Peggy my wifes sister….. road trip part 4, just

Peggy my wifes sister….. road trip part 4, just
So i been on a road trip with Peggy for the last few days. My wife volunteered me to drive with her back to her house and take care of a few things, tben drive her back to our house. We had some awesome sex so far, see other stories. Today was different, not much planned and we finished all the shot we had to do in record time. We had a free 2 days before driving back. What better way to spend a day off than the shooting range?!?! Peggy never shot before and was all in. As much as i love seeing her awesome tits, she had to cover them up due to flying hot brass. We drove to the local range, bought some ammo and headed shooting area. I went over fundamentals and basics, using every chance to fondle Peggy, while correcting her form. We went over safety and finally got to shooting. Even a small 9mm made her titties shake and bounce from recoil. Every so often i smacked her butt reminding her to lean forward, “nose over toes” to absorb recoil. Peggy was having fun and smiling, and of course made me take pics for her IG and FB pages. And honestly Peggys not to bad a shot. Next we worked on movement. Watching Peggys tits and ass jiggle and bounce was making me hard. Pretending to correct her form I pressed my hard cock into her butt crack…. damn gotta love yoga pants! Peggy looked back with a sly smile and asked ” is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me”, joking around. I told her I did have a gun but it wasnt in front, and i poked her again. Outdoor ranges in winter time have their benefits…. no one around. We layed the gun down on the bench and Peggy started rubbing my cock through my jeans as I rubbed her ass. God Peggy had a great ass!! I took my cock out through the zipper hole, so my pants didnt fall down. Peggy squated and started sucking my cock. Damn it felt soo good, she really knows what shes doing. I grabbed Peggys head and start to slowly face fuck her, listening for her little gags and coughs. I helped Peggy up and turned her around, slid down her yoga pants exposing her perfect ass. I buried my face between her cheeks and licked her sweet pussy. Then I slid my dick in. Her wetness made it go i easy. I held Peggys hips and pounded her from behind. We were going at it pretty good, and didnt notice the range safety officer walk up behind us.Dont know how long he was there, he didnt let us know he was there as he watched. I continued fucking Peggy from behind, trying unsuccessfully to keep her quiet. The harder i fucked her the more noise she made. I was ready to bust. As Peggy turned around to recieve her reward, she sees the safety officer and screams, while pulling up her pants. I turn around and see him standing there with a big smile and he says ” dont stop because of me”. To which i ask “really?”. He says go ahead, no one around but him. I start stroking my cock and Peggy gets it back in her mouth, sucking me deep. In a few minutes Im ready to bust again. Peggy takes this load like a champ. 2-3 spurts right in her mouth. Peggy continues stroking me and licks whatever is left off my head. She opens her full mouth to show me all my cum inside, the. swallows it all. Licks the tip again and stands up. I holster my cock and the safety officer tells us he came up because the shooting stopped. He thought something may have gone wrong, he thanked us for the show and the little old man walked away. We shot a little longer and left. After lunch we headed back to Peggys, after hitting up her favorite store…. the liquor store. She got some wine and we headed home. Tired and sore Peggy decided to go for a soak in the hot tub. She comes down in a skimpy blue bikini, her giant jugs barely covered, and her ginch almost on display. As she walked passed her ass was. overed by a single string no thicker than a shoelace. Then Peggy says “you comin’?”, and I respond “not yet, im just breathing heavy”. She rolls her eyes and says ” you know where I’ll be”. I say i dont have a bathing suit with me, and Peggy simply says “And”? Well I guess im going in naked. So I strip down in record time and follow Peggy to the 3 season room where her hot tub is. Luckily her 3 season room is on opposite side of the house where her neighbors are, and the only view from the hot tub is the woods and some mountains in the far background. I watch Peggy bend over to turn on the jets and see her butthole not even close to being hidden by her bathing suit. Her meaty pussy lips also peeking out from the sides. I hop in first, so i can offer a hand to Peggy, known for her clutsyness. As I reach out I ask ” arent you a bit overdressed”? Peggy steps back out and unties her top. Her massive boobs popping free and her top dropping to the floor. Then Peggy unties the side of her bottom and gives a little wiggle until it too falls to the floor. I offer my hand again as Peggy climbs into the hot tub. She notices my growing hard on and gives it a playful tug. Peggy sits across from me and sinks down into the bubbling water. She closes her eyes and lets out a sigh of relief. We just soak in the bubbly water for a while, suprisingly nothing going on….. until Peggy stsrts exploring my side of the tub with her feet. She finds my balls and slides her toes under them, playfully moving her toes. I keep my eyes closed and my head back. Then i feel her other foot, and she finds my cock and has it between them. Peggy starts stroking my dick with her feet, and now im getting hard. I find her feet and lift them out of the water. I rub the bottoms of her feet with my thumbs, lick her little toes. I flick my tongue all around them while rubbing her feet st the same time. Peggy starts to smile and lets out a little moan. I say to Peggy lets go finish this outside. We hop out and walk over to the shower she has in the corner. The heat from the hot tub steamed up the glass walls nicely, we almost didnt need the frosted walls where the shower was. Peggy and me start to kiss as we rinse off the hot tub wster and chemicals. I get twm handfuls of her ass as Peggy bites my bottom lip. Her hands find my cock and start stroking it while she fondles my balls. I grab Peggys face and kiss her deeply, letting her know these last few days were great. Peggy thanks me for all the work I did and says she now wants to show me how thankful she is. With that she kneels down and pops with covk in her mouth, twisting and pumping her hand at the base, as the shower water runs over both of us. Knowing if Peggy kept this up i would bust, I scoop her up and carry her to the couch in the 3 season room. I spread Peggys legs and dive in to her tasty pussy. Rubbing her clit with my thimb i suck on each of her pussy lips and dart with tongue deep inside her pussy. I reach up and find her tits, squeezing them, as I devour Peggys pussy. Peggy is now groaning and moaning and using the dirtiest language you ever heard from a lady. “Eat my pussy”, ” finger my asshole”, ” eat my ass” and a lot of “oh Gods” and “oh fucks”. Peggy was starting to gush and was trying to pull me away from her pussy. I grabbed her legs and held on until they started shaking. Peggys legs were going crazy and she was grabbing at my head, then Peggy let out a scream and erupted like a fire hydrant. Peggys squirt hit me full on in the face, up my nose and in my eyes. Still going to town on her pussy and ass i had to take a break or drown. I lifted my head but kept working her pussy with my fingers, and Peggy kept gushing, and screaming and moaning. Peggy pulled her legs up and continued shaking, less fluids leaking from her snatch now. I was now rock hard and needed to feel Peggys warm, wet hole. I knelt next to the couch and slid into Peggys wet hole. I slid all the way in and Peggy let out a gasp. She opened her legs back up allowing me to start pumping her. She raised her legs so her feet rested on my shoulders, her tits bouncing as I thrusted. I loved watching Peggys boobs bounce around while she got fucked. One foot at a time I playfully licked Peggys toes again, switching feet every so often. Sometimes I would bend her knees giving me a full view of my cock in her pussy. Rubbing her clit while fucking her really got Peggy going and she would push my hand away. I would push her hand away and go right back to it. It was time to switch positions. I layed down on the coffee table in front of the couch. Peggy climbed on and guided me into her pussy. She hopped up and down as i grabbed her ass cheeks. Then Peggy leaned back, her back on my chest, my cock still in her pussy pumping away.I was again able to get two big handfuls of her amazing titties. Peggy was moaning and groaning again. She now started panting and saying “pull out, pull out”, so i did. When i pulled out Peggy let out a scream and squirted into the air. The first gush got some decent height and distance. I slid back in and pumped again until she said to pull out again. When I did Peggy was furiously rubbing her pussy and her next squirt went farther and higher than the last one. Again I put my dick back in and pumped Peggys super wet pussy. She continued rubbing just above her opening and when she said pull out, I did. This time Peggys was up on her feet, one arm holding herself up, the other hand furiously rubbing her pussy and her third squirt we t clear across the 3 season room, hitting the steamed up wall about 20 feet away. Peggys juice washed away a good spot of steamed up window wall and she collapsed onto my chest, panting and saying “that was amazing”!! I gave Peggy a minute to recover and then asked “what about this” as i playfully tapped her tits with my hard on. She spit a big gob of spit between her tits and told me to have at it. I stradled Peggy and slid my cock between her tits. Between her sweaty boobs, the spit and some squirt juice she was very well lubed up for a titty fuck. My cock almost disappears between her massive orbs, the head poking out occassionally. Each time my head poked out, Peggys open mouth was there for a suck. I squeezed Peggys can together as I built up momentum mercilessly pounding her boobs, my balls smacking her rib cage area. It was time to nut and I knew it. I pulled out from Peggys giant melons and started stroking until I blasted Peggy in the face with cum. The first shot skipped off her forehead and got lodged in her messy hair. The next two spurts hit her nose and up her nose. The last two hit her cheek and ran down her face toward her ear. When the spurts stopped Peggy squeezed the last drops onto her tongues. A few more strokes and Peggy swallowed my cum. She scooped the cum off her face and licked her fingers clean. We were both spent and breathing heavy. I helped Peggy up and we hopped in the shower again. No funny business this time, we cleaned ourselves, then moped up the mess Peggy made. We needed 3 towels to soak up all her squirt fluids. We popped the towels in the washer and crashed on the couch naked, ordered a pizza and opened some wine. When the pizza was ordered I dared Peggy to pay for it naked. She said no, then I called her a wuss. She dared me to do it, and I said we should do it together. I will get the pizza, she pays both of us nude. She agreed. About an hour later our pizza was here. Peggy says she nervous and needs to pee. I tell Peggy she. an pee afterwards. We both sneak over to the door and peek outside watching the delivery person walking up the sidewalk. Then the doorbell rings. I answer the door, hiding behind the door. Peggy shouts “i dont think so” and pulls the door wide open, exposing both of our nakedness. The guy looks and me and looks ill, and then he sees Peggys full nude body, giggling and giant titties bouncing and ass jiggling. I grab the pizza and say “pay the guy”, as the delivery guy stares at Peggy eyes wide open, mouth hanging open in shock. The guy can barley speak, let alone tell her how much. Finally he says the amount, as Peggy drops the money. The guy repeats himself, as Peggy bends over showing the delivery guy her full pussy and ass, taking her time to pick up the money. Peggy finally gets enough money and tells the guy to keep the change. He stutters a “thank you” and walks away, looking back over his shoulder as he goes back to his car. Peggy closes the door and runs over to me giggling. She says “that was crazy”, and does some weird celebration dance. If she were. lithed I would have made fun of her but her jiggling ass and bouncing tits made it all worth it. We had some pizza and wine and hung out on the. ouch nude for the rest of the night.

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