Pt. 3 Blacked out

Pt. 3 Blacked out
So my wife takes a nice long shower as I’m checking out the recordings and those guys are just resting.

My wife then asks me for her drink and purse so I take them to her and she swigs down her drink and has me get her another one.
I bring her another one as she is getting ready to put her makeup on?”why are you doing that I ask her, Its like 2-4am . figured you were going to bed.”

{No honey, you know I always get ready and that’s what I’m doing, }K then, she takes another swig then starts applying her makeup.
“looks like you had fun, you were getting off so good { your sick, why would you want me to do that kinda stuff.}

Come on now honey, you enjoyed it, I watched you and you were having the time of your life{ What ever, It will never happen again,
get out now and you better not ever pull any shit like that again or where done,}she closes the door as I walk out.

Those guys look at me as I walk over and sit down, wow, she for real? ya, that’s the way she usually talks like, man, she acts like she
did no wrong. . she didn’t even ask if we were still here or nothing , wow ,ILL BET SHE FREAKS OUT WHEN SHE COME BACK OUT.

She takes her time then we hear her blow drying her hair , she then opens the bathroom door and walks out.

Oh fuck shes gona freak, but she doesn’t as she sit in a chair next to me.
Hi guys, your still here, my husband didn’t tell me that but I figured you would be so I got ready.

‘well, well you look really nice, oh ya!, sweet! Hot! wow! oh ya baby!
she was smilling loving what she was hearing. come on baby stand up mama. stand up . oh ya, now turn around. fuck ya mama

MJ was wearing just her shirt and she was looking so fine all made up with her hair blown back and a little wavy, her eye makeup was
put on even thicker and it made her eyes look even sexer then ever.

Those guys called her over to them and she went so willingly.
They felt her up really good then one of them asked her to put on her clogs that have 2-3″cork heels on them.

She went and put them on as we watched her and she made it look so sexy doing so then walked so sexy back to them.
They went back to feeling her up and you could see her legs shake

One of the guys laid down at the corner of the bed as the other one got behind her and helped her stand as she bent over the one laying down.

The guy in back of her reached around her and started fingering her pussy real hard and fast plus he had to keep her from falling.
They worked together in getting her positioned so she could suck the guys cock below her then they helped her on top of him so she could ride him.

He fucked her so hard and deep so was begging to stop but she was also pounding him back when he stopped so I think she was just saying stop but not meaning it. The guy in back of her was now rubbing her asshole and getting a finger in it.

My wife never took a cock in her ass ever in her life and never would, so she said before that night.
Out came some lube and it was poured on her ass and that guys cock. The lube ran on the other guys cock too and her pussy which made it go in even deeperthen it did before.

Now my wife was being pulled back by her hair from the guy in back, he had his other hand on his cock rubbing her asshole then he worked it inside her then held it their.

She tensed up some but they both were telling her to relax and she started yapping it hurts, don’t, stop but neither of them moved. she went on and on about that but she relaxed and then she was the one that started to move and it wasn’t long after that that those guys took over and she lost it completely their were noises coming out of her I never heard before and she was making noises from her mouth Id never heard before, this was fucking crazy, then I had to goin them so I pulled my pants off and got up on the bed and she went for my cock and sucked me off in minutes, I covered her face with my cum and as soon as I did she got more from the guy she was riding then she got the last load from the guy fucking her ass.

This was by far the hottest sex she ever had before that nite and then she went in to take a shower and as shr did she was joined by her 2 blk friends

after that they left and I joined her,.It was the beginning of are new sex life

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