Smoking good and freaking

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Smoking good and freaking
I had used crack in my pass and bcuz of selling it I was locked up for several years. Once released I was paroled to a homeless shelter. While there I met a guy named Franciss who had been incarcerated and had been released a week b4 me. We met, talked and started hanging out together, job searching, apt hunting etc. In our time together we found out that we both like crack and he knew several people who sold it. We both had applied for work and school and both ended up with cash left after our bills were paid. I asked him to call one of his dealer buddies so I could score some high quality crack, and if he knew any women who had a place to party and was freaky when they got high. He called several guys and after seeing who had the highest quality for the best price. I copped a qtr. oz of it and bought a pyrex pipe, brillo, a few lighters, some alchohol,cock hard pills, a multi speed cock ring vibrator, lube and a few dvd’s just in case we find a freak. Franciss bought him a nice chunk and we went searching for some crack whores. We first went to an older blk lady’s apt it was a slight hang out for a few chosen people we went in and I was introduced to Pat who was slim about 43 yrs. and had HUGE titties! As custom you gv whom ever place you’re in some dope for allowing you to hang out. We were sitting at her kitchen table, we all took a hit off of our pipes….it was some REALLY GOOD DOPE!!!! I only put a small piece on my pipe and BAM!!!!! I felt that unmatched rush! Went from my brain through my body to my cock! When Im high theres no such thing as a too old,or fat or too ugly as long as whom ever Im freaking with is CLEAN,obedient and gets freaky when they get high. I’m looking at Pat with lust in my eyes, she noticed, smiled got up and went to the bathroom, she came out I went in and omg! This bitch pussy stink!! It was a definite turn off! I was high and wanted to freak! I wanted to watch porn and be watched! I wanted to be naked or atleast this fat black cock hanging out of my pants! I walked to the store to get whiskey and to see wat i could see……absoloutley Nothing! I get bk to Pat’s house and besides her and Francis there was a couple who was there to try and find some crack. Francis sold them some and the hubby was at the table with Pat and Francis the wife was in the couch I was on a giant bean bag slightly catty corner from the wife, facing her she took a few blast off of her pipe and had a nice buzz, I wasn’t smoking a whole lot bcuz I wasn’t familiar with these people so i couldn’t enjoy myself the way I like too. A little time went by and the couple were just about out of crack and was starting to geek. Another couple came in to buy some and started getting high, the husband of the 1st couple wanted more crack and Francis wanted more, so he gave Francis and Pat a ride to the dealer and left me with the other couple and the wife ‘Kim’. By now everyone is high I’m horny as fuck!!!! Didn’t have internet on the phones then. I had a hand held portable
Dvd player with a dvd that I’d burned that had 4hrs of interacial bi cuckold porn compilations , women riding cocks cowgirl style compilations and tranny riding reverse cowgirl compilations. I was laying back on this oversized bean bag watching my dvd with my headphones plugged in. Where I was sitting in the room was out of the direct view of the other man in the room but the women could see me and the movie i was watching, they both we’re looking at the movie and one another smiling. Seeing that turned me on! I had on some really baggy cargo shorts w/ no underwear and a oversized tank top. I opened my legs more to make them rise some to show my fat blk cock some. When I saw they noticed I knew I was gonna hv some fun! I paused the dvd and pulled the brillo from my pipe spread it out drunk a swig of my whiskey and licked the brillo moistening it. Then I broke about a gm of crack rock and two fat .2gm rocks off my 7gm chunk of crushed the gm down to powder and dumped it into the spread out and flattened brillo and rolled it up, the 2 women and the man sat and stared at wat I was doing looking puzzled, I chuckled and said I’m making a “crack burrito” they we’re astonished and envious of the amount of crack I put on there. I pushed the brillo in my pipe and got it ready and put 1 of the rocks down one end of it, melted it down blew it into my burrito then melted the top and sides with 2 lighters once it
was hot and ready I pressed play on the movie stood up and begin hitting my full crack pipe slowly playing the flame up and down the sides not letting the flame touch it Then I touched the flame to the tip and slowly but strongly inhale the thick pungent crack smoke into my lungs……..the blast was so intense!!!!! The high went to my brain ,cock and asshole!!!!!!!! I took several back to back blast that sent me past the moon!!!!!!!!. I was sooooo high all I could hear was a ringing in my ears!!!!!!!!! I sat down and positioned myself where I could show my cock w/o chick #2’s hubby seeing. On the dvd was a bi cuck licking and fingering this guys asshole while his wife is throating that bbc! Wow! What a turn on!!! I push the brillo in my already full pipe bk and forward a couple times reheated it and took a massive few hits!!!! It sent me over the edge!!!!! Watching this scene, pulling on my cock while these 2 bitches both watch all while Im blowing massive crack clouds!!!!! My cock started getting hard and I’m ready to freak!!!!! I get up and go to the bathroom and lube my asshole and cock then go to the kitchen turned the light off and sat the dvd player on the counter put it on a tranny riding reverse cowgirl on a fat bbc. Put a .5gm rock on top of my pipe and heated my pipe w/2 lighters, started hitting it touching the flame to the tip and playing up and down the sides w/o letting the flame touch it, while rotating the pipe…….the blast was full pungent and thick!!!!!! It sent me to space!!!!!! My ears were ringing with white noise!!!!!! I sat the pipe down and started roughly tugging my cock and looking for something to shove in and out my lubed asshole massaging my prostate!!!!!!!! one of the women walked in the kitchen looking to get water and to ask for hit. I was gonna gv one but Francis, Pat and the hubby came bk. One of Pat’s neighbors came by to try and spend $30. I asked who he lived with, he said no one. I told him if he had a t.v that I could hook my dvd player where I could hv privacy I could gv him a whole gm (gram). He said “hell yeah” “you can hv the living room” “it has a big screen w/surround sound” “I’ll be in my bedroom at the other end of the apt” I asked if he knew any real freaky crack hos he said he could make some calls. So I went to his place and gv him the dope I promised. I needed another lighter and whiskey. I left went through the bk to the store. 0n my way bk I seen a pile of construction debris. In it was a thick broken mop handle, it was broken, about 2 1/2 ft long and about a 3 inches in circumference with a rounded handle,…….ummmm the possibilities!!!……I took it, I found a big folding lawn chair w/ criss cross leather straps. I took them both inside, put a condom over the mop handle and sercured the multi spd cock ring around it, then lubed it good! Sam was still in his room. I pulled the brillo from my super full pipe streched, flattened it moistened it by licking it with my whiskey laced tongue. I crushed .5gm of crack and put on it and rolled it, made a “crack burrito”, pushed it bk and forward in my resin filled pipe then put .3gm rock on each end. I put a mat and towel under the chair so the broken mop handle wouldn’t move. I stuck the fat broken off mop handle through the slats in the lawn chair turned the vibrator to 1/2 way which really vibrated, you could feel it through the floor!!!! I heat
my pipe and started hitting it with a long slow intense pull, inhaling the thick pungent crack smoke through my lungs!!!!!! As I felt the fierce rush of the crack high flowing through my brain, my cock and then my asshole!!!!!! My vision blurred!!!!!, my ears went def with just a bell ranging like big ben in london!!!!!!!! By FAR the best and fattest blast of the night!!!!!! I press play on the dvd which had a latin tranny with nice tits and a little soft cock/clit bouncing as he rides a fat bbc moaning and speaking in that sexy latin voice!!!! I push my wet lubed, hungry asshole on my lubed thick mop handle with the vibrating cock ring turned on half way on finding my prostate!!!!!! I scooted to the edge of the chair so my cock would hang off so I could roughly pull on my dripping fat bbc!!!! & grind on the mop handle. It kept taking me to the edge and Id slow down and do it again!!!!!!. There was a knock at the door Sam went and opened it only after he closed the sliding room divider almost closed. I see Pat with the dealer and a really pretty young mixed wht and latin mature bitch, nice titties nice hips and ass. The dealer wanted to know if I wanted more crack because he was almost out and was ready to cop more but was short on cash and was willing to sell me 7gms for the price of a 1/2 that amount. Sam came to the curtain to ask,lol, I already had the money for him! I told Sam to see if the chick partied he ask, she did. I put my shorts on and after the dealer and Pat lft and went to talk to the chick Susan was her name. I was tipsy and buzzed and ready to get bk to my fun! So I just told her “Sue, I don’t hv time for games!” I need a super freaky sub bitch who does as she’s told and gets freaky from smoking crack”! I want a bitch whos gonna my suck my cock, lick my ass and play with it and likes to get licked and fucked in her pussy and ass. She was on board. I got her pipe and filled it with 2 fat rocks, had her get naked and kneel in front of me. She took that blast and started throating my cock. I fast forwarded the movie to another scene where this guy is getting his asshole finger and toy fucked while getting a blowjob I let her stop to watch and told her that’s what I wanted. She smiled and said “whatever u want daddy” so I gv her lube and she re lubed my asshole and started throating my cock. I told her when I shake my head start finger fucking my ass with two fingers curled up massaging my prostate, then I pushed my full pipe a few times and heated real well then put a 1/2 gm rock on it and started taking a massive blast!!!! It was incredible!!!! I nod my head and while she was throating my cock started finger fucking my ass!!!!! Terrific!!! We freak and smoke for awhile i fucked her ass and pussy and licked her in both holes and she did the same. We took a break from smoking and freaking showered had some drinks and after awhile I decided it was time for me to cum! We lay several really thick blankets in the floor with some pillows. I got my mop handle toy put a new condom on it and lubed it and my asshole. I find a scene on my compilations where a sexy latin tranny is riding reverse cowgirl on
a fat blk cock and on the same bed there’s a white girl and latin girl sucking a fat blk cock and fingering his prostate! There was other fucking but the scene was alot of close ups on the 2 I described. I got naked with susan and filled her pipe with about a 1/2 gm and mine damn near a gm had a new brillo with ovr a 1/2 gm inside and 2 fat rocks on both ends…. we heat our pipe up, I tell Susan to take her blast 1st so she can be ready for her instructions! As she starts to take her 1st ever blast with this much of this quality of coke I’m heating mine. She takes the 1st blast and it sends her to the moon!!!!! She starts to rub her pussy! I make her take several more big mind blowing blast that sent her where she’s nvr been b4!!!!i make her lay on her back where the top of her head is facing the t.v and I straddle her face where im facing the t.v. my pipe is full and heated to the max!!!!!! I tell her after I take my 1st blast to stick the mop handle in my asshole and fuck it against my prostate while I start face fucking her. I start hitting my full pyrex pipe putting the flame to the open end and up and down the sides while inhaling deep taking in ALL THE PUNGENT CRACK SMOKE!!!!!!!! THAT WAS THE BEST BLAST!!!!!!!!MY MIND SPINNING!!!!!!MY EARS RINGING!!!!! MYCOCK AND ASSSHOLE PULSATING!!!!! I took bk to bk blast while I was fucking Susan’s face!!!!!!! She stuffed the mop handle in my asshole and was fucking it good, massaging my prostate!!!!! I took one last blast and shot cum down her throat!!!!! A fitting end!!!!!

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