Mature fun at nudist beach (South Coast UK)


Mature fun at nudist beach (South Coast UK)You may not know this, but there’s a little nudist beach at the far east side of the city of Portsmouth, on the south coast of England. It is actually tagged onto the end of a little town called Eastney, but the beach all runs together into the city and the harbour front. The beach is actually big pebbles and shingle so not very comfortable and the nudist area is right down one end away from the main public area and overlooked by nothing more than an old radar station, which looks like it hasn’t been used for donkeys years.I try to go there at least a few times a year, to enjoy the sun, show off my cock to the ladies and have a good perv at their naked bodies in return. What I really like best though is seeing ladies turn up and undress, often from their normal underwear, but that’s just the voyeur in me enjoying a free strip show.Anyway, a couple of years back, I had a free day in the week and it was a bright sunny morning and I decided to head of down there. I got there for about 10.00am and it was already hotting up nicely. There is a car park only 100 yards walk to the beach, so I parked the car and headed off with just a towel under my arm and a rucksack with a few essentials in over my shoulder.When I got to the beach, there were already a lot of people down there. As always, a lot of single guys, but a few couples as well and a very small smattering of single ladies.I always walk the length of the beach before choosing a spot, having made the mistake of getting seated and settled before realising that there was some hot bit of totty further down the beach.This particular day, I chose my spot well. When I walked the beach, I was disappointed to see there were no single ladies with any space near to them, so I chose a spot with a few clear spaces around me.I’d just got settled when a middle aged, I’m guessing late fifties, couple ambled onto the beach and, after a quick look around, picked out one of the spaces about 10 yards away from me. We exchanged “good mornings” with a slight nod each as they started to unpack their kit. They had all the usual stuff, and it turned out they had a little beach tent as well as wind breaks and other paraphernalia, to give them protection from the wind and, it turned out, a modicum of privacy.They messed about setting things up for a few minutes and eventually, their little blue tent was up and the windbreaks were in place, set to allow the maximum sun in. I had a perfect view into their tent as well from where I was, as long as I lay on my stomach. I rolled over and watched the strip show through my sunglasses.As is always the case, the guy had his kit off fairly quickly and without any showmanship – us blokes are all the same deep down I guess and can’t wait to show it off. He dropped into his place on his towel, just inside the little alcove they had buca escort created, with his head and shoulders backing into the tent.On the other hand, the woman was all for teasing and enjoying being watched.She was I would say a good 55 years old, with a good figure and her straight brunette hair tied back in a short pony tail. She started out wearing a pair of light beige cropped trousers, with a summery white cotton blouse over the top and some flip flops.She sat down on her towel and kicked off the flip flops, then laid back to undo her trousers, which were fastened with a side zip and hook. She lifted her bottom and slid them down and I got a short glimpse of some shiny white knickers, before her blouse and knees obscured them. I got a couple of little looks from both her and her hubby during all this and to be honest, it was the same as those situations always are, in that I was unsure whether they didn’t want me looking or they were enjoying being watched. It’s never easy to tell and it’s always a risk that you’re going to offend somebody, but I always think they’re game for it or they wouldn’t be there getting it out after all!Anyway, she spent ages neatly folding the trousers before slowly unbuttoning her blouse revealing her white bra. As with the trousers, she slowly removed the blouse and folded it neatly, before piling it on top of the trousers.A few seconds later and she’s sitting there in just her nice shiny white matching underwear, a soft shiny white bra, with her nipples poking out (but not see through) and matching knickers. She had a nice perky pair of titties which I estimated to be 34B or C cup and a nice slim waist. Her hips spread a bit generously, but she looked good enough to eat, laid there like that.For a second or two, I thought she might just sit there like that for a while, but then she reached up, and pulled the shoulder straps down her arms and dropped the cups exposing her breasts fully and pulled the clasp round to the front before undoing it and neatly folding the bra and adding it to the pile. I couldn’t help noticing her hands at this stage, despite all the other bits being on show. She had lovely slender fingers and very neatly manicured finger nails, painted a striking red colour.The knickers followed and got folded in the same way, and there she was sitting with her toes pointing right at me, propped up on her arms, you know, spread out behind her.After a minute or two chatting with her old man, she starts up the old sun cream routine. Now this is where I decided to make my move, so still laid on my front, I slipped a hand down to my cock and started to masturbate, doing it in such a way that it was obvious what I was doing, without them actually seeing it. Again, this was just in case they were not game for it. A couple of times, they both looked right at me and each time buca escort bayan she gave a big wide smile.She did her front, all slow and sexily, working the cream into her smooth skin, starting with her arms and face, then moving down her breasts and tummy. She spent ages doing this and paid too much attention to her tits, cupping them and rubbing the cream well into her nipples. All things that they tell you to do to protect the delicate parts of your body, but at the same time, she knew I was looking, she knew I was paying with myself and she kept smiling over and chatting away.After a bit, she moved onto her lower body. When she did her legs, she parted them so I could see her pussy properly and made a big show of doing them from top to bottom and turning over so her husband could do her arse. As I hoped, she did this in such a way, that her open legs were pointing at me, so I could see her slit properly, with its inner lips hanging out. Then she rolled back over for the big finish, where she got a great dollop of cream to do all round her pelvis and hips and then finally rubbing it into her smooth pussy slit and letting her middle finger disappear a little bit too much.When she got to this part, I sat up and turned to face her, getting out my own sun cream and started to apply some to my now fully erect penis and smooth shaven ball bag. Rubbing it well in and pulling my foreskin back to show off my shiny red helmet.Obviously, all the pretence of innocence had ended. She lifted her sunglasses, looked right at me, winked and mouthed a kiss at me. I looked at her old man and he was smiling away too, then I noticed that he now had his own cock in his hand as was slowly pulling on it too.I had a quick look round to make sure I was unobserved, then slowly got up and moved over to them, taking just my towel with me.No words were exchanged to start with, just gestures and nods and so on. Within seconds, I had my towel stretched out and was relaxing within the confines of their little area.I settled down and looked round at my new friends to find her now sucking him off and squeezing away on his ball bag with her left hand, just propped up all casually on her right elbow, with her body turned onto her right hip and her left knee crooked up, so I could see right up into her minge.She left off his ball bag for a few seconds to give herself a bit of a rub down there and I took that as an invite. My face was after all only about 4 feet from her groin at this point and I could practically smell her pheromones dragging me into her now visibly quivering pussy, but didn’t want to dive in uninvited.I also wanted to be sure we weren’t being watched so I stood up and looked around and when I was sure there was nobody peering in or heading our way, I instinctively dropped to my knees right by her left shoulder. At this escort buca she turned and took my cock, which was stabbing against her upper arm and started to wank me off while still sucking at his. After a few seconds, he pulled back and stood up to check around, before going to get to work on her pussy. With this, she started to suck me off.Kneeling as I was meant if I stretched up, I could see all that was going on around, but nobody could see us, as the opening between the wind breaks faced the sea. Her old man told me to keep a look out, so I had a good check round, then looked down to see he had now knelt down between her legs and was moving in on her hairless quim. I glanced down at my cock and saw her soft, fleshy and tanned hand, with a few freckles moving up and down my hard cock in time with the movement of her head. The image of the helmet of my cock was mixed with an intermittent flash of neatly manicured and painted fingernails, dark red lipstick, perfect pearly white teeth and classy sunglasses; I was in heaven.My gaze traced her body down, from this concoction, past her neckline and down across her slightly saggy tits with their oversized pink nipples, to her tummy and then down to where her husband now had her flaps pulled wide apart, using the first two fingers on both hands to hold them wide enough so I could see her prominent clitoris sticking out proudly and every now and then he would jab at it with his tongue.I had a feel of her tits, pulling and squeezing her nipples and let her get on with sucking me off, all the time looking around in case anybody was heading our way. After a bit, I knew I couldn’t hold onto it for much longer and told her I was getting ready to cum. She took her lips from round my cock and said she wanted it across her tits, then added that her husband liked to see another mans cum on her tits, but that it did nothing for her at all, which put me off a bit if the truth be told. All this time though she carried on pulling at my cock and squeezing my ball bag with her other hand. I held off for a bit longer then let the lot go and she directed it expertly onto her chest, then rubbed in around with the fingers on her right hand, circling her nipples and saying to her old man how he would be allowed to lick it off once he had made her cum. With that he went to work on her fanny for all he was worth, fingering her furiously and she started working her clit herself in between him slurping at her.They both clearly knew each other’s needs and the best ways to pleasure each other. I kept look out while they dabbled with each other and eventually she got off and he started to lick round her tits and clean my cum off them, but this didn’t get me going in the slightest, so I left them to it and returned to my original spot on the beach. I hung around for a bit longer, but nothing else looked like it was on the cards and I think they wanted me gone so they could get another player in the mix before the day was out, so I got dressed, said goodbye and wandered back to the car.I’ve been there several times and seen bits and pieces going on, but it’s never been as good as that day.

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