Wife and Boss 4

Wife and Boss 4
On saturday, Veronika went to get her hair done, finger and for nails painted red with slut written on big toe nails, when she got home I trimmed her pussy hair, leaving a 1″ wide strip. At 5 she started getting ready, sheer blk seemed thigh highs, sheer blk French bra, make up and perfume, then put on a sheer blk wrap around mini dress, we left at 6:30, got to Prospect store a couple minutes before 7, was a parking spot in front with a sign with my name on it so parked there. I got out came around and helped Veronika out, with type dress she had on, her let’s were fully exposed to her pussy when she got out. Walked to front door of porn store, Jerry D, the huge blk guy Sal had said they should get to fuck Veronika up her ass held door open, when she walked thru he ran a hand over her ass, told me he is going to enjoy fucking my wife’s fine white ass. We walked thru store, several customers staring at Veronikas almost naked body,got into elevator and went up to 4th floor, Mick was waiting for us, as we stepped out he gave Veronika a long set kiss, slid hand inside her dress and felt her cunt, as he broke kiss he told her he wanted to that before she had cum all over her lips and in mouth, put arm around her shoulders cupped her left got and we walked down hall,Mick asked me if I was ok with my wife being the entertainment tonight, told him yes,as long as she s not hurt, he said maybe spanked and laughed.
We walked into a large room and was several older men sitting around on couches and chairs,I counted 11 men plus Mick he told me grab a beer and sit in chair in corner, looked at Veronika and was she was nervous, when I say down Mick told the men ,this is Veronika, she’s Kens wife, 21 years old and live sucking cock s and eating cum, then untied the belt holding her dress closed and slipped it off. Told her turn around show everyone your hot body then told her walk around let them feel how hot your cunt is, I watched as she stood in front of each man and let him feel her cunt, finger her suck her nipples, stick cunt juice covered fingers in her mouth. Noticed Mick had sat on a side chair ,had his dick out already hard and wet with precum, as Veronika stood in front of 11 th man, Mick said come here cock sucker, Veronika turned saw Mick shaking his dick at her and walked to stand in front of him, he told others watch this as Veronika went to knees and slid her mouth down his dick, started bobbing her head up and down, she used her left hand to jerk dick as she sucked, could see her wedding rings sparkle as she sucked. Other men started getting dicks out, some dropped pants, others just pulled dicks out, she sucked Mick for about 10 minutes then he held her head and could see her swallowing, he finally let her go when his dick was soft and slipped out of her mouth, he told her 11 to go. Looked at me said lot of fun for your wife to eat, maybe some in her cunt and ass too, I watched as she got on knees in front of next man, started sucking his dick, took her 10 to 15 minutes to suck each cock off, but swallowed every drop of cum from each, some of them left after getting sucked off. Mick got behind her as she sucked a guys cock slid his dick in her cunt and fucked her as she sucked dick, while she sucked last cock, Mick started cumming in her cunt, as soon as he pulled out another guy said he wants to feel that young cunt around his dick, got behind her and started fucking her.
In all she swallowed maybe 16 loads of cum, was fucked by 6 of the men and sucked all dicks clean of cum and cunt juice, her thigh highs were around her ankles, French bra was laying on floor and fun dripping down inside of her thighs. She Sent to clean up in bath room, Mick fixed her a drink the asked me if I thought she would be ok making a few porn videos, hosting a white wife being gang fucked and eating cum, I told him she didn’t mind that tonight did she? She came back to room, asked I didn’t mind what? Mick told her sucking a lot of cocks,eating cum and being fucked by several men. She just said No I didn’t but a couple guys cum was bitter, but still.liked it, Mick laughed said you are a cum hog.
Veronica took her drink, sat on Micks lap, as he played with her tit s he explained about the porn movies, she said why not, only thing missing tonight was a camara, then Kick dropped the bomb, told us Sal and Tony want to watch Jerry D fuck you up the ass, after you suck him off, Veronika looked at me, asked Mick if she had a choice, he told her no, it’s going to happen, then told her she s gotten his dick hard again ,to slide her cunt down it. I watched as she fucke D herself on his dick and he cupped her tits, pinching and pulling her nipples. After they both came, she got up, Mick dressed , as she started to put her dress on , Mick told her leave it off walk thru store like she is.
Will get back to telling about mom in next post

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