Susan and John go shopping.


Susan and John go shopping.Susan was just parking her car at the shopping precinct when her iPhone pinged. Txt ‘Hi sue, what’s happening babe.im rained off. Gone for a beer.’She face timed him. ” hello you sexy man. Hope your still getting paid haha””Course I am can’t afford to not be with you about haha””That’s true coz I’m at the Metro Centre I’m shopping for Tunisia, thought I’d buy some new bikinis maybe.”” oh don’t waste any money. Just go naked. Hehehe””Pervert””Who me?? Haha now babe you know I love you flashing that hot bod of yours. Haha. Give me a flash of ya tits I’ve not seen them for agees”” piss off I let you watch me shower this morning. My iPads gonna go rusty with all the steam it’s gotta put up with.””Don’t care I’ll buy you a new one. Had a nice wank watching you. Mmmm”Johm loved watching Susan showering, but the best was when she had a bath. She would take a dildo in and give him a private sex show. Susan opened her blouse and pulled her left breast out of her bra. She pulled her nipple up by the gold sleeper lodged there. It went hard immediately. She lowered her phone so her pervy husband could see her playing with her nipple. “Ok? Happy? “She returned the screen to her face and adjusted her dress. “Me…I’m always happy. Specially when ya showing me ya nips. Haha. I’m hard now babe look……” He dropped the phone to his crotch area and ran his fingers over the length of his cock. His 8″ was nearly popping out of the bottom of his shorts. “Watch that thing doesn’t jump out. Dont want you getting you arrested. I need some money coming in. Haha””Be your fault if I do babe. Your so fucking sexy. Giz a flash of ya cunt babe”Susan hated that word. She replied “no way. I might have, but not when ya call it that, so piss off. John laughed. He knew if he pressed her she’d do anything for him. ” right babe I’m going to the bar. Text ya later. Don’t worry bout bikinis we’ll find a nude beach. You know I love ya flashing ya bits”. He did too, they’d had many tales to tell of Susan exposing herself in some way. Some blatant, some carefully manufactured. All fun. ” I’ll f/t later if I see anything I like. Is there anything you want?””Mmm see if you can flash 3 times in an hour!!! Haha.””Ok no problem. I’m meeting Les for a coffee, think he’d be more than happy if I gave him a look ant my boobs and cunny, don’t you?”” for fuck sake pet you’ll kill the old bastard. Nah not him. I’m sure your fucking him anyway. I think he’s making a cuck out of me hahahahaha””Mmm might be. He treats me better than you. Hehehe”” well there’s one thing certain….he won’t have a bigger cock than me eh?””Well there’s one thing certain pervy. That’s something I might know but you never will” she stuck her tounge out and cut the call. She smiled to herself. She fucking loved that man. Her friend Les would indeed love to see her ‘bits’. They had a real laugh at work. He was a dirty old bastard. He’s got a fuck buddy and we swap stories. John knows about him but doesn’t know I tell him most things we do. That’s her little secret. She’s flashed her thong at him hundreds of times he loves it. He would indeed love to see her naked but he’s an under wear freak and wants her dirty knickers. Haha. She’s done that with John before…..putting a soiled pair of knickers in his lunch box when he’s driving south again. He stops for a sandwich on the way down and finds them. He always brings them back. Haha. Les wouldn’t. Haha. She walked into the centre and needed a pee so went to the toilet. She went into the toilet and sat down releasing the flow into the loo. She got her phone out and took a picture of her wiping her cunny dry and sent it via snapchat to john. She giggled as she exited the stall and washed her hands. “Bitch” the text read”I know”. She sent back. “Have ya flashed Les yet?””Na, think I çubuk escort might just take him home and suck him off””Don’t let him in ya arse. That’s mine””Think ya might find that that ‘arse’ is my arse””Haha well make sure ya snowboard him like you do me” “Ok that’s fair. Can he fuck me?””Better think about that one mmmmm?””You worried in case he’s better than you?””No fucking way””He is!!!!!! Hehehehehehehehe””Hahaha your funny…….not”. “You going for a wax? Mmmm”Yes I’m booked in at five. Les is coming to watch. It’s his birthday treat. Haha””Your nothing but a slut!!!!” “But you still love me””Oh yes. I’d love you more if you’d walk through this bar door.””Sorry I can’t I’m meeting Les lol””Your nothing but a cocktease.””Your cocktease. Lol””And les by the sound of it haha””I like les, but I love you coz your my llover and and my life.”” I know babe. Love ya to. Go get shopping. Txt ya later. Snapchat something good later. Ok””Pervert.”Sue had an hour to kill before she met Les for lunch. Les is her pal from work. He’s been a good friend to her through some tough times and held her hand when she was going through a rough time with John. Sue thought john was having an affair about six years ago, and Les kept her feet on the ground and and stopped her from doing anything rash. Sues head told her he was having an affair because when he came back for the weekend she was only getting sex maybe once a day, sometimes once a weekend. This was compared to 3/4/5 times a day. Turned out John was really stressed at work and he had been getting a load of grief off his ex wife. Les had told her to ask him if there was a problem that she could help him with because she could tell there was one and it was starting to affect her. That weekend John was back and Susan made sure they were left alone, as per Les’s advice. Les had called it right and John told her everything. He had been scared to tell her about the trouble with his ex wife because Sue would have went round and ripped her head off. Susan is an accident waiting to happen some times. John had been relieved to get it off his chest, but to this day knows nothing about Les’s involvement. He just thinks he is an old pervert out to screw his wife. Susan has never forgot, and never will, the help he gave. They have grown really close over the years. Sue went into an Anne Summers shop to buy some new underwear for there up coming holiday. She had a good look round and left having spent nearly £150 on bras and knickers. When she looked at the tiny little bag she thought…..’I’m worth it’. And laughed. She walked into a Nandos restaurant and had a good look round for Les. She saw him in a corner talking to two women in there 30’s. He’s a smooth talking bastard, she thought. He saw her, said his goodbyes and walked over. Les is in his mid 50’s but doesn’t look anything like it. He’s full of fun and doesn’t act his age. “Now then ya sexy bitch. Your looking your normal head turning best.””Well it just comes natural….if you’ve got it flaunt it”They embraced in a tight hug,,Les lifting her off her feet firmly gripping her backside with both hands. “Ya looking good girt””Thank you kind sir…was i interrupting something, you dirty boy!!””Haha just passing the time of days with a couple of girls””You forget I know you….you’d shag a barbers floor!!!” “Only if you were lying on it. Haha””Les your a bad man””It’s the company I keep…your a bad influence””Let’s just say we’re similar minded eh.””Dirty fucking minded more like” Les roared laughing. Susan took his hand and found a table away from the lunch time crowd. There chat could get a little raunchy and best to keep it private. They got a drink and ordered some nibbles before ordering there meal. “So, how was your weekend? the big man back for the weekend, çukurambar escort wasn’t he?” He asked with a dirty smile. “Oh just the norm…sex d**gs and rock and roll”, she said coyly. “Without the d**gs and rock and roll……lady, I know you hahaha”. “Yes John got back Thursday at near midnight and left Monday morning early. I was very very brave and didn’t cry till he left. “”I there’d be tears running down ya face and spunk running down your leg hahaha. I’m right I’m right. Haha” Les just told it the way he saw it. She always cried when John left, but she always woke him 30 minutes before he really needed too, so she could have one last climb on the big mans pole. She gave him a playful slap, not even blushing. She couldn’t deny it, it was all true. John leaves at three am, and goes to bed at eight o’clock Sunday night. Susan goes up at one thirty and wakes him up with her mouth on his cock. He leaves home with a big smile and an empty ballsack. “Three””Five” hehe I win. “You always win ya dirty bitch. I should have an age handicap. Hahahahaha”. Les and Susan have a friendly bet every time John is home. They compare the number of times they have had sex on Saturday and Sunday. Blowjobs hand jobs don’t count. There has to be intercourse. “Two””Thee””You bitch, you fucking bitch I thought I’d get you there. I never fucking win hahaha. Your such a bitch” he leaned over and gave her a kiss on the cheek. The second bet was like a double or quits one. The sex outbside of a bed was a ‘bonus point’. “Hehe. You’ll never beat me old man, I’m the best””Sue ya a slut hahaha Johns slut…..good girl….I fucking love it when you get plenty cock.””Mmmmmm so do I “”Spill””Saturday over the bath and in the garden. Sunday over the kitchen table.””Fuck that’s good, beats my Saturday in the shower and Sunday on the couch. “Two””Two””Yes….get in you beauty.” Les laughed. At least they’d equaled blow jobs. A blow job couldn’t be involved in a sex session, it had to be separate. They had been playing this game for about three years now. Susan nearly always won. Even when she’s on a period she’ll just drag him into the shower twice a day. Les loved it when she won because he felt proud that he’d helped to sort there problems out. “Now tell me about the garden one…that sounds interesting. I’ve been in your garden it’s not that private. Your a nasty girl….haha””You’ll be surprised to know there was a bit of beer involved…john went outside for a smoke and I went to get him and he just dropped me on the lawn and did me there. There was still lights on in the house at the back but fuck knows if they saw us. You know what I’m like for nooky outside. Hehehe”. “I dont I know it. That grave yards got a bare patch in the corner where you keep the grass flattened. Haha””Sssssh keep your voice down, I’ve a reputation round here””I a fucking bad one….haha” “So how’s that hussey of yours” Sue said changing the subject away from her exploits of having sex in the town graveyard. “I she’s a good lass””She’s a hussey!!!!” Susan wasn’t a prude by any stretch of the imagination but she didn’t really ‘get’ Les and his girlfriends relationship. They’d been in a friends with benefits relationship for a long time, and Susan couldn’t get why they just didn’t move in together. “She’s not. She just needy. Haha….. Needs my cock. Haha””Your both in your 50’s and behaving like k**s” Sue scolded playfully. “Well we will see if your still rutting like a couple of dogs in 15 years when your our age.” He retorted playfully. Sue loved this man for his humour and honesty. She would loved to have known him in a parallel universe. “Na things are good…she’s a laugh and great in the sack but she’d drive me mad full time. She probably thinks the same about me. Haha. Couldn’t demetevler escort be around her k**s and grandk**s. My nappy changing days are long gone. Haha””Bet she’d marry ya on the spot if you asked her””What’s in the bag?” Les’s turn to change the subject. “Holiday naughtiest””Let’s see””No….there for Johns eyes only””Go on. It’ll give me something to ‘think’ about tonight “”When ya having a wank…your a dirty boy hehe””Go on…please. Ya going to anyway ya just a cocktease haha”She opened the bag and pulled out a Harriet Aqua black babydoll, Savage Beauty black bra and thong sets and various pairs of silk black thongs. She held up all her purchases. For Les to scrutinise. “I’m just popping to the toilet…haha””Do you want me to help you.” She teased. This was the game they played. “If you think your up to it. Yes.” He quipped. They ordered another drink. Susan’s phone pinged. “Where’s my pic”. John. “Two secs Hold on.” “John…be back in a minute””Ok I’ll order…do you want your normal…””Yes piri piri.”Five minutes later Susan returned. “Nipple or pussy?””Gave him a treat…one of each…hehee””Susan. Your such a slut. I love you haha”Les knew all about Susan and John taking sexy pictures and exchanging them. She occasionally took proper photographs and sent them via email to John. The tamer ones she shared with Les. Her phone pinged again. She opened it and smiled. She turned her iPhone round and showed Les a page of smiling smiley faces. John liked her pics. “He liked them. Eh?””Yip. So he should…I’m hot…””I a piercing and a smooth pussy…don’t get much hotter than that…”””Well, ya cud get your clit done””Well actually……””Fuck…you haven’t….you cow…you didn’t tell me…I’m hurt…” Les feigned sadness. “No hehehe. I’ve not….yet….I, thinking of getting it done for Johns birthday.””I’ll do it…please….I’ll do it. Go on let me….hahahahaha””Ok”. Les nearly choked on his beer. They both were creased up laughing. People were looking but they didn’t care. “How the fuck do these guys get jobs like this. ‘And what do you do for a living?.. Oh iam a clit piercer’. That’s fucking class” “But think about it…for every fit bird like me” she boasted “there will be dozens of fat mingers who haven’t had a wash for a week eh? Not nice…””No but I’d do all the training and pierce your clit then quit….”hahahahahahaha””Mmm but it’s a three year course…john would be an old man before he got his birthday present.”””Well make it for his 50th hahahahaha ” This was how most of there dinner dates went. There meal came and they continued with the innuendos while they ate. Her phone pinged again. ‘How much have you spent ?? xxxxxxxxx”She typed her reply. ‘Les and I are in Anne Summers now’. She winked at Les not telling him what was going on. “Make him pay!!!! xxxxxxxx””He will…he’s just making sure I look good in them!!!xxxx””Your such a bitch!!!!””You get to take them off””I know. They always look good on the bedroom floor!! xxxxxxxxxx'” “Love you””You to”She gave les the gist and they laughed together. There meal finished they organised there next meet. “Ok Johns back a week Thursday. Can you get your hussy for that weekend. You’ve a lot of points to score!!!””Think so. Now I’ve been thinking bout this. You’ve got an unfair advantage. I’m 15 years older than you. I think a half a Viagra a day is more than fair. “Les can’t get it up. Les can’t get it up” she sang. “It’s ok for you. You just spread your legs….AND your always moist….hahaha””Hehehe ii am. Your right….ok half a day. That’s the deal.”They stood up and gave each other a hug. As always she had loosened her 501’s, and as she turned her back on Les she bent at the waist allowing her jeans to expose her black thong, the string disappearing between her arse cheeks. She looked over her shoulder to look at the beeming smile on les!s face. She straightened and adjusted herself, turned, and as they gave each other a huge hug, they kissed each other on the cheek. They had there fun. But respected the boundaries. Les thought to much of her to spoil a perfect friendship. Bring on the next score card.

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