Watching my Father fuck his young Secretary


Watching my Father fuck his young Secretary
As Deborah bends over at the filing cabinet, John glances up from his desk and admires the view. The coffee-brown, wrap-around dress she’s wearing today highlights her stunning, statuesque figure, her long shapely legs, womanly hips and well-proportioned behind.

Its late and there’s no one left in the building and John’s son is not due from the train station for at least another hour…

He gets up and wanders over to stand behind his voluptuous secretary. As she rises back up from the filing cabinet and turns around, she instinctively reads the look in John’s eyes. Smiling, she encircles her arms around John’s head and closing her eyes, tilting her head and opening her mouth, they begin to passionately kiss…
There’s nothing like a cancelled lecture on a Friday afternoon! I smile to myself, as I plonk myself down in a window seat of an earlier afternoon train out of Birmingham bound for home, after another week at University.

I had tried to call my father just before boarding, but his office phone rang out. What the hell, I’ll just get there early and surprise him! Besides which, It’ll give me chance to try and chat up his new secretary if she’s working late again! I consider.

As we trundle out of the city and head into the suburbs, I reflect how lucky my Dad is to have a gorgeous secretary like that working for him. The MD of the company, he’s an average looking man, in his mid-forties, but with an enduring gift of the gab, who’s always had a bit of an eye for the ladies, especially work colleagues and secretaries.

We’d recently moved and I suspect one of the reasons was because of a nurse called Chrissie, who my Dad had been spending a lot of his time with, whilst working at the hospital. Then since he started his latest job, there’d been his French secretary, Catherine. She simply oozed sex. He told me how when they went away to a conference together and that she’d offered to sleep with him, but that he turned her down. I’m not sure I believe him though. Apparently she then went on to pick up some other guy, and though she didn’t actually have sex with him, he was certainly satisfied after their night together! I still wonder if it was my dad’s cock she’d sucked dry that night, and he just wanted to tell someone indirectly about it…?

Its not lost on me either, that my father seems to have a bit of a crush on his latest secretary, Deborah. Often he remarks to me about how gorgeous she looked today, or how he couldn’t take his eyes off her boobs or dark brown nipples peeking out from underneath her blouse. He even jokes how she’s wasted working for him and instead should be making her fortune as a topless ‘Page 3’ star…

I’m shaken from my thoughts as I hear the tannoy announce we are now arriving in Leeds. I’m a good forty minutes earlier than normal as I take the short walk through town to my father’s offices, for the lift home with him. The place is desolate as it usually is this time on a Friday afternoon, the workers all allowed home a little earlier for the weekend. The solitary girl still on reception, knows me well by now and buzzes me through without asking for ID, nodding whilst continuing to chat away to her mate on the phone about where to go out this evening.

I hop up the flight of stairs to the office floor, past the empty desks, type-writers switched off for the day and lights turned out. As I near my father’s office at the end of the carpeted corridor, I hear his secretary, but her voice sounds a little different to normal, whispered almost. As I get closer, I can now make out what she’s saying, and it stops me in my tracks!

“Is that good, John, is that how you like it?” she purrs.

Fucking hell!?! What am I hearing..?!? Rooted to the spot, just yards from the open office door, I strain to listen and make sure I’m not imagining things…

“Oh Deborah…” I hear my father sigh, alongside noisy slurping sounds. I edge closer to the crack between the door hinge and being a naive, young student, am stunned at what I see.

My father is laid back in his big desk chair with his eyes closed and between his legs and on her knees is his young secretary, Deborah. Her tongue is greedily slurping up and down his erect shaft, her hands cupping his balls, while the wrap around dress she has on, is open at the front, allowing her breasts to swing freely to her bobbing action.

As an inexperienced teenager, I’ve never had or even seen a blow-job before, let alone someone blowing my Dad! He’s groaning as she comes up gasping for air, with pre-cum glistening on her chin, as thoughts start to race through my mind.

What the hell should I do? Should I storm in and demand “What the fuck are you doing? What about Mum?!?” or should I just skulk off down the corridor and give them 10 minutes or so to finish? Instead, after a moments reflection, I lean back in to peer through the crack of the door…

I do so just as Deborah is standing up. Those breasts really are a sight to behold, especially to a teenager! Big, heavy melons, with large brown areola and big nipples pointing away from each other.

“I want your cock inside me, John…” she demands, as she steps out of her open dress. Still in high heels, black stockings and suspenders and matching black panties she is a breath-taking sight. Slowly she lies back until she is horizontal, legs parted, beckoning my father, her still heeled feet on the arm rests of his chair.

My Dad duly moves forward, his throbbing manhood glistening from her spittle, his trousers round his ankles, a ridiculous sight, as I look away once more. I hear her gasp as he enters, and peer back to see my Dad slowly start to fuck her. With every deliberate thrust, her ample tits wobble and jiggle mesmerizingly. My Dad is clearly hypnotized too and is unable to resist grabbing and squeezing them as he begins to pump faster and harder into her wet hairy pussy.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Deborah cries to each thrust of his hips and as I watch his bottom contract and relax, she grabs for his tie and pull him down closer.

Wrapping her long, stocking-clad legs around her boss’s body, they are face to face now and begin to kiss passionately, all the while my Dad is whispering unfathomable words to her.

“Fuck me, John, fuck me harder!” Deborah suddenly demands, and my Dad duly obliges, the wooden dark oak desk creaking under their exertions.

At this point I step back again, and lean my back against the corridor wall, half listening to their coupling groans, sighs and sweet nothings, half thinking. I’m in some sort of dream here and I’ll wake up in a minute! My own hard on, however, tells me this is no dream, and I can’t help but start to stroke myself through my trousers.

A minute or so later and their rhythmic grunts subside, and I think they’re done… Not so fast!

She’s now pushing her boss back into his large reclining chair. My father sits there with his member twitching and throbbing away, all red and engorged, aching for Deborah to be on him. Facing him, she takes a couple of steps forward and pulling her panties to one side, slowly mounts…

Letting out a loud groan as she impales herself on his manhood, Deborah’s arms encircle my father’s neck and smiling, slowly, tenderly, she kisses him. Lust quickly get the better of them though, as tenderness gives way to passion and the kisses get deeper and needier. My father finds Deborah’s hair grip and releases it, allowing her long brunette hair to tumble down her back.

“Fuck me, Debs. Fuck me!” my father breathes, and that’s exactly what she proceeds to do. My father grips her ample buttocks and Deborah tilts forward slightly and starts to grind and bounce on top of him, her heaving breasts swinging wildly in front of my father’s face as she does. He cannot resist them and catching one in his mouth, he sucks and nibbles at the soft luxuriant flesh, as she cradles his head in her hands
Suddenly, I notice over Deborah’s shoulder a picture of my mother, framed and perched on my father’s desk, as if looking on at the scene too, and instantly I feel guilty for not intervening. But like my father, lust is overcoming me now. She clearly doesn’t stand a chance when up against such a sexual creature as the alluring young woman, currently mounted on my father’s cock.

Deborah is fucking my dad hard now, with all the enthusiasm of youth, and as the pace quickens, I hear my dad groaning ecstatically beneath her…I have to look away at this point for a moment, otherwise I may well cum myself, I’m staggered how long my Dad is managing to last with this dirty bitch grinding her cunt on top of him.

While I take a moment, the chair’s groaning and creaking noises continue unabated, until finally I hear my Dad announce, “I’m going to cum, Debs!”

“Don’t cum yet!” I hear her demand, “Don’t you fucking cum yet!”

As I peek back in, Deborah is bouncing hard up and down on my father, helpless beneath her. Her bottom is gyrating furiously on him now, as they both pant and groan together, and I’m wondering if the chair will contain them.

“Now! Now you can cum!” she suddenly cries, “Give me your hot cum John. Shoot your spunk up my pussy!”

I don’t know if my Dad has superb control of his emotions, or if the dirty talk takes him over the edge, but he responds almost immediately, “I’m cumming Debs!” he cries, almost in relief, and with that statement follows three or four loud grunts, as he presumably shoots his load inside her snatch.

Deborah is herself climaxing, clawing and clinging to him tightly, kissing and biting his head and ears, her body trembling uncontrollably, as they share their most of intimate of moments.

With that, I move quietly but quickly away, leaving them to their post-coital embraces. I sneak down the corridor to the toilets, where I lock a cubicle and unzip my fly. It may seem a strange way to react, but as a typically horny 19 year-old male, my first priority now is to deal with my own hard on!

I sit there, my brain a heady mix of lust and anger, going over in my mind what I’ve just seen, as I tug away…that big brunette whore fucking my Dad, the black stocking clad legs gripped around him as he plunged into her…those gorgeous big heavy tits… With these vivid thoughts and pictures racing through my head I quickly blow my own load into the toilet bowl…

I give it another 5 minutes or so, while I compose myself and think what to do. I’m disgusted by my father’s betrayal of my mother, but at the same time, can’t help feeling a begrudging admiration of the fact he’s managed to land such a gorgeous woman, barely half his age…A woman I, myself, would love to fuck. I put myself in his shoes and wonder would I be able to resist her charms either, even if I was in relationship…?

Gathering my thoughts, I make a purposefully noisy walk back down the corridor knocking as I walk through my dad’s still open, office door.

“Hi Mark!” he says looking at his watch, “Blimey, you’re early, wasn’t expecting you yet!”

“No, I bet you weren’t.” I reply, grumpily, catching the eyes of Deborah, causing her to look guiltily away…


The journey home is a different one to normal, as we take a detour to drop Deborah off at her house first. As I watch her walk down the driveway to her house, her bum cheeks wobbling provocatively in the tight wrap-around dress I’m envious of my Dad. She is one helluva package and clearly a great fuck too!

As we depart, she briefly turns her head to flash my father a little smile and wave over her shoulder. They think I don’t know their little secret, but even if I didn’t the little looks and actions between them are a dead giveaway.

“Look I know it looks suss, but don’t say anything to your mother. I was up to eyes in it and Deborah was kind enough to stay behind and help me finish off.”

“Right. Is that what they call it nowadays!” I pretend to joke, as my Dad switches the radio on and we head back home, and to my mother…

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