my first


my first
One man that always turned me on, mature, sexy, intelligent and horny.
I admired him from afar and heard rumours that he was ‘gay’.
He was a lot older than me but in great shape.
We ended up working in teh same part of the building, I got talking to him a few times and the more I did the more I wanted him.
Offering to stay behind and help one evening just to be near this sexy guy.
Afterwards he said, hay I give you a lift home as a thank you.
We drove the short distance home talking non stop to each other.
do you ahve a girlfriend he asked.
No I replied.
Anyone you after he asked, no I lied.
All to soon we were home and I got out, he asked, could do with a hand next week if you fancy it.
I did and played it cool by saying yea, I see what I’m up to and let you know.
The week seemed like a year, aching for the next thursday evening.
I offered to stay late again, he smiled and said, well I’ll give you a lift home.

This went on for a few weeks, the ride home lasted longer and longer, more chat, more erotic talk.
Then after a few weeks and I once again asked could I stay and help it seemed only he and I were left in the building.
My mind filled with erotic thoughts I finished what I needed to do and looked around. Dave was no where to be found.
I looked in most of the rooms, then though oh the back office.
As I walked towards the door I heard slight moaning.
the door slightly ajar I had a look inside.
The sight I saw took my breath away, my heart bounding and my head filled with desire.
There sat on a chair, pants down was Dave the mature guy slowly stroking one of the biggest cocks I have ever seen.
I was stock to the spot, eyes never leaving his hard throbbing manhood. I felt my cock shoot into hard mode.

That cock was unreal, so thick n big, I took my eyes off it for one second to look at Dave’s face.
And there he was looking at me, smiling.
He waved me intot he room.
I walked in, heart bounding, cock throbbing.
‘MMm you do this don’t you’ he asked.
I nodded, I could hardly speak my throat was dry.
I stood infront of him, he lifted his shirt, that cock looked even bigger close up.
Get undressed he ordered, how could I not do as he said.
I dropped my pants, took off my t shirt then pulled my boxers and let them drop.
My cock sprung out.
Mmm nice he said, you ever hold a cock?
I said no, which was untrue but hay I was taken aback.

He offered me his cock, I knelt downa nd took my hand and placed it round that man hood, the pure sexual stud cock, he was big mmmm so big.
I wanted that cock, wanted his cum wanting it in my mouth. He said nothing just looked at me, moaned as I stroked him, then I bent down and took the head in my mouth. Oh I was in heaven, this stud, this mature sex god was allowing me to suck the perfect cock.

his moans got louder, I put one hand on his balls the other stroking his cock into my mouth. I love this cock like nothing before.

He moaned then pulled my head back ‘your going to make me cum’ he said, obviously offering me the chance to take the cum over me and not in my mouth….

I looked him right in the eyes and smiled, I went back down on him, strokgin faster, sucking more, I wanted his juice, boy did I want that cum, to taste, to feel to help satify.

He held mu head and was fucking my mouth, oh the pleasure, the joy of oral sex…
he buckled, moaing and said something then wooooo
the cum spurted into my mouth over my tongue, this mature stud was sharing the juice of sexuality with me, in mymouth.. mm the taste, the feeling, the pleasure, I loved it so much.
He leaned back into the chair breathing heavy.
stand up he said.
I had his cum dripping from my lips, what did he want now?
He took hold of my cock and wanked me, I felt electric runnign through me, my balls tighened, the feelign was beyond words then MMM my cum shot over his cock which was now limp.
My knees shock my head was spinning my heart bounding. this was sex, this was real sex…

I swallowed what was lef tof his man juice. we kissed.
we dressed and he said we need to get you home.
We drove in silence and he stopped about 50 yards from my place, just as darkness fell.
We kissed, he held my thigh and said, we will share so much.

So started a 3 year relationship with my sex god. my lover, the big cocked stud….
I’d found him, the man to teach me sexuality….

I love him to this day, all those years ago we bonded never to be forgotten.

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