that time i fucked a midget

that time i fucked a midget
it all started on a dating site. i had been on it for two months with little luck one day i got a message. her name was amy. we talked over a week and got to know each other. we even ended up having phone sex once. her last message to me was asking if i wanted to meet. there was a shop down the block of her apartment and that would be a good place to meet. i knew by how she was talking that meeting met sex. i was ready for it. i put on a nice tight t shirt and my jeans, i was freshly cut and carry with me condoms and gum just in case. i got to the shop a bit early so i got something to drink and waited

i didnt have to wait long as soon after i drank half my drink i heard a voice. “hello there sexy, glad to meet you, im amy” she said as i looked up to see she wasnt what i thought. she was beautiful just very short. “hi there happy to meet you” i said as she smiled. i see you think i would look like this” “well it was a bit of a shock but not a problem for me, i dont care about looks.” i said as she sat down. we talked briefly until she said “how about we go back to my place for a drink?” i said yes so we went.

her place we nice alot of pink but still nice. i sat on the couch and she came back with two drinks. she sat close to me she was wearing tight jeans and a low cut shirt. her hair was long and lipstick was dark red. she put her hand on my knee and moved up and down. i lend in to kiss her and she garbed my face and kissed me back very deep. “you seem like you have been waiting for this” i said with a smil. “yes i have i want you inside of all of my holes” she said. i took her shirt off and she took mine off then she got up and unbucked my pants. she pulled out my hard dick and with both small hands stroked it up and down. she spit on it to get it nice and wet then started to lick the head. up and down she sucked my big dick. i was amazed by how much she was able so get down. soon i stopped her and lifted her up and ripped her pants off. i rested her on top of me and sliped my dick in her pussy. she took it all and all the way down. i fucked her over and over in and out making her scream as i fucked her. soon we both came.

her tits were nice and big so i layed her down and started to rub my dick between her tits. sliding my hard dick between her tits she started to lick it when it was close. her nipples were very hard so i played with them as i licked her tits. i came all over her face and she licked it all up. i got down between her legs and started to lick her wet pussy. i and out all around my mouth licked her. she moved and wigged and i eat her wet pussy. licking her clit and going deep in her little pussy. i grebed her tits as i did and she seemd to love it as she cum right there.

she got on the chair with her ass facing me and said :i said all my holes” she spreed her ass checks open for me and i without warning jamed my dick in her ass. she screamed for pain and please and i pounded her hard. i garbed her ass as i fucked her more and more her rubbing her cult as i did. i smacker ass as hard as i could and she said more so i smacked her more and more untill we both came. we went to the bed room and she got on top of me. she rode my dick like a real cowgirl. before a came she stooped and warped her lips around my dick and sucked it as i came. she licked every drop and swallowed it all. before i left we kissed and parted ways. it wosnt the last time i would see her but that a story for another time. the end for now

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