More fun with my boy toy Bud

More fun with my boy toy Bud
Since that first night with Jason, or Bud as he liked to be called, we had shared a few more times together. We both worked nights, so I would rush home from work and anxiously await a phone call from him. This one particular night, a Wednesday, had marked almost ten days since we’d been together. Both of our schedules had been a little hectic, and although we’d usually gotten together on the weekends, he had some family function that was mandatory, and I was busy with my own family. Needless to say, we were both looking for some relief by the time Wednesday rolled around that week. I had not been home more than a half an hour when my phone rang, and it was him. He was going to stop by in a few minutes. I could feel my dick stir in my pants with anticipation. By the time he got there I would be hard, no doubt.

As he walked in, he asked for a beer, which I quickly gave him. Even though he was under the drinking age at twenty, chances are he’d spend the night anyway, so I wasn’t worried about him driving intoxicated. I also grabbed a beer, and we sat on the sofa again talking about our week. Before long we were kissing, with our hands exploring each other’s body. We then left a trail of clothes going to the bedroom, and as our underwear came off, we embraced; his now rock hard cock pressing against my stomach. I couldn’t resist. I dropped to my knees and took him in my mouth, as much as I could. I absolutely loved the way he felt in my mouth. The feeling of pleasing this young stud was unbelievable, and he was definitely loving me licking and sucking his monster dick. After a few minutes, he pulled out of my mouth, then his mouth met mine and we kissed a bit more before laying down on the bed. I could feel my dick leaking the pre-cum on my leg, and although I was eager for him to suck me, he pushed me up to my usual position – him kneeling in front of me as I laid partially down and sitting up, just right for him to face fuck me. As I heard him began to moan and softly whisper “oh yeah”, I knew he was getting close. With my right hand pumping his shaft, my left caressing his hairy full sac, and his hands wrapped behind my head, I sucked him harder, and seconds later his body tensed up and he unloaded shot after shot of his hot cum down my throat. The feeling of his hot cum hitting the back of my throat was priceless, and I was rock hard and leaking the whole entire time.

When the spasms subsided, he pulled his still hard cock out of my mouth and moved down so he could kiss me. His tongue darted in and out of my mouth as he tasted his own cum that had mixed with my saliva. Leaving my mouth, he kissed his way down my chest to my cock, and took it in his mouth. The relief of having it in his mouth and feeling his tongue swirl around the head nearly made me cum instantly. Sensing this, he quickly pulled off, held me in his hand, and proceeded to lick and suck my sac and each ball. I was so horny that I started grinding my crotch into his mouth as he continued to suck my balls. But I was not yet ready to cum. I had other things in mind. Pulling him up to kiss me, his still hard cock was now pressed against mine. The heat of his body on me in this way had me wanting more, and as we gyrated, the head of his cock slipped between my legs, beneath my sac. Feeling the heat from his dick there got me hornier for what it was I wanted from him, and what he was about to give me.

But first I have to tell you that this wasn’t the first time I’d bottomed for a guy. My ex-lover was the first to fuck me, and although he was gentle and a kind and loving person, he was, shall we say, not fulfilling enough. Despite being the same size as me, and the fact that I loved sucking him and making love to him in other ways, he could never quite please me the way I wanted. Maybe he didn’t like being in charge or on top, or maybe he had a complex about not being good enough, but either way when it came to fucking me, he had a hard time staying hard, and it was usually quick and then he’d either cum quickly, or not come at all, and we’d both end up being frustrated.

Back to Bud and me on the bed, with his dick close to my hole. Moving my legs to the outside of his legs, I looked up at him and asked “do you want me?” and he replied “hell yeah!” I could see once again that he was leaking more pre-cum, or after cum, but either way he was still rock hard and dripping. Pushing a pillow under my back to give him better access, I could now feel his wet dick head moving near my hole. It had been awhile since I’d been fucked, and with the size of his dick, I didn’t know how easily it would go in. But as he rubbed the head on my hole, the pre-cum oozing from him made perfect lube. Slowly and carefully, he continued to rub his head on my hole, and slowly my sphincter relaxed, and the head of his big cock began going in me little by little. After the initial pain of the head going in, the waves of pleasure started kicking in, and before long he was almost all the way inside of me. Wow, what a difference a rock hard, huge cock made! Yeah, it hurt a little, but man did it feel good. I was hard the entire time, and after he fucked me for a few minutes, he picked up tempo and I knew he was about to cum. Before he knew it, he was pumping his second load into me. As much as I thought the feeling of the head of his cock against my prostate might cause me to orgasm as well, I didn’t. It did not matter, as just feeling him shoot inside me was pleasure enough. When he finally stopped cumming, he slowly pulled out of my ass, and it was hard for me to believe that I had all of him inside me. My still rock hard dick had a stream of pre-cum that was oozing onto my pubes, and I was definitely ready for a release. I figured that since he had cum twice, he probably would just give me a hand job. But no, immediately after pulling out of my ass he diligently started sucking on my very wet and hard dick. In probably less than a minute I could feel the tension build and I unloaded one of the biggest loads of cum into his mouth that I’d ever had. The intense orgasm was also one of the wildest and longest lasting orgasm I’d had, and my whole body tingled with pleasure. To this very day, it still remains as the most intense sexual experience I can every recall having in my life, and as I write my cock is hard – and leaking – as well.

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