Sex with a stranger I met in the park

Sex with a stranger I met in the park
I am off work now and have been for about 3 weeks, I’m waiting for another contract to start at the end of April, so I’m getting fit ready for an iron man competition I’m completing in August. I run every day, stopping in the park and do a few pull ups and press-ups, all a bit intense right now. Last week, for a few days I was in the park probably the same time as I always wait for the k**s to go to school and for it t be a little quieter, a woman walked through the park, taking a short cut to where ever she was going. I had not seen her before, but she looked over smiled and said, “that looks a bit intense” I smiled replying that it had to be done. She stopped and asked what was the reason for training. I told her and she just said ” impressive” and walked off.

I’m 42yrs old and ex Army, I have always maintained en element of fitness, but now needed to really work at it to stay in trim. The thought of this woman who was I’d say mid 30’s fairies hair (could have been any colour dyed probably) and her manner, struck accord with me. She looked very tidy dress wise. A neat figure hugging pair of trendy jeans. A winter padded coat and gloves and scarf. She looked really good her make up was perfect, not to much, but enough to hi light her features.

I carried on training and she stayed in my mind. So much so I felt myself getting aroused. I made it back home about four miles later and showered. Next morning I consciously left home at the same time, my hope to run into this gorgeous woman again. I had built up quite a sweat as I stayed in the park longer than normal, with no sign of her. I sat and rested for a few minutes and in she walked, looking as good as the day before.
She again made comment, “ah I see the iron man needs some rest” my reply was ” even god rested on the Sunday. We shared a laugh and a smile and I was determined for her not to get away without finding a bit more out about her.

I asked her if she was local, no she said she was from Milton Keynes, but house sitting for her sister. She loved the small town and loved how friendly the people were. She was going to be here for three weeks as her sister was in Australia. We chatted away and she was very open, telling me about her recent separation from a cold empty husband, that this was a great escape at the right time.

I’m married and explained that after 14 yrs of marriage it’s like an old pair of slippers, you know you need to replace them or fix them up a little, but never get around to it. She came right out with “have you always been faithful to her” I stopped dead in my. Tracks, the truth being I’d been a bit of a bad lad all the way through my marriage. My wife never really being that interested in sex and me with a massive sexual engine.

I told her that I’d had my moments..straight back at me came “recently” I asked her if she was wired laughing she said no, I asked her if I could check, again we laughed and she said not he it’s far to cold. We both looked at each tower in silence for a few moments (seemed like forever) so I said, where does your sister live, she pointed over there about half a mile. I asked if she would like a coffee and she said yes, I will make you one. I told her to give me the address as I needed to shower.

Ok she said pausing……there is a perfectly good shower at hers. My god, I was looking her straight in the eye and said, do you make a habit of licking strangers up in the park? Nervous laughs, she said that for all of her marriage she had been loyal and had on many occasions had the opportunity, feeling guilty for years for an office Christmas party kiss, but she had never been further with anyone.

She had found out that her husband had cheated on her lots of times…it hurt her because she never ever suspected. He had told her that she was not exciting enough in bed and even though she tried, he was already into someone else and wanted out. I emphasised that I was married again. She said it’s fine you are an adult, you for some reason have got under my skin, she admitted thinking about me yesterday and going red also late last night.

Standing up straight away I said coffee it is then. For the record I said to her as we walked. She was in my head so, my shower yesterday was a little more enjoyable than normal. We walked and the conversation was a little difficult, we both knew what we wanted and I have to say in tight runners I was having difficulty hiding my arousal. She never commented, but I saw her looking across and down a few times.

We got to her sisters place, a beautiful little cottage, a bit away from the next house. When inside and door closed, I pulled her to me and kissed her straight away. She responded, our kissing was very deep and passionate. I broke away from her and said where is the shower I stink of sweat….no she said I like it kissing me again and flicking her tongue across my neck. In fairness I felt grubby and really needed that shower. I said out the kettle on and show me the shower…

I undressed and had the shower running…getting into the hot water was heaven, my cock was rock hard, but I really did not want to stroke it to much in case I came, such was my arousal. I was washing away and the door pushed open, in she walked naked holding two cups of coffee. Placing them on the bath, she opened the door of the shower and just stared at me, down to my stiff cock, then slid in, on front of me. Kissing her again, this time with my cock resting against her, feeling her open her legs allowing my cock to rest between them. God I wanted her, her breasts were firm and full, her nipples poking into my chest..she pushed away and kissed down my body, the water cascading off of both of us, taking hold of my cock for the first time, she lowered herself, now crouching..looking up at me with water covering her, the. I could feel the heat of her mouth on me, sucking me gently, the. A little deeper. She tried to take it all, gagging but wanted to take it all. She said her husband always forced her head when she did this so she would not do it for him very often.

I eased my hips back and forth, slowly fucking her mouth, on one or two occasions I made her gag by going to deep, but she carried on. I eventually had to pull her up, in fear of cumming in her mouth. I kissed her. She whispered in my ear that I should teach her what a guy likes. I told her she was doing just fine…no really she said, I need to know what a guy would like to do to a woman, nothing would shock her as she felt she needed to experience new things.

I kissed her telling her we liked to hear a woman ask us, maybe almost beg us to fuck them, or to lick their cunts,….her face was a picture when I used the ‘C’ word, she said I could never say that, I hate the word..I made her practice. I asked her what she would like me to do next…I moved down her body to her nipples, sucking and gently biting them as she writhed a little letting out a gasp..

She said, I really like having my Pussy licked…Cunt I told her, she said no pussy. I told her she had to say cunt otherwise I would not do it, so she quietly said cunt…I turned the after off as I was drowning nearly. Say it liver I never heard you…lick my CUNT she asked.

The showers had a little shelf at the back of it. I told her to put her leg up and then let my mouth and fingers find her by now very juices cunt. She gasped again and took a few very deep breathes as my tongue found her clit. She tasted sweet, my fingers slid inside her tight hole easily, her juices running down my face. She came really quickly and ground herself into my mouth as she did.

She apologised and said she would need to shower again. I kissed her, letting her taste herself from my tongue, she pulled away at first, saying she never liked that, I told her to kiss me, she tasted great. She did and within seconds our kisses became more passionate. She was licking the side of my face getting all her juices. They water back on we kissed and held each other.

I could not quite believe my luck. We left the shower and went I to the bedroom, the coffee almost cold by now.
I told her to stand on front of me as I wanted to look at her. She was about 5’6 slim, very tanned apart from a small white string and thing mark, my cock was drizzling pre-cum I wanted to fuck her so much. I kissed her and asked her to suck my cock again which she did, her mouth reluctantly taking me in as she did not and had never liked cum on her mouth, fearing it would out her off. She used her thumb to run over the head, removing most of it, then in her mouth. She sucked me, then said that it never tasted to bad and then flicked her tongue over the end, teasing my japs eye.

Deeper again, the heat from her mouth was just to much, I told her I was cumming, she took my cock out of her mouth and said do it over my tits, no I replied, I want you to taste it, I wanted her to let me cum in her face and mouth.

She sucked and wanked me, her face was not that relaxed, she sucked and stopped sucked and stopped, trying to preempt my explosive organism. I held her head, wanking my cock now for her, I top,d her to open her mouth which she did, I wanked faster telling her I was Cummings, then let it shoot out over her face and then slid the tip onto her open mouth for the second and subsequent spurt, to my surprise sucked my cock…taking it and walking it into her mouth. Looking at me, with com running down her face and her mouth now closed, but she had not swallowed, swallow it I told her, she shook her head no, swallow I insisted and held her head in my hands. She looked a little fearful, but swallowed it, I kissed her mouth, collecting some of my cum from her face and guiding it into her mouth as our tongues flashed over each other’s.

I needed to please her again, giving myself time to recover as I had to fuck her, this might be a one off and I was determined to make sure I had everything. I sucked on her clit among her cum again and again. She was very vocal, which I loved as it spurred me on. Eventually about 20 minuted later, my cock stiffened, I took her hand and placed it on me, kissing her I said for her to tell me what she wanted… She said she wanted to feel my cock inside her. The ask me nicely I said…please slide your cock inside me now I need to feel it she said.
I positioned myself between her legs, I pushed her wide open then let the head of my cock just tease her clot a few times, flicking it using my hand, she gasped and bit her bottom lip as I pushed inside her, she was very tight, but so wet, it went deep with ease.

Her grip tightens rain me, her nails now digging into her, oh my god she said, it feel massive inside me. I fucked her slow to begin with, then faster. I could sense that she would cum very soon which was a good thing as I was again close myself. I could feel her hips rise to meet my thrusts, her pubic bones smashing against mine, she screamed out loud that she was cumming, I let hers subside before all most immediately cumming myself, this time letting her feel my cock twitch inside her. We lay silent for a few minutes, but were both looking at each other, my fingers reaching for her nipples and gently played with them.she was still breathing heavily, telling me that she has not had such an intense orgasm in years.

I leant on and kissed her, telling her how fantastic she was, her look, her touch just worked for me, I wanted to see her again. We kissed and showered again, this time separately as she slipped off to make fresh coffee.
I have to admit I was needing to go, but did not want to seem a fuck and go type. Eventually I said, I’d better get back as I needed to go onto town so would need to change my clothes.

Will we see each other again she asked. I told her I hoped we would and how was she fixed tomorrow same time, only this time I will come straight to her sisters and have a coffee!!! We talked for a few moments more, she asked me if I was quite experienced sexually, I said yes I think so, but no expert of course. She then sheepishly asked if all guys liked anal sex! A. It shocked I said I’m sure not everyone. What about you she asked. I just said, look it can be great if both want it and the mood is right. She said her husband loved it and that’s a big part of the reasons they split. Wel,I said it’s not for everyone. Again sheepishly she said, I’d like to try it, see what all the fuss is about, but you would need to be very gentle as your thick cock looks like it could be painful..tomorrow it is then standing again, cock now again fully solid,kissing her I said in her ear, thank you, you made my day so much nicer..

I kissed her and left.

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