Marc and Moni part 4

Marc and Moni part 4

It’s not over yet Lamont tells hubby and I. I said you are mine for the week this only day 4. I listen to him as I am sucking his cock as to what he has in store for me. Hubby just listening and nodding knowing he has no choice at seeing his wife being used by Lamont and whoever he tells to.
Today we are going to the theatre . Going to a movie hubby says. Something like that Lamont laughs as he cums in my mouth for the 3rd time today. He tells me to get ready and shower, his girlfriend Michelle is bringing me some clothes to wear to go out. I do as he says as he gives Marc his instructions for the day.
I come out and my clothes are in some bags. I pull them out and I am somewhat surprised that it is mainly normal clothes. A white blouse a sheer bra with no panties and a pleated skirt nothing I don’t normally wear except for thecrotchless pantyhose
I get dressed in front of them and he says perfect , well almost. He said put your glasses on, I don’t need them I say. Put them on he said, makes you look like a nice church going wife. I put them on and slip into a pair od 3 ” heels and he leads us out.
We drive to a typical run down area and he pulls over and lets Marc and I out as he warns Marc about his instructions. I ask Marc what is up and he says he cant tell me and to just act normal, normal what is normal now. He said the theatre is a few blocks away. It was a bit scary seeing all these rough looking people eyeing us and leering at me. One came over to Marc and asked how much to fuck me. He just ignored him. I saw the theatre a ways down and I saw what it really was. I must have had my dumb moment earlier it was an adult theatre.
Marc leads me inside , there were a lot of men and a third as many women. He leads me to a row of seats where there were some removed allowing for more leg room. We sit and I hold on to his hand as he whispers I am so sorry as he leans over to kiss me. I see porn movie being shown on the screen and other men sitting all over, they notice us and some nod and smile at me. Marc proceeds to put his hand on my tits and starts to fondle me. I ask him what I am doing he said look to the back and left, I turn my head and see Lamont a few of his friends there giving me a thumbs up.
Marc starts to unbutton my blouse exposing my bra covered tits, I had closed my eyes and just let him do it. He unsnapped the front closing clasp letting them free, I open my eyes and see 4 men standing in front of me watching us as they jerk their cocks. I look to the side and one sitting next to me we make eye contact and mark opens my blouse more and nods to him, He lets go his cock and starts to play with my tits leaning over and starts to suck on them. Meanwhile Mark begins to rub my legs spreading them open he grabs one leg and pulls it up on the armrest exposing me to the men in front.He gets up from his seat and tells the men I am theirs.
They all approach and one gets on his knees and starts eating my pussy I gasp as I breathe heavily as I am groped and sucked. Another gets to my other side and points his cock at my face as he pulls my head to him and I open my mouth andstart to suck cock.
I notice no one is eating me as my eyes are closed and feel a cock head pushing into my wet cunt and he slams it into me a fucks me hard . After 5 mins they both cum in me only to be replaced by another 2,then another and so on. It must have been at least an hour and a half, my min was in a daze when Marc came back and said we have to go now. I reeked of cum ,my face and hair were wet, my legs were covered, I was a mess. He took my arm and got up I was going to clothes my blouse Marc said no, I had to leave it open as we walked out and walked in the open for a few blocks till we got to Lamonts car.
So Moni he asks ,did you have fun. Yes I said. Good stuff, so Marc did you keep count how many guys came in or on her. Yes he said . Moni any idea how many, no,Marc said no there were 36 sweetheart
Oh my god I said and sat in silence the rest of the way

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