulsion as he stared at my nipples and let his eyes wander up and down my body.??”Glad you two could make it, especially you Helen. Luke’s a lucky man having been married 20 years to someone like you. I mean, look at me. Only 38 and just got rid of wife number 5, having said that, if I’d met someone who looked as hot as you I guess I’d still have been married to you as well” As we passed I felt Chris move his hand against my thigh and although it was only brief, I turned round and glared at him. He just smiled at me and looked at my nipples again.??”Go and help yourselves to a drink and I be with you again later when I met all my other guests.”??Did I need a drink! I managed to get away from Luke who I was still mad with and was soon surrounded by other work colleagues and unusually for me I was pouring alcohol down my neck. After six cocktails the room was starting to spin when Luke came over to me.??”Look Honey, I’m sorry about making you wear the dress but the evening is going really well and you do look a million bucks. Chris says he wants to show us round the house. It really is something you know; twelve bedrooms all with ensuite. Come on, let’s go with him now then we can go home.”??My head was spinning more than ever as we went over to Chris who, in my drunken state looked very handsome despite his attitude. It must have been the drink because I actually found myself flirting with him as we chatted. Just as we were to go round the house someone called Luke away to talk to him about a project they were working on. “It’ OK Helen, you go with Chris and I’ll see you back here soon.”??Chris showed me around the 6 downstairs rooms before we went up the stairs. He was having to support me as I couldn’t walk straight and was giggling and leaning against him as we went into bedroom number 1 which was palatial. As the door closed Chris swung me round and kissed me full on the lips and surprisingly I responded as he was so passionate in the way he did it. After a minute I felt his hand slide down to my thigh and up my dress, parting my legs as he did so and I just let him. A finger moved inside my panties and touched my clitoris and I felt a surge of arousal. Luke had never done that and I liked the feeling.??Chris moved us over to a chest of drawers and hitched my bottom onto the edge as I looked down to see that his penis was out. Luke’s was about 4 inches which I thought was normal until I saw Chris’s 7 inches. I didn’t think it would go in me! Chris pushed me so I was lying down on the drawers and pulled the gusset of my panties to one side as he pushed it in. It felt very big and nice and after about a minute he ejaculated up my vagina.??Suddenly I realised what I had let him do to me and I struggled up, pulled my panties on properly and pushed him away. There was no way Luke could ever find out about this and when I went to find him I told him I wanted to go as I felt sick because of the drink, which he accepted. As we drove home I felt Chris’s sperm soaking into my panties and I went straight to the bathroom pretending to be sick and flushing them down the toilet so he would never find out.??I thought that was the end of the affair. My drunken moment of weakness. I made sure we kept away from Chris and things had quietened down between us – I mean, how could I complain about Luke making me wear that dress after what I had done. Then the phone went.??”Helen. It’s Chris here and I think we ought to meet”??”No way” I replied “Don’t think I ever want to see you again after what happened the other week”??”I don’t think you are in a position to argue with me Helen” Something in his voice was threatening but I said “We’ll see about that!” and put the phone down.??It rang again immediately. “Helen. See if you have had any new e mail recently” and I turned the computer on to see the message ‘You have new mail’ flash up on the screen.??As I opened the message I was shocked to see a dozen pictures of me on my back on Chris’s chest of drawers with his penis in me.??”Where did these come from?” I demanded??”Never mind that. I expect you here at 3pm next Monday. I know Luke is away on business that day because I arranged it”??” And what if I don’t?” I replied??”Then your pictures will be sent to Luke and the rest of this division. Luke will have to resign of course. Be here at 3. Oh, and by the way, make sure you give that pretty little pussy of yours a trim before you come. Find out what a Brazilian is and get one!”??What could I do. I had no choice but to go. I found out about Brazilians from the internet and got one done at the local beauticians, telling Luke that it would be easier for when I wore a bikini on vacation. He seemed to accept this without question.??Next Monday I drove to Chris’s not knowing what to expect. He was charming when he came to the door and led me inside.??”I’ll get straight to the point Helen. I am going to fuck your tight little cunt whenever I want otherwise Luke gets told what a whore his pretty little wife is. Not only that, but I have a few friends who will have you as well. Be a good girl and I’ll see that Luke gets that promotion he’s been after”??”No way…….” I began??”Shut up or I’ll call Luke now. I really don’t think you are in a position to argue do you?” he grinned “So let’s get you upstairs now and see if you’re as good as the last time you were here”??I went up to the bedroom in a daze. Was this really happening to me???Chris sat on the edge of the bed “Take your clothes off Helen please” so I started to strip for him until I was just in my bra and panties. “Take those off as well” he ordered. I slowly removed them and stood totally naked in front of him.??”Don’t move from there” he said and left the room. Within a minute he returned but was not alone. “Take a good look guys at Helen. She will let you do whatever you want to her, won’t you Helen?”??There were three of them, all mid thirties and not bad looking. They came over to me and ran their hands over my body. My nipples hardened at their touch which prompted one of them to start to kiss my breasts and As this happened I watched the other two start to undress and move towards me.??”Suck my cock now” one of them said and I slowly dropped to my knees as he moved it to me. It was about 7 inches like Chris’s and I took it into my mouth, licking the end which felt hard and smooth and quite nice. Chris had taken his clothes off and told the men to move me onto the bed and hold my legs apart. I started to struggle but they held me firmly as Chris took a video of me lying there as the man I had been sucking climbed onto me and put his cock in. It was much bigger than Luke’s and despite my situation it felt nice and then he came in me and was immediately replaced by Chris who did it very quickly and I felt my clitoris tingle. He came as well and was followed by the next 2 men. The last one had the biggest cock of all – it must have been 8 inches and as he started to ejaculate I felt myself starting to come as well. I had never had an orgasm during sex before and it overwhelmed me in wave after wave of pleasure.??The men made me get on all fours and took me from behind before lying me on my back and fucking and licking me to orgasm again. Then they left and Chris told me to shower and meet him downstairs in 20 minutes.??”You did very well today Helen and I think you enjoyed it also” He was right. Despite my guilty feeling about Luke, I had no idea that sex was meant to be such pleasure.??”Be here again the first Monday of next month or else Luke gets the photos and a nice video of his wife acting like a slut. OK?”??I nodded and left.??Later that week Luke came home and told me of his promotion to Vice President , a new car and twenty thousand bucks a year raise. Chris had been as good as his word.??Despite the circumstances, as the month went by I began to look forward to the date of my next visit to Chris’s and when it came around he took me to another of his bedrooms and introduced me to 5 of his friends. They were a similar age to the last ones and the same size except for one who had the same length cock as the others, but much thicker and despite my feeling that I was doing all this against my will, he gave me 3 good orgasms. Each of who fucked me three times in different positions. I sucked two of them until they came in my mouth and one of them, the smallest, I’m pleased to say, pushed his cock into my arse and came up it. I couldn’t believe the pleasure this gave me! I had five orgasms in all and amazed myself by encouraging them to fuck me more. I had started to become a real slut as I realised what I had been missing these last twenty years.??Luke’s cock was small and he was a lousy lover. Seven inches was average and over the next 7 months I had every shape and size, including one of ten inches, in any and every hole in my body and I loved it. Luke didn’t even notice when I had completely shaved my cunt and he had his monthly fuck with me. It hardly felt as if he had entered me at all after all the cocks I had had in the last months!??I had been asking Chris to find me more, bigger men to fuck and he had duly obliged, filming every encounter from every angle possible as I fucked and sucked my way through scores of men. I had even taken to masturbating every other day to quell my sex drive.??Then one day I got a big shock. Luke had gone to play golf with a couple of buddies and I went into his office for some paper. As I looked into his attaché case I noticed a load of DVD’s with post-it notes attached. I read the first one ‘ Helen with Rob, Stuart and Sam from Atlanta Division (All white). Your promotion is confirmed’ and then the next ‘Helen with Tom, Dan, Louis, Joe and Pete (All white)- Washington Division (The first time she takes it anally!)’ ??I put one and then another into the DVD player. Every one was graphic footage of me being fucked and it became clear from the notes that I had been fucking members of Chris’s companys other offices. The notes all had different messages telling Luke how I had performed and it was quite obvious that he was a willing party to my seduction and subsequent fucking activities. ??I was mad. Luke had tricked me into getting fucked by Chris and knew that I was to be a fuck toy in return for his promotion. I knew how to get even. If he wanted his wife to be a slut then that was exactly what he was going to get!??Luke didn’t like black Americans. He never had and he had always kept me away from them. When I thought about it, not one man I had fucked was anything but white. Chris was in on this too and had respected Luke’s wishes that I remained a ‘whites only’ whore.??One thing my sexual awakening had done was to make me curious about porn on the internet and I had learned that the rumours about blacks having bigger cocks was true. I would get my revenge by fucking black men and set about making some contacts through a swingers site. I got a good reply and photo (with cock shot of course) from a good looking guy called Vincent. I told him what I wanted – “As many of the biggest black friends you can get together – minimum size 9 inches to spend a whole day and night fucking me Vincent. Also, you must film everything” I picked a date when I knew Luke was away on business and organised a large hotel suite with an emperor bed. I bought some really slutty clothes and shaved my cunt completely. As I drove to the rendezvous I felt my cunt wet into my panties.??I met Vincent in the lobby and was concerned when he was alone.??”Don’t worry” he said “My friends are on their way. I just promised them that I would get here first to see if you were genuine, which you obviously are.”??Vincent was a looker. Six foot six inches of manliness and very, very handsome. We went to the room and he poured us a drink “To get the atmosphere right” he said. ??”You’ve got the camera” I asked and he nodded that it was all taken care of??Then his friends started to arrive. They were all nice looking and not one of them was less than six foot. I didn’t like small men and Vincent had picked some stunners. I started to get concerned though as more and more men entered the room and I whispered “God Vincent. How many men have you organized to come here today?”??”Thirty three” he replied looking for my reaction “Although that may grow as I asked them to bring their friends”??Sensing my hesitation he nodded to those near to him and they surrounded me and began to remove my clothes and as I looked round the room every man was taking off his clothes. Four of them carried me to the bed and laid me on my back, then two of them held my ankles and raised my feet so that my legs were pointing at the ceiling. They then pulled my legs apart to reveal my sopping wet cunt which Vincent filled with KY lubricant. ??”You’re going to need this Babe with what you’re going to get tonight” and as I looked round the room I saw what he meant. Every cock was between 9 and 10 inches long and incredibly thick, and then I saw it. Near the far wall was a monster cock, bigger than the biggest dildo I had seen. It was 13 inches long and literally hung to the knees of its owner. The circumcised head alone was 4 inches – as big as Luke’s whole dick, and was 3 inches wide, getting thicker towards the base. His balls were huge and together with his cock, hung like a bulls between his muscular thighs. It’s owner was six foot seven at least.??Then it started. The first cock speared my cunt and fucked its load into me in two minutes and was quickly replaced as another put his 10 inches into my mouth. I was in ecstasy as these two real men fucked me at both ends . As soon as they fired their hot spunk in me others took their place and others who couldn’t wait masturbated over my face and tits. I felt their cum spurt all over and into my body as one after another shot his load. ??Their hands were everywhere, feeling and squeezing my breasts and pulling my nipples so that they stood out hard from my body. As men were fucking me, others were rubbing my clitoris and pushing fingers in my cunt and more than one of them pushed a finger up my bottom.??My legs were still held apart and in the air when something changed. I had already been fucked by at least 60 men when the group parted and the man with the bull cock came to the edge of the bed.??”Turn her over” he commanded and they lifted me and placed me on my knees in the middle of the bed. They had clearly done this before as two held me by my wrists and pulled me forward so that my arse was in the air pointing towards bull cock. “Now wider” he ordered, and two more grabbed my ankles and pulled my legs wider until I could feel the lips of my cunt part. “Vincent. Make sure she’s ready ” he said and Vincent squeezed the whole tube of lubricant into my spunk soaked cunt and then I felt it. My labia felt as if they were being stretched beyond belief and I looked back under my body to see the 4 inch head slowly work its way into my cunt, stretching it unbelievably . I came just at the thought of what was to follow as two of the men started to pull my arse cheeks apart in order to open my cunt up more, and then the head was in! Bull cock started to slide the first 8 inches of his meat in and out with slow rhythmic strokes as I once again climaxed. Vincent moved to my head and put his big cock in my mouth and fucked it ’til he came and I swallowed all his spunk. When he withdrew I felt Bull cock hit the top of my vagina and looking back, saw 11 inches were already in me. I was speared by his monstrous cock! Laying me down onto the bed, he began to now fuck me hard and I felt every inch of his cock moving in and out of my dilated labia, dragging my clitoris in and out with it, until he exploded up my cervix with spurt after spurt of spunk. I came at the same time as his huge cock twitched and swelled as he came. When he finally withdrew my pussy stayed opened up wide. The guys then started to fuck me with two in my cunt at a time. They fucked me time and time again. They fucked my arse, cunt and mouth at the same time, until I had sperm dribbling from every hole in my body.
Vincent later told me that 42 men had turned up and that I had been fucked at least 108 times by his friends and that I was the only lady to have taken the bull cock all the way. He handed me a DVD copy of the day and we agreed that we must meet again sometime soon.

Later at home I put the DVD in Luke’s case with a post-it note on in my handwriting saying ‘Helen with Art, Vincent, Mike, Tyrone, John…….plus 58 other names. So far he has said nothing but he has gone out of his way to pamper me! I wonder why?

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