Teacher’s Punishment


Teacher’s Punishment
As the new assistant dean of the Business department, I was determined to increase the caliber of our offerings to that of a four year university’s. I planned to start by auditing some of the courses of the more experienced teachers to see what techniques they may be able to share with the rest of them. From the instructor evals, I see that Prof Randy PSR is very popular. I think I’ll start with him first to see what the secret to his success is.

Evening classes are typically filled with older students trying for their degrees while working full time. It’s always interesting to see the diversity of the classes. I decide to sit in the front of the class to I can get a good look. Since I’m new, Prof PSR doesn’t know what I look like, so I can get an honest portrayal of his abilities. From his picture in the business department’s yearbook, he looks like a pretty handsome guy. I decided to wear my double-sided strap-on under my skirt with the setting on low to simmer my pussy in vibrations while I listen to a lecture on HR. I’m wearing my leather crotchless panties over the top so that my penis is free to roam a bit. The other end held snug inside me, taunting me to grind my hips on the seat.

As I day dream about the new man I met online, the students start to shuffle in and take their seats. Prof. PSR is setting up his slideshow to get ready for his lecture. His tall lean body is very pleasing to the eyes. I wonder if he’s sleeping with any of his students? I’m looking forward to seeing what makes him so popular with them. After he introduces today’s topic, he turns off the lights and begins going thru his slideshow. Since it’s dark and no one can see, I decide to turn up the heat on my vibrator to medium and start sliding my legs back and forth to grind it up against my lips. Prof PSR tilts his head as if he hears something and looks my way. He looks me up and down, pausing a second at my large breasts, as I give him an angelic smile. I decide to play with him a bit by crossing and un-crossing my legs. Since he’s in the front of the class, he’s the only one that can see under my skirt. He nonchalantly peeks up my skirt and his eyes widen in disbelief. He shakes his head and convinces himself that he must have been mistaken. There’s no way one of his students is flashing him with a strap-on dildo under her skirt. Just wishful thinking on his part. He’d been talking to his online mystery woman about her pounding his ass, so it’s been on his mind a lot. So he continues his lecture, peaking at this woman trying to get a second look. She was smiling in contentment and subtly grinding back and forth in her seat.

As he was about to go turn on the lights, he took one more glance as she slowly crossed her legs while giving him a piercing and direct stare. She briefly paused before settling one leg over the other and stroked her upper thigh. Between her creamy white thighs hung an actual vibrating dildo. She looked him up and down and then winked mischievously at him. All the while, diligently taking notes about his lecture.

As the class is winding up, I’m feeling pretty naughty and riled up. I’ve been fucking with Prof. PSR’s head a bit more than I intended to. I guess I’m hornier than I thought. You know what they say, never go to a grocery store hungry. Oh well, I planned on making some of the male teachers my pussy slave anyway. Might as well get started tonight!

When I look up, the last of the students are leaving the room and he is staring at me in puzzlement. He’s trying to decide if he’s sure of what he saw. “Hi Professor PSR, I’m Dean Chandler” I say as I reach for his hand to shake. I use both my hands to shake his and give him a quick squeeze. “Nice job on the class today. I can see why you are so popular with the k**s. I’m here to evaluate your performance and give you some feedback.” I purr as I eye him up and down. “Really? I hadn’t heard that anyone would be auditing. I just thought I had another fan in the front row” he says charmingly.

Ignoring his comment, I say sternly “You’re obviously an excellent lecturer, but I notice that you’re not following the established administrative protocol for classes. I’m afraid there is a pretty stiff penalty for not doing so.” A look of alarm flashes across his face and his eyes cast downward. “I’m sorry Dean Chandler, but I don’t think they are that important” he sasses. “Are you challenging my authority Professor PSR?” I say menacingly. For a moment he looks like he’s going to rebel, but then he looks down and says, “No Mam.” “Good, now go get that yard stick from the blackboard and let’s get down to it.” I state.

Obediently, he goes to get the yardstick and hands it to me. “Good, now pull down your pants and bend over the table. It’s time to give you your punishment.” He stares and me and then starts to chuckle. “Very funny Dean Chandler. I’m glad to see you have a sense of humor.” As I hit my hand softly with the yardstick and stare at him, I retort “Do I look like I’m k**ding? The longer you make me wait, the more punishment you will get. I promise you do not want to get me mad right before you get your licks in.”
He glances at the unlocked classroom door with a window in it and then back at me. “Surely you don’t expect me to expose myself when anyone could walk in and see us?” he says as he wonders how she knew this was one of his fantasies. He can’t believe his luck in having it come true.

“I’m waiting professor….” I say as I slap my hand harder. Obediently he pulls down his pants and bends over the table. His eyes on the front door to make sure no one comes in. “Good boy Randy. Now grasp each side of the table with your hands and no matter what I do, do NOT let go. Understand?” I whisper sinisterly. He nods his head in compliance with a spark of anticipation in his eyes.

I admire his body as he’s sprawled across his desk. The desk is just the right height for his hip level and mine to merge. He doesn’t know I plan to do more than spank him with a yard stick. I had planned on easing into things, but since he sassed me, I think it’s prudent to immediately establish the hierarchy of this relationship. I take the yard stick and quickly snap it so that it smacks his ass smartly. A lovely pink mark is left on his firm white ass. I repeat the slap on his other check so that they are both glowing and pink. He startles and then sighs in appreciation. Ahhh…..I see he’s done this before and likes it. Good to know. I bend the yard stick back and smack him repeatedly on his ass and his thighs until they are a nice burning red color. I look around his hips to see his cock his hard and pulsating with need. “Spread your legs more and tilt up your hips. I want to see your rosebud. Do it fast or I’ll be spanking it as well.” I dictate. He does as he’s told and I see his pretty pink rosebud winking at me. I lift up my skirt.and adjust my strap-on so that it’s ready for use.

I place the head of my cock gently at his welcoming pink entrance and slowly push forward. Using a ruler now, I start spanking his ass in a steady rythm and rock my hips forward to penetrate a little deeper. I’m timing it so that the penetration and the spanking are done in sync. Slowly I push in deeper and deeper into his ass until I’m all the way in. I reach down and increase the vibration to full speed so that we can both feel it vibrating inside of us. Each time I push into his ass, my end of the vibrator pushes inside my pussy. The deeper I penetrate him, the deeper it penetrates me. Throwing the ruler to the side, I reach around and stroke his hard cock in the rhythm of my penetration. We’re both flushed with excitement and wet with perspiration. I can feel the need building inside us both as I push faster and faster inside him. He is one sweet ride I think to myself as I push forward for one final thrust. I throw back my head and moan in erotic abandon as I climax. My pussy trembles around the vibrator and my hand strokes him to completion. We both fall upon the desk in sated exhaustion.

Taking the vibrator out of us both, I toss it aside on the desk. “Professor, you’ve been very bad. I hope this has taught you a lesson. Now lay on your back on the desk diagnally.” I order. As he positions his head at the corner of a desk, I walk over and sit on his face. My pussy is still pulsing and warm from my orgasm and dripping in juice. “Now clean up my pussy, don’t leave a drop. While you’re at it, my ass could use a little teasing as well.” As I grind my hips all over his face, I can feel his lips and tongue teasing my cunt. He licks around the entrance and plunges his tongue in while sucking on my lips. God that feels good. He’s obviously done this before. I may have to audit his classes more often! Rolling my hips forward, he licks me from front to back with expertise. Sensing that my ass is a major erogenous zone for me, he wets his thumb and starts circling the rim of my rosebud for awhile. There’s nothing so sweet as an ass massage like this. As I start to climb the ladder of excitement towards orgasm, he slowly starts plunging his thumb into my ass. In rhythmic syncopation, he licks my pussy while thrusting inside my ass. I grind my hips on his face in time and start trembling all over as I scream out in Ecstasy. My pussy trembles and I shudder in satisfaction. Climbing off of his face, I kiss his lips and taste my juice on them. I just love tasting myself on someone else’s lips.

As our breath returns to normal, we hear someone yell from the back of the class room “Bravo! A+ professor PSR. Now I know why everyone speaks so highly of this class. That was one hell of a show!” Startled, we both turn towards the voice and stare at him in shock. “Well, it looks like one of your students is definitely going to get an A this quarter.” I said with a mischievous smile. “Now remember to follow PCC’s administrative rules. I don’t want to have to correct you again Professor PSR.” The professor nods and says “Yes mam. Thanks for setting me straight.” Smiling internally, he tries to think of more rules that he can break so she can rock his world again. Little does she know that what she considers punishment, he considers a huge reward.

“The End…or is it just the beginning?”

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