My Wife and BBC: Part III

My Wife and BBC: Part III
So before I get into part III of my wife and BBC, I would just like to remind everyone of the events that preceded, which began as a fantasy that I had about seeing my wife have sex with another man. I eventually shared these thoughts with my wife, who initially resisted but then decided on her own to explore it for herself by having sex with numerous other men without me being involved. Accounts of these events are detailed in the posts parts I and II posted on our profile if you care to check them out.

But I am following up with details of what has happened more recently. After being separated for a while due to my wife’s infidelity we got back together and did what we could to get our feet back under us and focus on our relationship. Things were going well and after a while it started to seem normal again and I now realized that I knew the whole time I was having those fantasies about her with other men, she was having them too, only she was not willing to share them with me. Now though with everything that had happened, there was no denying it, and I thought the time was right to bring it up to her again. We had a good talk about it and this time her reaction was much different. When I assured her I was OK with it and I would not be jealous and that all I wanted for us to enjoy the experience together she was all for it.

So we set about looking for a guy. We ended finding a guy on CL that had posted an ad that headlined “Eclipse of the BBC”. It was right around the time of the solar eclipse and his ad stated that once we were to all get together we were sure to witness the eclipse of his BBC in my wife’s pussy. It was a little more original than a lot of other ads and the pics included looked good. We contacted him and he responded pretty quickly. There were a few back and forth emails, expressed some ideas, desires, and ground rules, and exchanged body and face pics. It seemed everything was lining up nicely so we decided to meet for drinks the following weekend.

We met at a nice little wine bar on a Friday evening. We arrived first and ordered some wine and waited for his arrival. He was about a half hour late and we began to wonder if we were being stood up, but then he showed up and we all introduced ourselves. His name was Jay and he hugged my wife and shook my hand and we chatted for a while to get to know each other. It turned out he was well educated and traveled and we had a lot in common. That helped to calm the tension and ease the mood. A couple of glasses of wine helped along also, and he knew what he was doing, this was certainly not his first time being a 3rd with a couple. He was confident and said all the right things to get my wife’s juices flowing, resting his hand on her leg and telling her how sexy she was. I was OK with all of it and after a while we decided to change locations. We suggested a night club in the county that we knew had a hotel right next door, as things were progressing nicely.

At the club we ordered some cocktails and hung out at the bar and things started getting more flirty. He had his arm around her and was caressing her ass a little and I started doing the same. It was obvious to anyone that may have seen us what was going on, there was no denying it. And although this club had a reputation of being somewhat of a meat market, it was not a swinger’s club by any means so I am sure what was going on was quite noticeable. The thing was, none of us cared, definitely not my wife, and we were ever so close to taking it behind closed doors. There was a point when she kissed him, then turned and kissed me so there was only one thing left to do. We ordered her one more shot, which the female bartender made sure to give her a big one, Jay paid the tab and we headed next door to the hotel and got a room.

Once in the room there was no hesitation, the hormones were raging and we quickly became a tangled mess of arms, legs, tongues, and clothes flying off piece by piece. We were all groping and caressing and my wife had all she could handle between Jay and myself. We were all standing together and as we separated towards the bed my wife caught a full look at Jay standing there in the buff.
“Oh my god what did you inject that thing with”?! She exclaimed, and as I looked to see him grinning widely I saw what she was talking about. His cock was massive, bigger, longer and thicker than even the photos he sent had indicated. I instantly understood everything. Why she liked black guys. Why she was reluctant to show me, or include me. I mean, how could I compare to that? But honestly at this point I was not concerned or bothered at all. It was all so hot and I just wanted to see her take his big cock to the hilt.
Jay had gotten on the bed and was on his knees as my wife crawled on to the bed on all fours. She kissed home some more and stroked his cock with long strokes before going down on him. Her pussy and gorgeous ass were positioned facing me and I took the opportunity to caress her ass before sinking my fingers into her sopping wet pussy. She moaned as she had one man’s stiff cock in her mouth and another man’s fingers deep in her pussy.
I told Jay,
“You should see how wet her pussy is,” and he was like
“Oh yeah”, and I told him it was time for him to give her what she needs. She flipped around to face me, presenting herself for him to enter her. He rolled a condom on that huge dick and knelt between her ass cheeks. I didn’t actually see his cock go in her from where I was but I saw the expression on her face as her mouth dropped open and her eyes rolled back in her head. At first he fucked her slow but deep and she willingly accepted every last inch of him with each thrust and she tried to give attention to my throbbing cock by stroking and sucking me as I stood at the foot of the bed watching Jay plow my wife’s pussy from the back. She looked at me with smoldering eyes, letting me know that she was in pure ecstasy in that moment, and it couldn’t have been any hotter.
The she decided to take control of the situation and told Jay to lay on his back as she straddled him and slid down on his massive shaft until he was completely balls deep inside her, filling a spot in her that I certainly had never been able to reach.
“You like that pussy?” She purred, as she wriggled her ass around on him and I think maybe he was a little surprised at how well she was taking it but she worked that pussy up and down his big dick like a pro. Then she motioned for me to come over so she could give my cock some attention. I wasn’t sure he would dig it too much because as she leaned in to give me some head he would have basically been looking up at my balls. But hey, this was 3-way sex and at the moment she was in charge so I did what I was told. She expertly bounced up and down on his cock while slurping on mine for quite a while and I could tell she was in absolute heaven, but after a while she rolled off him and laid back and told us it was our turn to take charge.
Well I guess we weren’t exactly sure what to do next but he rolled up next to her and started making out with her some more, fondling and caressing her tits, and otherwise occupying her. I was standing there watching and saw her with him, her legs open and beautiful pussy all pink and swollen from sex and I just had to go down on her. Her pussy lips were well parted and I licked her sex up and down, the smell of condom reminding me that Jay’s cock had been where my tongue was just a few minutes ago. She reminded us that we were supposed to be taking charge and again I wasn’t sure what she had in mind but I decided to pull a move I’d seen in porn and crept up the bed kneeling in front of her, my throbbing cock in her face and motioned for Jay to do the same. He had shed the condom and we both knelt in front of her with our cocks wagging in her face as I pushed her head down on my cock then lifting it off and down on his. She eagerly slurped down on him and me as instructed but I knew she really just wanted to be fucked good and hard so after a bit I turned to Jay and said just that,
“She needs to be fucked good and hard.”
Fortunately he had brought more than one condom and he slid on another magnum and got in between her spread legs. I was laying beside her and spread her pussy lips wide open for him as he entered her again. It was his show now and he went to work on her pussy hard fast and deep. She was delirious in sex making whimpering noises as he beat her pussy up good. At this point there was nothing I could do but watch and hold her hand and let Jay have his way with her, and damn did he. He long stroked her going full hilt, his balls slapping her ass with each thrust. The sounds of their sex was primal and after a few more minutes he shuddered and let out a loud groan as he unloaded deep inside her, the condom being the only thing stopping him from breeding her. He rolled off her on to the bed and they both spent the next few minutes catching their breath and returning to earth from their sex high.
In the moments that followed I wasn’t sure what to do next. I was sitting there with a loaded gun, my hard cock throbbing to be attended to but I wasn’t sure she could go any more after what I had just witnessed. She looked up at me noticing the look on my face and motioned for me to come to her. I easily slid myself deep in her well fucked pussy, starting slowly. She bucked her pelvis back against me, letting me know she was still good to go. As I began to give it to her the best I could, she returned her attention to Jay who was still lying beside her on the bed. She began stroking him back to life and asked him if he had any more condoms. This girl was insatiable! I think both of us were taken by surprise at how much dick she could handle!
But Jay said he did have more condoms in his car and after a few minutes he got up and got dressed and left the room to go get them. In the mean time the two of us fucked each other like newlyweds, as riled up and horny as I was, the booze gave me plenty of staying power. After a while we realized he wasn’t coming back, and we couldn’t decide if we should feel offended and used or if it was actually the perfect way to end the evening. We decided not to spend the night in the room so we headed home to our bed. To my amazement, when we got home my wife wanted to fuck some more, she was getting all the slut out of her system, and she said she wanted me in her ass. Not only that, but instead of me fucking her in the ass, she straddled me and fucked herself silly by sliding her little butthole up and down on my shaft like she just couldn’t get enough. It was an amazing finish to an amazing evening of pure sex and lust. We collapsed in each other’s arms, completely exhausted but also completely satisfied.
The next morning we talked about what had happened to make sure we were both OK and everything was good. And it was. It was really good, except she was pretty sore and walked a little gingerly for the next couple days, which was a little funny, but also another indication of maybe how a girl looks after being really fucked good. Oh well, if that’s what it needed to be and we were both going to be honest with each other, I was going to be OK with it.
Have we done it again since then? For sure we have. We never saw Jay again but we’ve met a few other guys, and even had a sexy encounter with another woman. I’m not sure whether we are considered “swingers”now, I don’t really feel we are, but it’s nice to know that when she, or we, get the itch we both know that we are comfortable enough to let loose, let it happen and have some really amazing sex.

I hope you enjoyed our story and we appreciate any comments or feedback that you may have.We look forward to hearing from you!

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