Pulling a train on his wife

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Pulling a train on his wife
I’ve known and played with George and Kelly for years. They’ve been in the lifestyle for years and have had other partners over the years to include Charles.

One day I was chatting with George and he said “hey, how would you feel if our friend Charles joined the three of us sometime?” I’d never met Charles but said it’s cool with me.

The night finally arrived and I was at George and Kelly’s ahead of Charles. In fact since I live a distance from George and Kelly I usually spend the weekend with them. Charles finally arrived and we were sitting in the living room having drinks. Charles is a white wine drinker, George a Jack & coke, Kelly a Captain Morgan & coke and I a scotch on the rocks guy. We chatted a bit then Kelly excused herself. She returned a few minutes later wearing a plaid school girl outfit looking great as always! She is a thin woman with small tits and loves sex!

she sat between Charles and I and we started to kiss her and feel her body. Soon she had our cocks out and was on her knees in front of the couch sucking our cocks. She had previously, in one of our earlier play dates, sucked George and I at the same time, in fact I came in her mouth while she had both of us in her mouth once. I suspect she had done the same with Charles and George before as well. I think she wanted to do the same with Charles and I but didn’t.

Kelly got up and took Charles by the hand and led him to the marital bed she shared with George. George and I sat in the living room listening to music and chatting while enjoying our drinks and thinking about Charles enjoying Kelly and she him. At one point George said “if you like cream pies I’m sure Charles will leave one for you.”

After what seemed like like an hour Charles emerged from the bedroom. George said “you’re up”. I walked into their bedroom and closed the door. We had played in their marital bed before and I with Kelly alone when George had stepped out leaving the door open. This was the first time the door was closed and George wasn’t watching occasionally. It was different and more exciting. When I entered the room and closed the door I stood there and removed my cloths. Kelly laid in the bed looking nicely fucked and slutty.

I crawled into their bed and bed and kissed her on the lips. I said “did you enjoy that?” “Hmmmm, yes I did!” We kissed deeply and I asked “did you suck his cock good?” “I did very good!” She replied. We kissed more and caressed each other. I kissed her neck and slowly worked my way down her body, sucking her tits and exciting her all the way down her body. I moved between her legs and softly kissed her pussy looked into her eyes and said “did he fuck you good?” She smiled and responded “yes he did!” I kissed her pussy again and licked her clit softly as she arched her back pushing her pussy against my mouth. Still looking in her eyes I asked “did he cum in you?” Again she said “yes!” I then deeply kissed her pussy and quite simply made love to her with my mouth tasting her sluttyness and bringing her to several powerful orgasims. When I thought she had enough I moved up her body and kissed her deeply so she too could enjoy the taste.

Then i I moved along side her head and shoved my stiff cock in her mouth. She sucked me eagerly and deeply. I even took my cock out of her mouth and guided her mouth to lick and suck my balls. Typically we didn’t do this but tonight was different. Tonight she was our slut. I fucked her mouth some more than pinned her back to the bed put her legs on my arms and fucked her missionary slamming her hard. Then I flipped her onto her front and fucked her from behind for a while then she rode me reverse cowgirl for a bit before I put her back into the missionary position to finish off fucking her deep so I could cum deep in her pussy. We had a mutual orgasm and collapsed in each other’s arms. We held each other for a while recovering. I kissed her and said “are you ready for George?” She said “I think so”. I kissed her grabbed my cloths and walked out.

George passed me in the hall and joined his wife in their bed.

Charles had left by this point so I hung out in the living room relaxing and having another scotch. Almost an hour passed and Kelly and George re-emerged from their bedroom. We hung out together for a while before deciding to turn in. Kelly took me by the hand and said to George I’m going to tuck ______ into bed as she led me to the guest bedroom.

Soon we were both naked naked again and in bed kissing. I asked if she had a good time tonight and she told me how incredible it was and that she loved it! We continued to kiss and again I went down on her. As I started to tongue her pussy she said “oh God, that’s cum from all of us!” I didn’t care and soon she came for me a few more times. Then I laid next to her and we kissed. She moved down and started to suck my cock again. I looked at her and said “I want to cum in your mouth!” She sucked me deeply and soon I held her head and thrust my cock forcefully into her eager mouth. She could sense my impending release and when it hit sucked even more insistently till my balls were drained! She swallowed every bit of it then held me and kissed me goodnight before heading back to bed with George.

a good time was had by one and all!

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