My Three Favorite Uncles – Part 2 (Alone At Home)

My Three Favorite Uncles – Part 2 (Alone At Home)

I explained to you in the last part how I lost my virginity to Sharma uncle.

Since then we had been having sex just about whenever we can. We found opportunities to hug and kiss and make out whenever we can. I especially loved how uncle would suddenly grab me or grope me. It was so thrilling for a man to suddenly touch my body on sensitive parts like breasts, tummy, crotch, etc.

I would immediately feel the sexual arousal. I told uncle once about that and he got a cocky smile that I didn’t really understand. Well, I did understand soon after, since he searched for opportunities to startle me by groping my private parts. But the best part was the moment aunty was out for a few hours, we got on the bed.

Naked. And fucked. And fucked a lot. It was simply amazing how my body felt light and unreal as I got fucked. I would savor every minute of uncle playing with my body, with my pussy, and as he pushed his cock into my pussy I just feel an explosion of pleasure deep within my tummy.

I felt so good to have a cock in my pussy that even after he ejaculated, I would ask him to just lay on me, with his cock still inside my pussy – just so that I can feel it in me for a bit longer. Needless to say, I am in love with a guy’s cock.

After the joke about pregnancy uncle made, he was nice enough to buy me the contraceptive pills that I took in secret (from my aunty). We only tried fucking with a condom once and I decided I hated it. Even though uncle was nice enough to put it on once in a while so we can have safe sex, I just did not like it at all.

He would always say, “Oh I forgot to put the condom on in the heat of the moment and fucked you again bare Sweta.” I would just laugh it away and take the ipill later if I was not already on the contraceptive pills. It just felt so rubbery and plastic without uncle’s cock skin touching inside the pussy that I hated it and had him remove it immediately.

It was a few months since my affair with uncle had started and the only people other than us who knew about it was Vijay uncle and Ravi uncle. They were nice enough to joke about us (with boundaries) and never tried to do anything untoward, which made me comfortable around them.

Their attitude about my big secret made me like them even more after that. They cracked jokes about our sexual experiences, about our secret romance, gave suggestions and even covered for us with aunty. I was genuinely happy being around them. But what I really liked about them was that even after knowing everything, they never tried anything untoward with me.

As time went on I realized that due to being this close to my uncles, I developed a natural liking to older men and having dirty thoughts with older men. Don’t get me wrong. I do like men my age too. But I just developed an unexplained attraction towards older men sexually.

And among the two uncles, I liked Vijay uncle a bit more due to his tight military physique with big bulging muscles. I liked the way his body felt when he hugged me and sometimes even felt arousal when he held me. Add to it that he has a habit of buying delicate jewelry (chains, bracelets, anklets). Well he completely knew how to win a girls heart

One day after one such hug and arousal, Sharma uncle noticed the adoring looks I was giving Vijay uncle and straight up asked me if I want to have sex with Vijay uncle. I flustered and tried to cover up for my behavior, but Sharma uncle just laughed it away and told me that just because we were having an affair, I am not solely his.

And that if I am interested in having relationships other than him, he would completely understand it. He just asked me to not hide anything from him. I happily agreed and to this day, even after so many years, there is not a single thing in my life, professionally, personally, or sexually that I have not shared with Sharma uncle.

That day I told him about my growing attraction to older men, all my dirty thoughts and fantasies without holding back anything. The result was a very magical night where Sharma uncle got hard and fucked me two times. Believe me, girls, when I say that getting a man hard two times in the same night will lead to one of the longest fucks you would ever have with the man.

The second time he got hard, he remained hard for so long and fucked with such vigor that I will honestly say it was one of the memorable nights ever. But unfortunately there was a hitch in my affair, Sharma uncle’s son was having a baby and they had to travel to another country for a few months.

I was not very happy since only uncle and aunty were going, but not me. I lived alone in our house for the time they were abroad. In the beginning, I was rather excited to be living all alone, to do whatever I wanted without any supervision. I could get up whenever I want, live the way I want, eat whatever I want and do whatever I want, going to movies, shopping, etc.

But just a few weeks in, I began getting bored and lonely. Even though I met my friends from college often. Since the summer vacation was also on, there was no regular routine for me to follow. Being in the house by myself with no one to talk to was quite harder than I imagined.

I found myself regularly browsing porn sites. But after being fucked by a real man, masturbating for myself did not have the same thrill or excitement. Since that was the only thrill and excitement I could get, I indulged it very often.

One day I was browsing some shop in the mall when I came across Vijay uncle and his family. “Sweta,” someone called me from behind, “Is that you?” I turned to see an older lady with a wide smile. It took me a second to recognize Vijay uncle’s wife.

“Hi Aunty,” I replied with a smile, “How are you?”

“We are fine,” she replied, “This is such a good shop to browse around, isn’t it?” I agreed and we went on to chat about clothes, fashion, etc for a long time. She invited me to join them as they were going home anyway. I was more happy to see that Vijay uncle was at home when we reached than the prospect of dinner itself.

To his credit, Vijay uncle acted quite aloof while his wife was around, but gave me a good look from top to bottom when we were alone. “Getting lonely at home, Sweta?” he asked when aunty was in the kitchen. I nodded, “Yes uncle, it is not as fun as I thought it would be, to live alone in a house.”

He laughed and said, “Well, you could have called me if you needed company.” I smiled and said nothing. He added, “But I am sure it gives you a lot of opportunities to go through your uncle’s collection.” I knew he was referring to uncles porn collection.

It was an open secret among my three uncles that I loved going through the porn pics and vids in their collection and uncles were nice enough to keep finding new content to add too. I loved their enthusiasm to further my sex education. I honestly replied, “Yes, Vijay uncle, but after Sharma uncle left, going through the collection was not as exciting as I thought.”

The thought is clearly conveyed to Vijay uncle. As after having been fucked for real by Sharma uncle, masturbating to porn pictures and videos is not as exciting. He laughed and replied, “As I said, you should have called me if you needed company.”

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