The Seven.

The Seven.
‘Out of control’ was written on the report which now sat on the Abbot’s desk.The old Abbot read the report on the seven naughty teenagers who had not alone consumed alcohol ,but had made life a misery for many of the residents of the locality.It was a lengthy report made up of numerous statements made by people who had either witnessed or experienced the bad behaviour of the teenagers. Now the Abbot had the fate of the seven naughty teenagers in his hands and once he had finished reading the report he meditated on their fate.Corproal punishment was the answer;something that this group of tearaways needed desperately.The Abbot had consulted with the parents of the seven who had agreed for the Abbot to make a decision ,the parents were also judged for not bringing ‘proper and correct discipline into the lives of their off spring’ and the Abbot had spent over an hour administering his cane to the naked bottoms of f******n adults.Feeling much too exhausted to now administer the punishment to the seven naughty teenagers,the Abbot had decided that he would charge Pater Bede with the task of bringing the group to book and leaving them in no doubt that they would suffer a more worse fate if they were sent to the Monastery again.Pater Bede had received the invitation to punish the seven with great delight from the Abbot.The monk woke on the morning of the punishment to a feeling of great excitement.He dressed in his long,black woolen habit and cowl and went to morning prayers and then breakfast,all the time the excitement was rising in him. The teenage gang was expected to come to the Monastery at 11am that morning and so Pater Bede spent the time preparing in one of the classrooms,he had carefully placed the cane he would use on the seven bare bottoms on one of the desks and looked out of the window at the driveway below,waiting for the group to come into view.He could feel his heart beating with the excitement of what was to come,but what excited him the most was his erection,he felt a deep and satisfying thrill at the prospect of viewing seven bare bottoms bending over the desk as he brought his cane down on them.He looked at the classroom clock,it was ten minutes to eleven,and then he saw them;three boys and four girls coming through the huge,wrought iron gates of the Monastery and walking up the long,winding driveway.They were laughing and pushing each other about,they clearly were displaying an attitude that they couldn’t care,Pater Bede became resolved to administer each stroke to each bare bottom hard.

The Monk stood by the blackboard,he heard them walking up the corridor,getting closer to the classroom and then finally he heard their voices outside,giggling ,before a knock on the door.
“Come,” Pater Bede said.
The door opened and the first to come in was a girl,then another girl ,then the three boys and finally the last two girls.
“Close the door,young lady,” the Monk said to the last girl who pushed closed the heavy door.
“Stand in front of that desk,side by side and face me,” the Monk ordered,pointing to a desk in front of him.They were beautiful,he could see that,very attractive,he knew that two were eighteen and five were nineteen,he knew they should have received this form of punishment along time ago.

The seven all stared at the monk,he had a stern look on his face as he returned the stare .
“Do you know why you are here?” the Monk asked.
“Yeah,because you lot are perverts and look for any excuse to spank bums,” one of the boys answered sarcastically.
“It is that very attitude that has seen that you are now in the position that you are in…his Worship,the Reverend Abbot has decreed that each of you should be punished and he has tasked me with administering your punishment,a punishment that is richly deserved and long over due,” Pater Bede said as he looked at each of the naughty penitents in turn he could feel his penis pulsate.
The group stood in silence,maybe it was something in the expression on the Monk’s face which made them realise that they were in serious trouble now and that by the time the Monk was finished with them they would not be able to sit comfortably for quite sometime; they began to exchange nervous glances at each other.

The Seven were in for a good thrashing.Dean,Paul,Colm,Karen,Mandy,Amy and Linda all were about to receive the unwanted attention of Pater Bede and his cane.

Pater Bede took a seat and then said,” I want you all to turn around and face the desk and then bend over that desk,I will call you over to me one at a time and I will first put each one of you,in turn ,over my knee and spank you,then it will be time to bring the cane to bear on you”. The Monk watched as all seven turned and bent over the desk,they knew there was no way out of this except to take whatever the Monk had in store for them.Dean,Paul,Colm,Mandy,Karen,Amy and Linda all bent over the desk side by side,glancing at each other with now nervous looks on their faces.
“Dean,come over here to me boy,” the Monk ordered.
“Oh,fuck,” Dean whispered to the others as he stood up and turned to face the Monk who was rubbing his hands gently in expectation of the spanking he was about to administer to this naughty boy. Dean walked over and stood at the right hand side of the Monk.
“I will allow you remain clothed for the spanking,” Pater Bede announced as if doing them a great favour.”Bend over my knee,Dean,” the Monk said.
Dean bent over the knee of Pater Bede,it felt really strange lying there waiting to have his bottom spanked by the Monk.Then the first slap landed,the Monk was using his hand.As his hand came down on the right rump of Dean’s bottom,Dean could feel that the Monk took the opportunity to gently squeeze his bottom.Dean shifted over the Monk’s knee.”Steady boy,if you move again I will have your trousers down,is that what you want?”
“No,Pater,” Dean answered.
The Monk brought his hand down again and again.Dean lost count of how many times his bottom was slapped by the Monk,but it seemed to go on for awhile.Finally Dan was ordered to stand and return to bending over the desk.
Mandy was next and she too felt the Monk gently squeeze her bottom as if he was aroused and enjoying every moment she was over his knee.As Pater Bede spanked Mandy he looked down at her very pert bottom and then looked at the other bottoms bending over the desk,he smiled,he was going to take his time and enjoy punishing these naughty teenagers.Paul was next,then Colm and then Karen,who cried over the Monk’s knee.Amy begged the Monk to stop but he ignored her pleas and finally Linda who called the Monk and pervert,making her friends laugh,but soon the laughing stopped when the Linda began to receive a much harder spanking than the others.

Once the seven were bending over the table again, Pater Bede who was still sitting on the chair feeling flushed after spanking those seven very beautiful bottoms then decided the caning should take place and as decreed by the Reverend Abbot,each naughty individual would receive , ‘…ten good ,hard strokes of a suitable cane….’
“Now,each of you will receive ten strokes of the cane as proscribed by His Worship,the Reverend Abbot;I want each of you to bare your bottoms,take down your clothing from your waists down and prepare for the cane,” Pater Bede said,trying to control the excitement in his voice.It was too late,the seven had all heard the excitement in his voice.Colm took a quick glance around and saw the Monk place his hands on his habit,as if pressing down on his penis,
“Fucking pervert is enjoying this,” Colm whispered to the other.
“Fuck,what are we going to do,I dread the cane,look at it on that desk over there,” Amy whispered.
The others took a quick glance and saw a school cane lying on a desk.
The cane used on the bare bottoms of the naughty seven.

Pater Bede watched as his penitents began to bare their bottoms,Tracksuit bottoms and jeans were lowered followed by shorts and panties.Finally the Monk could view the seven naked bottoms that he had been waiting for. He was now very aroused and had some difficulty walking quickly to the desk where the cane was resting.He took the cane in his right hand and stood behind the seven,gazing with excitement at the seven naked bottoms. Pater Bede walked behind each bare bottom,scolding each naughty teen and allowing his long habit to brush off the bare posterior,enjoying the sudden movement this caused in the penitent.Then the Monk decided that Linda should be the first to receive the cane. He stood slighty to her left and placed the cane across her bottom,which was only slightly red from the spanking he had administered to her.He looked along the row of seven ,bare bottoms,which all shared a slight red glow from the spanking he had given each one.
“Beautiful bottoms,” he thought to himself.He could feel a beaming smile on his face as his penis began to pulsate;then he brought the cane up and placed it back on Linda’s bottom as if to take aim,this made her jerk her body.
“Steady,girl,if you do not keep position I will give you more than the ten prescribed strokes,”Pater Bede said.
he then brought the cane down,hard,the resulting stroke make Linda scream out and buckle at the knees.Pater Bede placed his left hand on the end of her back to help steady her as he brought the cane down again and again.She screamed,loudly,as each stroke seemed harder that the last.Her bottom felt on fire as the Monk brought the cane down again.
Once he had finished with Linda,who was sobbing uncontrollably ,the Monk moved to Paul and caned his bare bottom,ten strokes delivered with great vigor, and of course personal excitement.Paul cried out after the fourth stroke.Then it was the turn of Karen,who was also reduced to a sobbing mess,likewise was Amy who tried to stand up ,but the Monk forced her over the desk with his free hand,for that Amy incurred two extra strokes as did Colm for moving out of place.Dean bore the caning well,he did not want to show weakness in front of the girl’s,but when it came to Mandy receiving the cane,Deanl remonstrated with the Monk,Mandy was Dean’s girlfriend.After Pater Bede finished caning Mandy and reducing her to a flood of tears,he returned to Paul and administered three more hard strokes of the cane across his bottom and four strokes of the cane on his hands for his outburst.As well as Dean the other six then had to stand facing Pater Bede,naked from their waists down and hold out their hands.The Monk delivered two slaps to each penitent’s hand.As the boys stood in front of him with their hands stretched out the Monk couldn’t help but see their penises,all three boys were semi erect,no doubt because they were able to view the girl’s naked bottoms.When the girls stood in front of him with their hands outstretched ,the Monk watched in great inner excitement the expression on their faces as he brought the cane down on their hands. Once he hand finished caning their hands,Pater Bede ordered the seven to bend over again and he spent quite sometime walking along the row of seven,bare,very sore looking bottom,scolding each penitent and spending sometime rubbing each bare bottom,groping only served to increase his excitement.Dean,Paul,Colm, Karen,Mandy,Amy and Linda dared not move,they thought it best to leave the perverted Monk do what he liked in case he took the cane to them again.

Back in the privacy of his room that evening Pater Bede pleasured himself while savouring the vision of those seven,bare bottoms.

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