Okay. 1961 was a much better year for me. I had grown a bit to five feet five, weighed 125 and had stopped being bullied at school and home as my parents needed a live in baby sitter for my younger brother. With Mom and Dad at War Mom had turned to me for sex. Now where a year earlier she,d thrown out any sexy magazines I,d spent money from my supermarket carry out wages she was eager to try the positions mentioned in the stories or ridiculous readers letters. In those days of really early porn the pictures were silly with women’s nipples or pussies air brushed out and the rare occasion a Male was included his cock was limp as a noodle. Mom told me that unlike my Dad I was more ad enturous with my loving and took pleasure in making sure she was happy in our sexual dealings. Recently she,d learned after getting a physical examination that she could no longer have c***dren. She hadn,tbtold my father as they rarely fucked and even when they did it was usually him fucking her in the mouth and forcing her to swallow his cum so it Didn,t really matter, but she wanted my semen in her pussy now more than ever. She did occasionally suck me off and had no qualms about eating my heavy loads, but preferred it in her cunt or now and then her tight ass hole! She,d pack up our fishing gear and my k** brother and we,d “go fishing”. Our favourite spot was a secluded area on a local lake where it had a long sandy beach with enough trees around to hide us from even the most determined fishermen. We had an old canvas tent for rainy days or hot afternoons to keep the rain off or getting burned by the wickedly hot July or August sun. On the occasions my brother Wasn,t with us we used the tent for privacy. The first time we used it I Didn,t even know Mom had put it in the trunk. Brother Austin was staying at one of his friend,s houses that hot August afternoon when we,d set out, stopping at the local gas station both for gas and live minnows for bait. When I went to,put the bait bucket in the trunk I couldn’t help but notice the rolled up old tent that had sat in our garage for years. “What,s the old tent for?” I asked when I got back in the car. “ It,ll save us getting burnt to a crisp!” Mom replied. All the way to the lake my imagination played the scene in my mind of the two of us sheltering naked behind the canvas. Once we,d parked up between the two of us we,d set up the tent quickly facing the lake and only a few feet from the bank then set up,our rigs and cast our baits out. We then sat on the small camp cots in the shade of the canvas and waited for our bobbers to give indication of bites. The action was slow on that sweltering afternoon, but between the two,of us we did catch a few fish, enough to justify our trip, but were soon bored with fishing. “This is even too boring for me.” Mom sighed. “I think I want to play with Yoir Rod.” She Set Down her fishing rod and ran her hand down my shorts and under the hem to tweak my stiffening dick. Soon she was kneeling before me alternating between sucking my cock and jerking it lovingly. Recently I,d grown enough confidence to use my lips and tongue on her sweet tasting fanny and this I did now as she leaned back nearly falling out of the camp cot as I made her inner juices gurgle out and down her thighs. “Quick! Stick it in!” She sighed as she opened as wide as possible to accept my rock hard prick. I wanted to make our climaxes last yet hard as I worked the inevitable feeling soon rose and the sensations were too much to resist, my sperm soon blasting deep in the womb that had bore me sixteen years before! Once I,d emptied my balls I pulled out and lay between Mom,s legs fascinated at the heavy white liquid seemed to ooze out and the way her cunt still pulsed a number of minutes after her climax. We then went for a swim to refresh our bodies and wash away the sweat and sex juices before drying ourselves with an old bath towel we always carried and then proceeded to go back to fishing and this time the fish seemed to be more in the mood. We often fucked while fishing, even when brother Austin fell asleep. Austin was never much of a fisherman unless the action was fast and furious and often decided to take a nap. I doubt he,d have know what we were doing if he had been awake and later he admitted he had no idea what we,d been doing and still has no,idea even after all these years. Mom never tried it on with my dear brother. It makes me chuckle to think back to an afternoon when it was raining like mad. We,d had to return to the car to wait out the storm which never seemed to end and bored Austin had fallen asleep in the back seat. Mom had felt sexy and took out my cock and began to suck me off. Eventually she received a thick load to swallow and suddenly Austin woke saying he had to pee. Mom opened the door for him to shoot his lot and rpthen realised she had a thick blob of my cum running down her cheek. “What,s That?” Austin asked innocently as he pointed at thevthick globule. “Oh Sorry Austin. It,s just a boogie I forgot to wipe off when I sneezed.” TBC

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