Miss Vicky

Miss Vicky
It was already 7pm, when Vicky returned home from her work. Wet and a little cold from the drizzle and feeling tired, as she had a hard day at the college. Exam time was near, so everybody was a little more edgy and frantic than usual.
As Vicky couldn´t be bothered to cook, she slammed a ready-meal in the microwave and opened a bottle of red wine. She took rather a large sip and exuding a big sigh, fell back on the sofa. What a day, she mumbled. PING, her food was ready. She got up, wizzed her meal another 30 seconds and then at her meal in total silence at the kitchen table. She had to hurry a little, as at 8pm some of her students were coming over for some extra revision for their exams. Even though it was a Friday and she really needed some rest, she offered to help out.
After her meal, she headed for the shower as she was longing for the relaxing hot water splashing on her tired body. She unzipped her dress and let it slide off her body. Then she took her bra and knickers off. She paused and stared at her reflection in the mirror. God, u need to shave, she talked to herself. She turned sideways and looked again and thought: you are 33 years old, good looking, with a nice body…… why don´t I have a nice man in my life…..? She reached up for her breasts and stroked them and her hands curved under them, like she was weighing them. She carefully rubbed her nipples between her fingers. A shiver went down her spine. Hmmm, why can´t I find someone nice who I can be with and who can touch me every night, she thought. A nice man or even a nice woman, it doesn´t matter. I just want to be close to someone nice.
Vicky walked to the bathroom and jumped into the shower and let the hot water relax her body. She got her lady shave and shaved the little stubby hairs she so disliked. Vicky was actually considering having her intimate zone and armpits lasered, as she so longed for a smooth, hairless skin in these areas. While carefully shaving, not to miss one single hair, she thought: why do I actually bother with this, it´s not like anyone is going to see or feel it…….let alone lick it! She grinned about the silliness of that last thought. She soaped her body well with a smooth shower gel, smelling of jasmine. She passed her hands and fingers an extra few times in between her bum cheeks and over her freshly shaved pubis. Then she took the hand shower to rinse off the soap. She opened her legs a little and pushed her pelvis forward and let the water jet onto her pussy. She turned the lever on the shower head to the massage setting and the water jet instantly turned much more powerful. Another shiver went down her spine. Ufff this was nice, Vicky thought. She often made herself come this way. This massage position on the shower head, was heavenly. But, she realised she now had to hurry, so she got out of the shower, dried off and got dressed in something comfortable, but elegant and a tiny bit sexy. Vicky always liked to dress nicely, as she enjoyed the stares and attention the boys at the college gave her because of the way she dressed.
Ding Dong, the door bell rang. Vicky opened the door and let the 4 students in. Marco, a young man of 19 years old and the cheekiest of them, smelt a waft of the nice jasmine shower gel on Vicky and said: ooh Miss Vicky, you smell nice! Did you have a shower before we came? And he winked at her in his always cheeky fashion. Vicky replied in a formal manner, that she always showered after a long day at the college. Come through and we sit at the kitchen table, she said. Paul, Marco, Ben and Regina sat down at the table and Regina remarked: you have such a lovely home Miss Vicky, I love how cozy it is. I wish it was my place! I wanna live here! Vicky smiled. Thanks dear, she said. Yes, this is my little nest. Marco immediately butted in: a love nest you mean? Meanwhile looking at some of the sensual black and white posters on the wall of naked bodies. Vicky ignored the remark and opened her book. Ok, let´s do this guys.
After a good hour of revising, everybody got a bit tired and disinterested. Vicky caught her mind wondering too and she was looking at the young people at her table. Paul, who had just become 18 last week, had a nice, athletic body and Marco´s green eyes always had a naughty sparkle in them and his smile was so adorable! And of Ben, who was also 19 year old, had a strong, muscular body with broad shoulder. Vicky had heard that he had the nick name “Big Ben”. Her mind was wondered to what enormity was hiding in his trousers. And the lovely Regina, with her perfect dark brown skin. Regina was a nearly 19 year old Kenyan girl on a student visa. She had a cute, yet beautiful face. Vicky really liked her a lot, as she seemed always so happy and positive. When she smiled, her white teeth looked so cute under her glittering eyes. And her lips…….Vicky would love to kiss these big soft lips of Regina, in fact she would love to be with Regina one day. As Vicky always had the secret desire being with a woman, preferably a black woman.
Miss Vicky…..Miss Vicky….. Vicky suddenly realised she had dreamed off completely and didn´t hear Marco asking for her. Sorry Marco, what did you say? Where were you Miss Vicky? Marco asked and winked at her again. It was like you were miles away! Hastily Vicky collected her thoughts…..but the thoughts she had before, she couldn´t let go off and gave her a strange feeling inside her tummy.
Ok, let´s do something fun, while learning at the same time, Vicky said. Let´s have something to drink and then do a little game, where I ask a question about the things we have learned tonight. Before you answer you say a name of one of us and if you give the right answer, you can ask that person to do something. If you got it wrong, that person can ask you to do something.
While Vicky opened a few bottles of beer for the boys,s he poured Regina and her a glass of red wine. Then she asked Marco the first question. Marco took a gulp of his beer and said: I choose Regina and then gave the correct answer to the question. Ok Marco, what are you asking Regina to do, Vicky continued like she was a game show host. Marco smiled and said: ok Regina, take off your sweater! He laughed and the other boys grinned. Marco! Vicky said in a reprimanding tone, I think this is not what I had in mind with this game. But Vicky´s mind was wondering at the same time, so before she realised it, she could hear herself say: but if Regina is ok with that, than it is ok with me. Vicky was quite keen to see more of Regina´s body hiding under this loose sweater, so this was the perfect opportunity.
Regina thought for a couple of seconds and then resolutely pulled her sweatshirt over her head. Her cute breast bounced up and down in her bra, when the elastic of the sweater pulled them up and consequently released them. The boys were staring for a moment, as they didn´t realise Regina had such nice breasts. Vicky pretended to be cool and collected about it all, but inside her mind she was cheering with joy. Wauw! Regina´s young and firm breasts in that nice bra were a feast to look at. If she could, she would jump up and caress and kiss and lick them right now! Vicky regained control again.
The next question was for Regina. I choose Paul, she said, but then she didn´t answer the question correctly. Ok, your pants are next Regina; take them off please, Paul chuckled. Vicky wasn´t sure whether to intervene, but her own excitement made her refrain from any comment. Gimme a break boys, Regina said a little annoyed. But, not wanting to be a chicken, she slowly got up and pushed back her chair. She started wiggling her hips and trumpeting a little show tune with her lips, while pulling her leggings down. Then she stepped out of them and threw her arms in the air and triumphantly said: tadaaahhh!. The boys cheered and clapped, as they didn´t expect Regina to do this. Wow Regina, Marco said in awe, you have such a great body. And she did. Her white, sexy bra and tiny white knickers really lighting up on her dark brown skin. She truly looked beautiful and super hot like this they all agreed.
After several questions, Regina was topless by now, Ben was without shirt; Paul was in his boxer shorts and Marco only had trousers on. Marco, looking at the other for support, then remarked: but this isn´t really fair, is it. We should be able to ask you too Miss Vicky!
As these were her students, Vicky was torn what to do or how to reply. She replied: but guys, I am your teacher…..we shouldn´t do any of this in the first place as this could really get me into trouble. I even could lose my job over this! But Ben immediately intervened: but we won´t tell Miss Vicky, honestly! Never ever! He looked around to the others and asked: guys, this is between us, right? They all confirmed as they would or could never be nasty to Miss Vicky, their favourite teacher. Vicky took a large gulp of her wine, and with a sigh said: ok then, I am not going to be a spoil sport. Yaaay! the boys cheered, but Vicky´s mind had already wondered off again. She realised it was risky, but what the heck. You only live once, she thought. Let´s see where all this ends…..
So after a few surprisingly easy questions, Vicky was sitting topless at the kitchen table and Regina was completely naked by now and Ben had lost his shirt. It was Ben´s turn and he chose Regina and then answered correct. Ok Regina, kiss Miss Vicky long and passionately…… What! Regina burst out! I can´t do that! You have to, Ben said; I chose you and answered correctly. Don´t worry Regina, Vicky said in a calm voice. Let´s show these boys how it is done. She got up and walked over to Regina. Standing up topless, the boys and Regina now really saw how attractive and hot Miss Vicky actually looked. Her breast were perfectly shaped and of a nice size. She had a nice flat tummy and such nice and sexy curves. Move your seat back sweetie, Vicky said in a somewhat husky voice. Regina pushed her seat back and Vicky walked round the table to position herself in front of Regina. She then stepped either side of Regina´s legs and sat down on Regina´s knees. She curved herself forward, pressing her breasts against Regina´s breasts. She could feel the warmth of this young african girl glowing onto her breasts and heard Regina´s breath getting deeper. She stroked Regina´s hair and softly grabbed it, gently pulling Regina´s head back a little. Regina shut her eyes and let it all happen. Vicky gently rubbed Regina´s neck and ran her the tip of her index finger along her spine, while she softly started kissing Regina´s neck low down near her shoulders, slowly moving up both kissing and licking Regina´s neck. When Vicky reached Regina´s ear, she tickled her earlobe with the tip of her tongue and softly licked the super sensitive patch behind her ears. Vicky saw goose bumps appearing on Regina´s arms. Oohh Miss Vicky, Regina sighed, this is so nice. As soon as she had spoken these words, Vicky´s lips locked onto Regina´s soft lips. Slowly Regina opened her mouth and she could feel Vicky´s tongue searching for hers. They kissed softly but with passion. The boys were gobsmacked and stared in silence at this amazing, delicate scene. When Vicky let go, Regina kept her eyes closed as she was like in a trance of pleasure. Without saying anything, Vicky got up and sat down in her chair, not looking at the boys, who were still staring at Regina and computing what they just witnessed.
Vicky broke the silence: ok, Paul your turn, who do you choose. I choose you Miss Vicky. Perfect! thought Vicky and she asked a rather difficult question, to which Paul didn´t know the answer. Ok young man, Vicky said in a cheeky, yet demanding tone. I want yóu to suck on Big Ben for at least 2 minutes! Regina cheered! Hahaaaa! You have to do it! you have to do it! she giggled! What the hell, Paul grumbled in anger. I can´t do that! Please, don´t make me do that! He looked to the other boys for support. Ben turned sideways to Marco and whispered: how the hell does she know my nickname Big Ben? Vicky took control of the situation: no Paul, Regina and I did what was asked and kissed each other, now you have to do this, Vicky said in a firm, teacher like manner. Without saying a word Paul got up and kneeled in front of Ben and mumbled: sorry mate, can u undo your trousers for me please? Ben, who was always horny and masturbated a minimum of three times a day, couldn´t care less who sucked his cock. So he didn´t have that a lot of objections and undid the button of his jeans and pulled the zip down. He got up a little from his chair and Paul pulled his trousers and boxer shorts down. A huge, half hard cock sprung up out of the boxer shorts and slapped Paul in the face, which made them all burst into laughter. Regina was bouncing up and down on her seat in excitement. She didn´t have much experience with sex and only had 2 boyfriends in her life so far and a little kissing and breast feeling moment with her best friend Kerin, when they were practicing French kissing to be ready for their first kiss with a boy. With one boy she had a relationship and sex with for 3 months and the other was an on and off and mainly digital relationship, as this boy lived in another country. They never got round to actually making love and only felt each other up when they actually saw each other, when the boy visited his home town Nairobi. Besides that, she had been kissing some boys here and there and had a few fingers hastily pushed inside her by them. Recently she had a random sex encounter once with a youth friend at a school reunion, who orally pleasured her in the toilets of a cinema. So seeing Big Ben, the famous cock she heard about from other girls, was rather exiting for her.
Paul´s hand now grabbed hold of the monster and he moved his head forward. He paused for a moment and then said: oh well, what the hell…… and they all watched Paul´s mouth opening and sliding down over Ben´s large cock head. He sucked slowly and pumped his hands up and down in a light twisting movement in a contra rhythm of his bobbing head. His saliva trickled down Ben´s cock. Paul had never sucked on a guy´s cock before, but he knew what hé liked, so he did the same to Ben´s cock. He pumped his head several times up and down and then ran his tongue along the shaft from balls to head, tickling the little triangle on the foreside of the cock head with his tongue for a moment and then swallowing the whole head and whatever of the cock he could manage to get in his mouth again. Ben leaned back and shut his eyes. This was so nice! Ohhh Paul, he groaned. Have you done this before mate? Ben asked Paul. You are doing this bloody nicely. If you continue like this, you´re going to make me come! Hearing this, Paul immediately pulled back and grumbled: I don´t think so! I have done it and this will do. Ok, Vicky said to help the poor guy out. You have done enough. It was super hot looking at it Paul, Regina said with admiration in her voice. Marco enthusiastically added too that he thought it was very horny looking at his best mate sucking a cock. Marco had fantasized often, what it would be like to suck a guys dick. One day he nearly plucked up the courage to ask Paul, but in the end chickened out, being weary of the reaction Paul would give, especially if Paul would have said no and would consequently tell others.
Ben left his pants down and his cock out and Paul sat back down on his seat. Still a little puzzled and embarrassed about what he had just done. Marco, who was now fully exited, asked without waiting for any further questions: Miss Vicky, tell us what your biggest sexual fantasy is. You can tell us! Vicky, having drunk most of the whole bottle of wine by now, didn´t have any more inhibitions and didn´t have to think long either and replied: to taste a black girls pussy……. Come on then Miss Vicky, Marco cheered, have a go at Regina´s pussy. I am sure she won´t mind! Do you mind Regina? he asked the black girl. Regina, who was totally naked, got up and walked around the table and stood herself in front of Vicky , leaning with her butt against the kitchen table. Come on then Miss Vicky, if you really want this, let it be with me. I have never had a woman touch me before, but as this will also be my first time, I want it to be with you. Vicky by now was like in a trance of lust and the boys were like hypnotised. This was all so hot and sexy, something they had never ever experienced before. Regina lifted herself onto the table top and lent backwards on her elbows. She then lifted her legs up and spread them slowly, exposing her glistering wet pussy fully and invitingly to Vicky. Come on Miss Vicky, Regina said with her sweet Kenyan English accent, make your fantasy come true. Vicky stared mesmerized at Regina´s young and beautiful pussy. She could just make out a little bit of pink in between the half opened lips. Vicky moved her chair forward to get in between Regina´s legs. She slowly stroked Regina´s calves upwards and softly tickled the insides of Regina´s knees. Hmmmm, Regina groaned and she could feel an electric glow shooting towards her pelvis. Vicky began to kiss the inside of Regina´s thighs and running and tickling her tongue along Regina´s beautiful dark skin. Oh yes Miss Vicky, Regina sighed, I am so horny…..this is so nice! Vicky was now getting close to her goal. She slowly let her tongue run up and down along the inner sides of Regina´s groins, licking and kissing with a little bit more pressure from her mouth and tongue. Regina looked down on Vicky´s head and face, licking and kissing her. She felt light headed and it was like she was floating in clouds. Then Vicky softly started kissing Regina´s pussy, moving slowly along the whole area, just touching Regina´s pussy with the ends of her lips, but not missing one little spot. Vicky saw Regina´s tummy pulling and heard her heavy breathing. The light musky smell of Regina´s pussy was so sweet, she really couldn´t wait to taste it. With her two thumbs, she carefully separated Regina´s pussy lips, exposing the pink inner skin she saw earlier. Vicky carefully stuck out her tongue and touched the lower part of Regina´s pussy, sticking her tongue in no more than one centimetre Regina´s pussy was fully wet and a shock went through Vicky´s mind, when she tasted Regina´s juices. Oooh god! Vicky mumbled and she sank her mouth fully onto Regina´s succulent pussy. She stuck her tongue deep inside the girl, to taste as much as possible, yet still careful and softly like only women can do that. Oh my god, this is so fucking good, she thought. Meanwhile Regina was panting and sighing and her tongue was rolling over her lips. She let her back drop down on the table and softly started massaging her own breasts and nipples.
The boys watched the whole scene in total awe and were totally speechless. What clothes they had left on, were now on the floor and they were stroking their hard cocks. Marco took the initiative and climbed onto the kitchen table and kneeled next to Regina. Let me do that Regina, and he started massaging Regina´s breasts. Regina´s moaning and groaning, meant to Marco she was in full agreement. Marco then kissed the African girl passionately, while carefully squeezing Regina´s nipples between his two fingers. Meanwhile he could hear Vicky tonguing sounds humming and slurping in Regina´s pussy. He got up again and said: Here Regina, take my cock. Regina opened her eyes and saw Marco´s large and hard cock dangling next to her head. Oh yes!, Regina groaned. Gimme that! Marco lent forward and positioned his cock´s in front of Regina´s mouth. Regina opened her mouth and Marco´s cock head disappeared into her mouth. While massaging her own left breast with one hand, she grabbed hold of Marco´s cock and pulled the skin down a little more, so she could fully circle her tongue around the cock head. Oooohhh, Marco sighed. Hmmmmm Regina moaned in return. Regina tried to pump her head sideways as much as she could, but was struggling a little. She pulled the cock briefly out of her mouth and said: fuck my mouth Marco, looking at him like she ment business. Marco moved his position a little and slowly started fucking Regina´s mouth, while holding the back of her head. Regina groaned when she felt the hard cock sliding sometimes quite deep down her throat. Meanwhile, Ben and Paul were standing either side of Vicky, watching her lick, kiss and suck Regina´s pussy. It was so horny to see a woman going down on another woman. It was horny and wild, yet so soft an magical.
Paul started fondling Vicky´s left left breast and Ben was slowly wanking himself. A droplet of pre-cum appeared out of the top of his dick. Vicky put her arms up a little and her hands were searching for the boy´s cocks. When she managed to grab hold of them, she slowly started wanking them, still eating Regina´s pussy, as if her life depended on it. Get up from the chair Miss Vicky, Ben asked. Without stopping on her actions on Regina, she got up from the chair and was now standing, leaning her arms on Regina´s wide open legs. Ben pulled down Vicky´s knickers till under her bum and positioned himself behind Vicky and placed his huge hard cock against where he guessed Vicky´s pussy was. With his hand Ben moved his cock a few times up and down along Vicky´s pussy opening and when he found the right position then slowly pushed forward, sinking about half the length of his huge cock inside Vicky. Vicky´s head shot up a foot. Woooow! Vicky screamed as gasped for air. You are truly big, Ben! Regina, not wanting Vicky to stop, put her hand on Vicky´s head and pushed her towards her pussy, where Vicky continued with her pleasuring of Regina. Ben started pumping inside Vicky, slowly at first, but with the full length of his cock going in and out. Oh yeah, he groaned, this is sooo hot! You are fucking your teacher man, Paul encouraged Ben. As if Ben needed any encouragement.
Regina was the first to come and her orgasm was wild and fierce, thrusting her pelvis forward in shocking motions against Vicky´s mouth. She had to let Marco´s cock go as the spasmed with her whole body. Ahhhhyy yessssss, she screamed! Yes! Yes! Yeeesssssssss!!!!! It sounded like air escaping out of a car tyre when she pushed out the last, long s-ses of the yes. Marco waited a moment for the girl to calm down a little and then passionately kissed her and stroked her breasts. He could see Regina´s breasts and chest trying to get as much air in and out as possible. He licked the few droplets of sweat of her forehead and temples.
Ben pulled his Big Ben out of Vicky and grabbed his teacher by the hand. Come here Miss Vicky and he pulled her towards the sofa. He sat down and leaned back, more or less lying back in the cushions, his huge cock pointing towards the ceiling. Come on and ride me Miss Vicky, Ben more or less ordered Vicky. Vicky didn´t need to be asked twice and stepped over Ben´s legs and put her knees on the edge of the sofa. With her hands she positioned the head of Ben´s cock in line with her pussy opening. She let herself drop and felt the whole length slide inside her. Ooouuhhhh god!! Vicky groaned; this cock is so huge and heavenly Ben. She leaned forward and placed her hands on his shoulders and started riding Ben, every time bouncing back on Ben´s upper legs. Her breasts were swaying up and down. Ben was holding her around the waist and tried to suck up a nipple with his mouth. But Vicky´s movements were so fierce, he couldn´t get hold of one so he gave up and rested his head on the back of the sofa instead. He could see the fire in Vicky´s eyes as she rode him.
Meanwhile Regina had sort of calmed down, but was as totally horny and in extasy. Fuck me Marco, please fuck me nicely, she ordered him. Marco pulled two cushions of the kitchen seats and placed on under Regina´s butt and one under her head. More comfy that way he said, while winking at Regina. They were lying on the middle of the kitchen table, when Marco slipped inside Regina. She pulled her legs up, so he could come inside her as deep as possible. Oh god Regina, Marco groaned, you are an amazing girl. Regina didn´t answer, but just enjoyed the melting together of her and Marco.
Paul meanwhile felt a little left out by now and decided he needed to do something too. Up to now, he had been slowly wanking himself, while looking at all that was going on. So he decided to kneel down behind Vicky, who was riding Ben´s cock and placed his hands on Vicky´s back. He bent forward, trying to copy Vicky´s rhythm with his head and started licking Vicky´s cute little butthole, that was sticking up invitingly. Uuh yeah Paul, uuuhhh, I love this, Vicky screamed. Lick me there Paul, uuhhhh! Ben realising what was happening, said: hold on Miss Vicky, don´t move anymore, I will fuck you now. Vicky stopped her motions and Ben started thrusting his hips up to do the fucking now, so Paul could lick Vicky´s little butthole even better. Paul tried to push his tongue in, but could only get half an inch inside. So he licked a little lower, his tongue touching Ben´s cock, which was sliding up and down in Vicky´s very wet pussy. He lapped upwards with his tongue and with this extra lubrication of Vicky´s juices, he managed to penetrate a little further inside his teacher´s butthole. Paul then decided to poke one finger inside and with so much of Vicky´s pussy juices at hand, this went surprisingly easy, as Vicky´s butthole was now relaxed by his previous licking. Through the thin bit of skin, he could feel Ben´s cock sliding up and down Vicky´s pussy. Paul had never done anything like this, but watched it several times in porn movies. There, they always spat on a butthole for lubrication, so he did the same. Vicky meanwhile started moving more and more again and before Paul realised, two of his fingers were sliding inside Vicky´s butthole. Paul now had only one thing left in his mind. As he had never fucked a girl anally, he knew this was his chance. Do you have more lubricant Miss Vicky, Paul hastily asked. Vicky managed to collect enough thoughts and replied in between groans: kitchen….coconut oil…. That was all she managed to get out of her mouth. Paul jumped up and grabbed the pot of coconut oil that was on the work top and hurried back, while opening the pot. He stuck his finger in the pot and took a dollop coconut out and plumped it in Vicky´s butt crack. The rest he smeared on and along his cock. He put the pot on the floor next to the sofa and placed his legs either side of Vicky. Hold still for a moment, Paul ordered the fucking couple below him. Ben sort of stopped and Paul swiped his cock a few times in Vicky´s butt crack, to get the coconut oil spread out a little. Vicky felt Paul´s cockhead starting to press against her butt opening. She tried to relax and while doing so, Paul´s cock head started opening her up. Vicky felt her butt muscle stretching and the stinging discomfort was nearly too much for her. She squeezed Ben´s shoulders with her hands and held her breath. But as the cock head passed the outer muscle, Paul slipped in her much more easily and the initial discomfort subsided. Uffffffffff, Vicky sighed as if she had just given birth. Don´t move for a moment please, Vicky asked. Ben and Paul held their cocks still and Paul watched himself being already half way inside Vicky. Ayy, ok, Vicky said and started moving herself a little. It´s ok now. And she upped her temporapidly. Come on boys! Come on! She started screaming, fuck me hard and make me cum! Make me cum! She was going crazy with lust as she moved her body wilder and wilder. Vicky was now in charge and was riding Ben´s cock again like an experienced amazone. Paul meanwhile was fucking Vicky´s butt, mainly following Vicky´s movements. Ohh yeah, ohh yeah! Vicky screamed. Her sweat was dripping on Ben´s chest, her hair was slapping in Ben´s face. Paul could feel Ben´s cock sliding along his one and couldn´t hold it anymore. He pushed deep inside Vicky when he came, which made Vicky scream and cum at the same time. Her orgasm was intense and complete. Her whole body shaking and spasming as she fell down on Ben´s chest. Oh my god…….oh my god, she sighed. She repeated the “oh my god” at least another 5 times. Paul had now pulled out of Vicky, leaving a little trickle of his cum dripping out of her butthole. Ben had stopped moving too, but was still hard and inside Vicky. Vicky fairly quickly regained control and looked at Ben. Ahh, poor boy, you haven´t cum yet. Vicky got up and stepped off Ben´s cock. She looked over at the kitchen table, where she saw two bodies totally entangled into each other. Marco was fucking Regina with a steady motion, Regina´s legs high up in the air, while they were intensely kissing each other. Now thát is making love at its best, Vicky said to Ben.
Vicky kneeled in front of Ben and pushed his legs open. She leapt forward and started licking his scrotum and upwards along his cock shaft, like a little girl with a rather large lollypop. She then started sucking Ben´s cock, like she had never sucked a cock before, meanwhile massaging his balls softly with her right hand. Ben leaned back his head, as he was very close to his orgasm and tried to think of things, not to come yet, as he wanted to enjoy all this to the fullest. Vicky then started tickling his butthole with her index finger . Hmmmmmm, ooh Miss Vicky, Ben groaned. She quickly put her finger inside her wet pussy and placed it back on Ben´s butthole. Now lubricated, she could slide her finger inside him, her tongue running along Ben´s large dick.
Meanwhile Paul had been to the bathroom to wash his cock and walked back into the kitchen and watched Marco and Regina steaming bodies. Can I have a go Marco? He asked. Marco stopped and looked at Regina. Regina shruck her shoulders and said: ok, let´s go to the sofa too, as this table is getting a little uncomfy now. Marco pulled out of Regina and helped her get up and then off the table. Regina grabbed the two boys by their hard dicks and pulled them along to the sofa. U sit on the sofa Marco. Marco plumped himself on the sofa, looking next to him at Vicky sucking and licking Ben´s monster cock. At that moment he felt Regina´s soft mouth sliding down his own cock. Uff yeah Regina, those soft lips of you are heavenly, Marco responded to this. Paul positioned himself on his knees behind Regina and slowly slipped his dick inside the girl and once fully in her, he immediately started fucking her in a relentless pace. Regina was pushed forward by this force and her mouth shoved quite hard over Marco´s cock. She was worried she would hurt him, with Paul banging away behind her. Pull your legs up Marco, I will rim you. Marco didn´t need a lot of encouragement, as he loved to be rimmed. He pulled his legs up and grabbed his cock with his right hand. Regina pushed his legs even further up, which also helped her controlling the pounding from Paul. She loved being taken doggy style; it was one of her favourite positions. While groaning and grunting, Regina started licking Marco´s balls and even managed to suck one into her mouth. Uyyyffffff, careful dear! Marco moaned. I have supersensitive nuts you know! Regina let his ball slip out of her mouth and her tongue went searching down for Marco´s butthole. She had never rimmed a guy before, but because she had talked about it with her friend Kerin, who explained all the details about it to her, she knew what it was all about. Her tongue now had arrived at Marco´s cute butthole and she started making upwards licking motions with her tongue. Marco meanwhile was wanking himself off; his eyes roling in their sockets. Uuuhmmmmmm Regina, this is sooo good, he sighed. Lick it honey, uuuh yes!
Vicky was eying the sex scene next to her, while profoundly sucking on Ben´s cock and fingering his butthole. She could feel Ben was about to cum and she pulled her mouth off his cock and started wanking him rapidly. Her hands were whizzing up and down and she spat at the cock head for lubrication. Come on big boy, she whispered. Cum for me, cum for me and she pushed her finger deeply in Ben´s arse. Ben unloaded and as Vicky could feel his cock cramping, at the same time had opened her mouth and had put it over Ben´s cock head. She could feel the warm cum being ejected deep into her mouth. She let her tongue rub the little head triangle and her hands slowly made a pumping movement. Ben didn´t make a lot of noise when he came, but Vicky saw his stomach cramping and he released all the air he had in his lungs. Hmmmmmmm Vicky groaned. There was just too much cum in her mouth, so she had to let some of it slide out of her mouth and a stream of cum trickled out of her mouth´s edges down Ben´s cock onto his belly.
Paul was about to come too. He pulled his cock abruptly out of Regina´s pussy, just in time to spray his load all over her dark brown skinned back. Vicky leaped towards them and gulped Paul´s cock in her mouth to suck the last cum out of it. Oh yeah, oh yeah! Paul shouted. As he nearly went through the ground when Vicky sucked him after he had come. His cock head felt so sensitive now, he could hardly handle having Vicky´s mouth around it!
Marc o was nearly there too and Regina put her full mouth onto Marco´s butt crack and frantically let her tongue going up and down over his sensitive little hole. Ok! Ok! Okkkkeeeeyyyyyyuuuuyyyyy Marco burts out and his cum shot out off his cock, while he kept wanking himself hard. Blobs of cum flew around on Regina´s face and hair and some even hit Vicky.
Everybody sat down on the sofa, not saying a word and still panting from the little orgy that just happened. Vicky´s voice broke the silence: my god, it is nearly midnight! Marco said: wow, this is a night I will never forget, ever. Ben and Paul hummed in agreement. Regina was staring, like she looked into an abyss. What´s the matter Regina, Vicky asked. The girl responded: I need to go all across town in this weather and go back to my little boring studio. It´s a long way and I always get so lonely there at weekends. The boys just live up the road from here, so they are home in 10 minutes. Vicky thought for a moment and said: well, if you want you can stay here for the night. You can stay all weekend if you like. The boys got dressed and said goodbye to Regina. Enjoy Regina, Marco said with a cheeky tone and winked at the girl he so nicely made love to and who made him cum so wonderfully. Vicky, who just slipped into a silky dressing gown, let them to the front door, all giving them a big kiss on their lips as they left.
Vicky walked back into the room and the two girls looked at each other, saying nothing as they knew that this weekend was going to be magical. Then Vicky got Regina by the hand and pulled her up from the sofa. Come on sweetie, let´s have a shower and wash this cum of our bodies.

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