vacation lust

vacation lust
The first day you get here we spend the afternoon at the beach. You’re hot and sweaty since you just got in to town so we go for a swim in the crystal clear blue water. Every once and a while we just kiss passionately and I give your ass a squeeze, bringing you in closer just so you can feel my cock underneath my shorts. Every time you feel it I can hear you gasp a little but every time you go to touch it I move your hand away, teasing you a little bit. Making you wait. We dry off and sit against one of the mangrove trees to watch the sunset, you between my legs. I start to gently kiss your neck as I run my fingers softly around your waist and up your sides, up and down and around, once or twice. Just as I start to kiss and suck your neck a little harder I find your tits and cup them between my hands. Again, you gasp. You’re so caught up you don’t even realize that at the water’s edge a couple walks by. Too far to really tell what where my hands are, but present nonetheless. Again, you feel the bulge in my shorts grow against your back. You reach around to try to feel it, I let you run your hand against it for a few seconds before I move it and whisper “wait” in your ears.
Once we get back to the room we go to shower off before dinner. I soap your entire body for you, starting at your neck, working my way down your arms, moving to your sides and to your stomach, working my way up through your tits and finally back down against them, under them, stopping at your nipples to give them a little pinch. We kiss passionately again. I bend down and start scrubbing your feet, massaging them for a few minutes each, staring up at you as water flows down your hair and chest. I work my way up each leg, stopping on both just before your pussy, which at this point I can feel the heat resonating out of it. I clean it and rub it, making sure my finger lightly brushes your clit, you instantly grab my head and shiver. Then I turn you around to soap up your back and ass cheeks, spending a considerable amount of time on each cheek as they are my favorite. Just before I finish I reach between and stick a finger just partially into your pussy, surprising you as it happens.
Your turn, you take the soap and rub my chest, squeezing it with the other hand to feel how tight my muscles are. You seem to do my body pretty quickly but happen to spend a considerable amount of time on my crotch. You begin sliding your hands up and down my hard, soapy cock, soaping my balls and rubbing them with your other hand. You kiss me hard and deep and pull me in by my cock. You’re trying to rub it against your clit but I only let it brush against it before I pull away. I’m teasing you, and I’m making you hurt by doing so. You beg me, “daddy, I need to feel it”, but I simply whisper “wait”.
I surprise you as you’re drying off by the bed, I quickly, a little abruptly bend you over and spread your legs. I quickly drop to my knees and shove my face under your ass to lick your now dripping wet pussy, I get a mouthful of your sweetness and find my way to your clit. I begin licking and flicking it furiously, one hand on your back keeping you bent over as you uncontrollably arch your back up. My other hand is massaging and stroking your long legs, squeezing your thighs and ass. This goes on for a full 5 minutes until I stand up and tell you to get dressed. You’re aching for me to slide it in and I can see it as you stare at my hard cock, you tell me “let’s go to dinner after, fuck me first”. Again I whisper in your ear “wait”. Your face has the most sincere look of disappointment and frustration. I kiss your neck and step aside. As I watch you dress, I tease you by stroking my cock at you, watching as you try different things on, each one looking amazing around your tight ass and sexy thighs. You decide on a light pretty little skirt/dress thing that we both agree you’ll be comfortable in. Just as you go to slip on your sexy little thong I stop you and tell you, “no underwear tonight for you, I want to be able to touch it whenever I want tonight”. You’re a bit reluctant at first but I convince you with a quick finger to the clit and the thought of “Daddy” reaching his hand under the table and sliding up your thighs to feel your heat is more than enough to convince you to leave them home.
All throughout dinner I whisper what I want to do to you, I tell you the outfits I want to see on you and how every night before we go to bed I will make love to you, alternating the nights that we just fuck each other hard. I explain to you that when your pussy is sore I will just go down on you until you cum and you can please me the same, or you can stroke me and whisper dirty sexy slutty things in my ear. While doing this I occasionally, as promised, slide my hand on your thigh in the quiet restaurant, getting close to the heat that I feel from your pussy. As we wait for our check I go in for the kill and really start to massage your clit, you finally move my hand aside, we pay and you jump up and practically drag me back to the room.
The minute the door closes behind us your mouth is locked against mine, YOU take control and throw me on the bed, pulling your skirt up a little so you can straddle me, I grab a glimpse of your cream dripping against your leg. You quickly pull up my shirt and rub your hands up and down my body, you then undo my shorts and release an equally eager cock. You squeeze it so hard that it instantly releases the backed up pre-cum and it slides down your finger. With the sexiest look I’ve ever seen on you, you bring it to your mouth, watching me seductively the whole time, you lick a little and then slide it between your lips to get the rest, just as you would an ice pop. Driving me crazy, I arch my back and you feel my cock grow harder between your grip. This turns you on and you quickly slide back on my legs to get my shorts off, hungrily taking my cock into your mouth you spend 5 minutes licking and caressing it, almost spoiling it with attention, making sure you trace each vein and crevice with your tongue. You swallow the head and suck extra hard while releasing it, swallowing my balls whole and licking them with your tongue inside your mouth, your eyes never release their contact with mine.
Once you’ve had your fill of sucking and playing with my cock, you look up at me with it in your hand, in front of part of your face and say “Daddy, I’ve been a real good girl and I’ve waited so long, I need you, I WANT you to fuck me now!!!! I need to feel this throbbing black cock in my white pussy!” “You have been a good girl love and Daddy is going to please you for it tonight! How do you want it?” Without saying anything you slowly crawl up onto the bed, sexily biting your lip and looking a little shy for being so naughty. You crawl on all fours to where my head is and turn around, lowering your head and looking back at me. Your ass and pussy are right in front of my face and you say “Daddy, since I’ve been such a good girl, I want you to fuck me like a dirty girl!! Get behind this and give it to me good, make me cum like only you can all over that cock!!” Without hesitation I sit up and take my position behind a shining pussy and a supremely tan, tight, ass. You reach under and palm your pussy, taking the wetness and sliding it on my cock as you guide it right to where you want it. The second it slides it you let out a long moan “ohhhhhhhhhmygoddddd Daddy, It feels so fucken big! Yessss, fuck my white pussy, shove it deep, longggggg slow strokes!” To which I abide, feeling your pussy tighten as my cock slides in and out, from tip of head to the base, each time I re-enter feels deeper and deeper and each time I fill it you rub my balls on your clit. After a few minutes of this you push up on your hands a bit and start fucking me back, pushing your ass against me, slow at first but soon your thrusts meet mine harder and harder, you throw your head back and with a grunt in your voice, command me to fuck you harder, “Come on Daddy! Fuck that pussy, smack those balls against my clit, UGHHHH, that’s it!” My hands grab your hips and I really start laying into your pussy, smacking your ass. You shout out, louder than you ever have “OHHHHHHH yesss, Daddy, that’s it, fuck me with your fat black cock!! You’re going to make this white pussy cummm, yesss, make this white pussy cum all over that fucking black cock!!!!” I lose it and grab you harder, pulling you up and against me by your tits I start pounding away till I quickly pause, then immediately slam it deeper into you sending you over the edge and you scream out “HOLYYYY SHITTTT YESSSS, I’M FUCKING CUMMING ALL OVER YOUR COCK!!!”
Almost a minute goes by of you slowly sliding back and forth on an extremely wet cock, you’re taking up the whole orgasm as you massage my cock with your tight pussy, slowly purring until finally you stop. Practically plunging onto your side, your eyes seem to be fixated on my cock, I look down to see it shining and the base covered in cream. At the same time, you reach out and grab it, pulling it closer to give it a little peck on the tip. You roll over and without hesitation or much of a break you pull your legs back, exposing the shiniest pussy I have ever seen. “Well Daddy? I’ve been a good girl and you’re doing a great job at fucking me like a naughty one so come on, pound me some more, make me cum again!! You said you would, you said you would please me, so please me, I want more and you have to give it to me!”
Twenty minutes of fucking goes by, as I reach under you to grab your ass with both hands I start to come down harder and harder, you match my strokes by lifting your hips up, letting me get deeper and deeper. With one hand I work my way to your asshole, sliding just the tip around it, massaging it and getting it ready for entry. “Daddy, yess, slide that fucken finger in my asshole, you know I like it!!!! You made me your dirty little slut and now I want to cum on your cock with your finger in my asshole!!! DO ITT, MAKE ME CUM!” I slide it in there and start to fuck you even harder, kissing your neck and sucking right behind your ear, alternating sides. You start grunting and finally you moan in my ear “Dadddddddy? “ “Yes”, “Dadddy, my pussy feelsss sooooo good, you’re fucken cock is driving me crazy, your finger, your licking, you’re driving me nuts!!! “ “Good baby, that’s what I want, I want you to feel amazing!” “Daddddy, I doo, daddy, suck my tits, don’t you dare remove your finger and keep fucking me good!” At this point im ready to lose it but I manage to hold back just so I can abide by your wishes. You take your hands and push your tits together so I can have access to both of them, sucking and licking each nipple, hearing you moan louder and louder “ohhhhh DADDDDY, YOU’RE GOING TO MAKE ME CUM!!” “Oh yes baby, that’s what I want, Daddy wants to cum too!” “ugh ugh ugh, yess ugh OHH DADDY!! You know what I want?” “What baby?” “Daddy…uggh yes, I’m ready, I want you to fill me up, I want to cum to the feeling of your HOT, BLACK COCK CUM AND FILL MY WHITE PUSSY!” I instantly lose it and we both fucking cum while convulsing. Neither one of us can move and we both fall asleep, my cock still inside your extremely wet pussy!

….to be continued!

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