My Fantasy Visit Chapter One

My Fantasy Visit Chapter One
After many weeks of erotic chat, I finally get to meet the man who has been turning me on with his cyber domination. I am so excited I can barely contain myself. I can’t help but get a painful erection as I drive to his cabin.

It all began weeks ago when after what seemed forever I received a message on xHamster. He had a place to meet only a short drive from where I lived and wanted to chat. Of course I thought as usual it was just another person wanting to build their friends list. I was so, wrong. He was very friendly, slowly bringing into the conversation he was interested in me only as his toy. I was thrilled. I had only had one real time experience as an object in my life. I had an excellent dominant mistress for a long time who enjoyed using me in many ways online. Sadly we lived to far apart for any hope of a real time meet, then she stopped showing up on line. I was devastated.

We chatted about many things, especially what he would like me to do for him and what he wanted to do to me. We role played many master/slave scenarios along with group sub/sissy get together. Needless to say I am hoping our real time meeting would be one quarter as exciting as our role play.
We had exchanged pictures and he seemed satisfied in what he was getting. I of course was beyond happy. I had followed all of his pre-session instructions to the letter. I had bathed completely, shaved my face, and used an anal douche making sure I was ready for any attention I may receive. We had exchanged certificates of clean bills of health, in case he wanted to bareback me, or if he wanted me to fuck someone or something for his pleasure. He told me to expect anything that turned him on, he emphasized “ANYTHING”. I wore loose fitting cargo shorts, a loose fitting “T” shirt and Dockers. I was told he would provide everything else for the first session. In the future he may require me to provide other items for his pleasure.

I arrived at the turn off to the cabin. There was a typical whited arrow sign with many others on the post. “The Keep” was pointed down a separate road. I turned down the tree covered lane and drove till I came upon the gate. I opened the gate, drove through stopping and latching the gate behind me. I drove to the parking space he had indicated and parked the car. The lane was well maintained from this point on to his cabin. I looked around and saw the security cameras placed as he said they would be. Gathering my courage, finalized the instructions he had given me. I could see the cabin, a good quarter of a mile down the shady lane. I took off all of my clothes. Folding them neatly upon the back seat. Locking the car as instructed I held my keys in my teeth and walked down the middle of the lane to the cabin. I had been told to keep my hands clasped behind my back as I walked down the center of the lane. I would be filmed the entire distance. It is a cool morning I thought to myself, I was sweating a little in nervous anticipation. The gentle breeze felt delicious against my nude body. I was a little embarrassed of the erection I had. I walked to the small deck on the back of the cabin, kneeling down with my hands behind my back I pulled on the bell rope with my teeth and waited. I looked down on the wood making sure my knees were over the dots he had indicated. My knees were spread apart as far as I could get them without falling over. After ringing the bell I dropped my keys then had to stretch up and bite down on a soft handle on another rope suspended next to the bell rope. In this position I was stretched in both ways. I waited, panting with a painful erection. My balls hanging between my legs. I felt a tug on the rope clamped between my teeth, the bit was raised making me stretch even more awkwardly. I quietly waited for what was to come next.

Once again there was a tug on the bit just before the door opened. I was terribly off balance but did as I was instructed. My new master walked out on the deck. He picked up my keys and hung them on a hook inside of the door. Barefoot, clad in a loose open shirt and cargo shorts. Walking around me he took numerous photographs. Without notice or mention he slapped my erection, from each side, making me lurch almost falling. “Who told you to have an erection? I do like it, for it gives me more to do right away. Even though you did not ask if you may have an erection when you visit. I like the way it looks when you walk.” He slapped my hardened cock once again from each side. I whimpered a little. “Oh! I like that! A little bitch!”

He stepped down behind me, slapping my ass twice hard. “Not much of an ass. I do hope it is tight when I want and flexible when I need.” I just knelt there not moving or speaking. Grabbing my balls, he pulled them and my cock back between my legs. Wrapping a tight ball spreader between my balls and base of my cock, he clipped a leash to it and let it drop to the deck. He fastened leather shackles to my ankles and wrists. He snapped the wrist bands together, slapping my ass once more.

Walking around me again, he stopped in front of me. Placing a collar around my neck. “Now you are properly attired for my presence.” I nodded as best I could in the position I was in. He opened his shorts and rubbed his cock over my face and chest. “I always mark my property. Never forget, you, are my property.” I nodded again as he pulled up on the rope. Grabbing the leash he threaded it through the ring on my collar. He tugged forcefully on the leash. I moaned, “Drop the bit and heal”, he tugged even harder this time. The tension on my balls was intense. I fell forward, unable to keep up on my knees. Crashing down on my balls and stomach he laughed, unsnapping my wrists, “Now heal dammit!” Walking quickly into the cabin I followed as quickly as I could on my hands and knees. He made sure there was slack in the leash just to snap it tight again. I moaned every time. I followed him down a flight of stairs to a large room with glass and screen doors opening on to the yard and lake. Snapping the leash to a hook on a pillar making it very tight. “Stay on your hands and knees, bitch, till I tell you different. I said “yes master”. He slapped my ass hard, “You do not speak unless I request a response!” He whipped my ass with a crop he had produced making sure he stung my balls with a few well-placed strikes. I whimpered and nodded. “A good bitch should have a decent tail.” He opened a drawer, pulled out a medium sized butt plug with a springy tail attached. “Open up!” He pushed the plug into my mouth. “Get this lubed up real good if you want it to slide in better.” I sucked the plug into my mouth getting it wet, the drool running down my chin. He worked it in and out of my mouth making sure it was well lubed. Then he reached over my back stuffing the tail plug into my ass, making sure it was snapped in place. He led me to a short grooming table where he had me get up. Backing against a post he unsnapped the leash letting it hang from the collar ring. He grabbed my balls almost lifting me up as he snapped a clip on the post to the ring on my ball spreader. When my cock and balls were pulled back between my legs to his satisfaction, he snapped a rope to my collar suspended from a pulley on the ceiling connected to a ratchet on the wall. He wound it up a few clicks till it satisfied him. “There, now you are in a presentation state for when I want to show you or have you bred. On occasion I may even auction you off for the weekend to the highest bidder. You would like that wouldn’t you? You may answer, bitch.” As difficult as it was to speak with my chin pulled up, I answered. “Yes master, I would be honored to be your rented property.”

He smiled and smacked my nipples with the riding crop. Making them pop out and redden. “I may find some whelps to nurse on a fine bitch like you someday.” He snapped my wrist and ankle shackles to the table, ratcheting up my head and balls. “Keep your knees and hands on the table bitch, or you will regret it.” I nodded unsure if I had the right to answer. Walking around the table he took numerous pictures and videos. He put a tight glans clamp around the base of my now limp cock. Hanging a bell from it. “Just in case when I take you for a walk and get separated from me.” He chuckled flicking the head of my cock with his finger.

He walked around me dragging the crop over my body, occasionally flicking it on a part he wanted to draw attention too. After a while my nipples, balls, and cock head were red. “H“mm, I just seem to be missing something”, he flicked the crop out again roughly on my nipples. “Got it!” another hard flick to my nipples, red and swollen he licked his lips. From the chest of drawers he produced a set of suction devices for my nipples. He pumped them up sucking my nipples dep into the cups. I winced and moaned, he laughed. “Fuck, you are looking good.” From the rings on the nipple suckers he hung two more bells. “Now I will always here my bitch. Shake all of your bells bitch to see if they are loud enough for me.” I did my best to shake my tits and my cock, trussed up like I was. “Very nice, very nice. I may let you run around in the yard later so I can hear you from a distance.”

For now I have worked very hard and I need a reward. He took off his pants and opened his shirt. He had a magnificent cut cock. I didn’t really see it when he marked me. “You would not be here if you did not have a nice cut cock yourself, bitch. I have so many plans for your cock and the remainder of your bitch body.” He stood in front of me, the table with me kneeling on it at the perfect height to worship his cock. “As you see bitch, I am shaved, you will be groomed for shows and the auction block once you have been trained. There will be many activities you will be participating in while you are here. Most importantly is making sure I am pleased, no matter what.” The crop came snaking out against my ass I jerked forward moaning. “Good bitch!” He rubbed his cock over my face, along my sides, over my ass and pushed his cockhead hard against my tight balls. Returning on the other side I felt the coolness of his precum on my side. “Now my little bitch, you must ALWAYS,” crack another cropping to my ass, “ALWAYS!!”, again the hard crack of the crop to my ass, “Ask my permission to pleasure me. You MUST ask and then put my balls in your mouth while you wait my response. UNDERSTAND!?” Again the crop to not only my ass, but he walked around the table stinging my balls, cockhead, ass and nipples. “Do you UNDERSTAND?!” “Yes master I moaned. “Good.” He stood in front of me, his hands on his hips. “May I pleasure you master?” I strained forward just able to suck his balls gently into my mouth. He back up a little stretching his sack in my mouth. “No!, not yet, let me go.” I opened my mouth and he laughed. He moved a video camera close to the front of the table. He checked the focus and started it. “This will be your first pleasure of your master. I have every moment from your arrival recorded. I am so fucking hot and pleased you have been suck a great bitch. You are every bit as willing as you were online.

“Now ask again, bitch!” The sting of the crop on the tip of my cock making all the bells ring. “May I pleasure you master?” I said through almost tears as I sucked his sack into my mouth again. “Suck them in as deep as you cam bitch!” I tried to swallow them my lips tight against the base of his beautiful cock. He backed away just a bit forcing me to strain my already tortured balls even more. “Pleasure me bitch!” I let his balls slip from my mouth as I licked his shaft up the midline to the crack around the cum hole, and then down each side circling his balls. I then slipped my lips over the head of his cock clamping my lips holding just his head in my mouth as I licked it with my tongue. I then began to let his cock slide into my throat.

He pushed his huge cock down my throat as I sucked. I was gagging, as I was not used to real cocks in my throat. It had been a very, very long time. He pushed in harder, “You little bitch, I see you need training on everything” again the crop. He started pumping into my mouth and throat, being virtually immobile I had to submit to his pleasure the drool dripping down my face as he pumped me harder. Pushing his cock deep in my throat till his balls pressed hard against my chin, he held me there I couldn’t breathe! He backed out letting me catch my breath, then he returned to his bitch’s mouth. Grabbing my hair he held me against his balls and throbbing cock as his hot cum washed down my throat. He held me tight as I swallowed, his cock slowly growing limp. Pulling out he wiped his cock over my face. “mmmm I liked that. You will make a good bitch. Now we need to groom you. I will be sending invites to my friends and I need some photos for the kennel page.” Unsnapping my neck ring from the rope, he pushed my face down to the table, “Clean that up!” I licked the table clean, and he placed his cock on the table for me to finish licking clean. “Now the table again, good little bitch.”
He removed the ball stretcher, glans ring and nipple suckers. He turned and cropped my ass a few times “Stay!” he yelled. He rolled surgical dressing stand up next to the grooming table. He worked up a lather of soap in a barbers bowl, taking a shaving brush he soaped down my thighs. Once he was satisfied he shaved my thighs from my ass to my knees. When he was finished, he wrapped two wide leather bands around my thighs, in pockets on the inside of the bands he pushed a rod, making my legs go wider. Then he twisted the rod till my legs were as wide apart as they could go without causing lasting injury. I moaned. “You will get used to your grooming, bitch. You are now my kennel show piece.” He clipped my wrist bands together again, placing a bar in my hands that was attached to the pulley/ratchet system He hooked the wrist band strap over a hook on the rod. “Hang on bitch. Another step in grooming.” He cranked on the ratchet lifting me off the table, the crop again, this time on the head of my cock, “Keep your knees bent!” I did as I was told. He rolled the grooming table away. He took a few more pictures and re-adjusted the video camera. He had me hang there for a while knees bent, legs spread, while he took pictures and ready his tools. “Lower your legs, bitch.” He cranked on the ratchet suspending me above the floor at what appeared to me a good working height. He lathered up the brush, covering me from my neck down to my feet with sudsy soap. He shaved my arms and armpits. Shaving my face even though I was clean shaven. He shaved my chest taking special care around my nipples. He took a few short strokes on my back, “I like that your back has little to no hair.” He slapped a wet hand on my ass before shaving it. Spreading my cheeks he shaved around the tail plug making sure there was no hair. Then he worked on my lower legs removing all the hair. Finally, he sat on a stool he had pulled over, adjusting the ratchet so my cock and balls hung directly in front of his face. Re-soaping my balls and cock he shaved me completely. Pulling on my cock or balls to keep them flat and stretched as he shaved me. When he was finished he slowly spun me around catching any stray hairs he may have or imagined he missed. Again he took pictures of my naked body, hairless from my head down. He rolled a full length three sided mirror in front of me, he slowly spun me around. “See, the perfectly groomed bitch. I can’t wait to see the interest you draw.” I was embarrassed again as my cock twitched as I looked at my body hung like meat for anyone to see.

“You need a little reward, Bitch. Don’t you?” I was again unsure so I just nodded. He slapped my cock hard once with each hand on each side. “You’re learning.” I quivered and panted. He rolled the grooming table behind me, forcing me to lay back as he lowered me onto the table. My legs spread wide, and my body at an angle, he grabbed my cock and started to roughly stroke it. I immediately responded to my master’s touch with a semi erection. He stroked my cock till I was hard. He then stopped, “Your reward, is ALWAYS my pleasure. From the tray he brought out a hollow sound, my eyes grew huge as he lubed it up. Holding my erect cock in his hand he slid the sound own into me. “See bitch I get to fuck you in many ways.” The sound met some resistance as it slid past the tight glans ring. I was panting. “When you pant, and I like it when you do. Hang out your tongue like the good bitch you are.” I hung out my tongue panting as he sent the sound down deep into my swelling cock. At the top of the sound was a clip ring he attached to the glans ring. He took more pictures. Moving the second video camera closer he began to pump my cock, harder faster, the slowly oily, than brutally fast and hard, then oily slow. I was panting, my cock swollen, and my cockhead purple. He then quit. I was panting hard, drooling down my chin and chest. “A little edging for your Master. Such a good bitch.” He repeated the processes over and over till I lost count. My cock swollen, hanging on the edge of an explosive cum, I laid there helpless. “You now have my permission to cum, bitch.” “Thank you Master. Thank you!” “Yes you must ALWAYS thank me for my pleasure. I came hard and long. My cum pumping out the tube in my cock, he aimed my cock at my stomach. He held my cock till the cum began to run down my shaft. Taking the crop he pushed my cock against my stomach. “You may NEVER cum on your master, NEVER!” He stung my pulsing cock with the crop as my cum ran down the shaft onto my stomach.

With the crop he began wiping up the cum and feeding it to me. “See the master takes care of his bitch.” Once he had all the cum sc****d off my cock and stomach he had me lick the crop clean. “the crop is your friend, you will learn to love it.” I nodded.

He cranked me back up into a standing position. He put the ball spreader back on me, before he removed the leg spreader. He lowered me to the floor giving my legs a chance to hold my weight again. Unhooking my wrist bands from the hook, he separated them. “Down on your hands and knees bitch, I want to hear your bells.” I crawled making sure the bell on my cock and the bells on my nipples rang for my master. “Good bitch! Now go down on the sand by the lake and wait for me.” I did as I was told all the way across the deck, down the stairs across the lawn to the sand. Making sure my bells rang and my tongue was out panting. The sound clamped in my cock felt strange as did the rubber tail swinging and hitting my ass as I crawled. I had to admit the tail plug wagging in my ass felt wonderful. I felt like the bitch I was.

Once I arrived on the sand I waited looking back toward the house. Master finally came out to the sand. He had just his shirt on, open showing me his beautiful cock. “Crawl down to the water bitch. Crawl in till your useless cock is in the water.” I did as I was told. On my hands and knees the water lapping on my stomach, washing some of the remaining cum off. “Here bitch, here.” I crawled to him. He put a leg on either side of my head, clamping my neck between his thighs. He began pissing on me. “Cleaning my bitch. You will look forward to this. Now roll in the sand I want you covered with piss and sand. Crawled out of the water and rolled over and over in the dry sand. Once I was covered in sand, he said “Stop, bitch.” He took more pictures. “Good bitch.” He threw a stick into the water, “Fetch! Make sure the sand is off when you bring me the stick.” I crawled then swam out to the stick, holding it in my mouth I returned to my master. I dropped it at his feet. “Good bitch.”
He clipped the leash to the ring on my sound and through the ring on my collar. Pulling me up the grass to a shaved log in front of the deck. He had be straddle the log, it was huge I could barely reach around it. He pulled my cock back and over the edge, hooking my ankle restraints to rings in the ground and my wrists to rings on the front of the log. He stood between my arms, now prepare me to breed you. “May I pleasure you master? Yes”. I sucked his balls into my mouth and waited. “Get me ready bitch.” I licked and sucked his cock getting him hard. The crop on my ass “Enough!” He walked behind me with a huge erection. Pulling the tail plug out of my ass he lubed the crop and worked the handle in and out of my ass. I groaned and panted. He took pictures of the crop in my ass, like an arrow. He placed the crop crosswise in my mouth. Standing between my legs he pushed the head of his cock into my ass. Leaning forward he grabbed the ends of the crop as he rammed his cock deep in my ass. Pumping me has hard and fast as he could he howled, I was moaning and panting. “Push your tongue our under the bit bitch and pant!” I had my tongue out panting “Now whine like the breeding bitch you are.” I wined and panted as he fucked me roughly. “Fuck, fuck, fuck he yelped oh fuck yes.” He came in my ass pumping me full of his hot cum again. He pulled out and put the tail plug back in my ass. He unhooked me from the log, getting me on all fours to clean off his cock and balls. As I cleaned him he patted my head. Pulling the leash again he led me to a small shed in the back yard. Opening the shed he let me in. “Stand up bitch!” I stood he removed all the toys from my body. There is food, a bed and somethings for you to drink in here. Enjoy I will see you tomorrow. I have plans for my best bitch in years.”

Leaving I heard him lock the door. Looking around my room, it was well appointed and comfortable. There was a shower I used messaging all my sore parts. I used copious amounts of lotion on my shaved body before I ate a little drank a lot and went to sleep. Wondering what the next day would bring.

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