The Thrill of the Wait Part 2


The Thrill of the Wait Part 2
My cock teases your wet, juicy pussy as your hands reach up to grab my hips to force me in, but before they get there I grab onto them and tie the to the bedposts on the bed. You moan as you tug at the bindings unable to free yourself, completely at my mercy now. My cock returns to your pussy, teasing your aching pussy. I slide the head of my cock in slowly, teasing you so much, making you lift your hips up and try to take more of my cock inside your pussy. My hands force your hips to remain on the bed, keeping you as still as I can, trying to tease you as much as you can take it.

Your moaning increases as my cock head slides in and out of your pussy, finger teasing your clit and other hand moving between your nipples. Your moans slowly turn into begging for more of me inside you, pleading with me to fill your tight pussy with my throbbing, hard cock. I listen to you beg for a while, until I can no longer take it and bury myself deep inside your tight pussy. It feels so damn incredible wrapped around my cock, I can feel it pulsing around me with each pump of my cock.

I start pounding into you harder and faster as both of our moans fill the room up as well as the sounds of our bodies slapping against one another. I feel you clench tight around my cock and you let out a loud scream, your hands and arms still struggling with the binds as you explode with an incredible orgasm that sprays my chest with your cum juices. My cock reenters your pussy once your squirting completes, and pounds you even harder and faster than before, hoping to keep you on your orgasmic high.

My cock pounding into you gives you a couple small orgasms as well before I feel myself building up my own orgasm, I am so full of cum, and my balls are ready to unload inside your pussy. You know I am close and your legs wrap around my hips, as you start begging me to cum inside your tight pussy, to fill you up with my hot cum. Your begging pushes me over the edge and I explode deep into your pussy. We orgasm one last time together, our juices combining and leaking out of your pussy slowly as I keep pumping into your pussy.

I slide out of your pussy, and its leaking out cum and all sorts of tasty juices. I release you from your binds and before I can do anything else, you throw me down on the bed and tie my hands up in the binds that I just released you from. My body and mind is stunned by the quickness of what is happening and before I know it, your pussy is grinding against my face. My mouth opens and my tongue slides out tasting not only your sweet pussy, but also my own cum. I moan as I taste both of us and my mouth is filled with my own load as my tongue enters your pussy and tongue fucks you as you grind yourself against my face.

You keep grinding on my face as my tongue keeps tasting more and more of not just your own juices but my cum as well, my face covered in both of our juices and it is incredible, my moans as I keep tasting myself fill the room as yours do as well, as you are getting closer and closer to exploding. Your grinding increases and suddenly you scream out as I feel a rush of juices flow into my mouth and over my face and neck.

You slide off my face and look at me before licking and kissing my lips. You do not remove the bindings from my hands, but instead tie my legs up with them, making my ass hang in the air. My breath shortens as you lean into my ear after tying up my legs and whisper that it is my turn to get pounded hard.

To Be Continued…

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