Hmong Laos


Hmong Laos
This is a story of a hmong laos girl that I fucked while her boyfriend is at work.

It was during 2012 when I meet her at my sister’s party at Sacramento. Her name was mai xiong, she is around 5 feet tall and about 125 pounds. She only been in the U.S. for a few years. It’s those typical hmong laos body that’s very white and hairless. My buddy told me that she gave him a quickie in the bathroom and if I want some then I should get her.

it was a big party and everyone was drinking and I saw her sitting down arguing with her boyfriend on the phone. She was so mad and didnt want to drink or eat anything. I sat next to her and talked to her and flirted with her and she seems to liked. I was rubbing on her legs and she smiled back at me and rubbed my pant and rubbed my dick and made it hard. She has that face of wanting to fuck because shes mad at her boyfriend. We kept on rubbing each other and I finally asked her, can I fuck you? She said, sure. I told the relatives that I’m sending her home because she wanted to go home but I’m actually going to my place

So we took off and went to my apartment and we started making out like crazy. I went straight to suck her pussy and going to show her how hmong amercian do their thing and sucked her pussy like crazy… and I was sucking on her clit and made her cum. She was grabbing my head hair and she quietly said, I cumming I cumming. I kept on sucking it while she was cumming and she moan louder and louder.. She told me she never have her pussy suck before and she loves it. So I finally pulled out my dick and she was shocked to see a 6 inches for the first time. She didnt hesitated to grab it and suck it fast. Then I put a condom on and. started fucking her like crazy and shes going so crazy because it’s her first big cock. She told me its bigger than her boyfriend 4 inches cock.

She ride me and moaning like a Japanese girl. I fuckked her in all sort of positions and she told me, no one ever fucked her like that. While I was fucking her for 15 min her boyfriend called her but she didnt even care so I kept on fucking her. I slapped her booty til its red gave her hater marks all over her boobs. She orgasmed two times and she was so exhausted but still letting me fuck her. After I cummed I still fucked her for another 5 minutes until my dick got soft. Then I took off my condom grabbed my semen onto my fingers and started fingers her hard and fast and combined with sucking her clit and she actually cummed again for the third time.

Then we make out for a bit then talk then I drove her back home to stockton. But it didnt stop there I took her to go eat pho and told her I want to fuck her again but she said she wants to go home so I asked her, how about a blowjob?

She said, sure. We parked in the parking lot away from other cars and she suck my dick til I cummed then I send her back home.

I tried to call her but she wont answer my phone anymore then she got married a few months later. I attended her wedding and she saw me and smiled and walked away. I could have married her instead but she got pregnant by another guy so fuck it lol I hope someone knows this story and tell her about it haha

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