wife used-true story

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wife used-true story
My wife had been hinting that she wanted to be gang banged again, her fetish was to be blindfolded in a hotel room then have people come in and use her, one after the other or a group at one time, as I took photos and filmed everything, so I put an add on Craigslist it didn’t take long before the first response came in, I started to weed out the flakes, jerks and other bums, until I had found about 17 guys all shapes and sizes, the one last mail arrived, it said ‘’ still looking? 26, 6 foot 1 inch, big cock, lots of cum’’ with a few photos, I opened the first one and it showed a young man (no face shot) good build, with a long thick cock the ruler he held against it showed it to be almost 9.5 inches long and thick , the second one was of his cock entering a pussy doggie style, it looked as if he was stretching her cunt out to the limits, last was a video, I started it, it showed him on top of a girl pounding his cock into her, she was lost in the heat of the moment moaning and taking his big cock, he pulled out of her and started to shoot his load, the first rope shot out, then the second, going out of camera view, the rest hit her belly and pussy hair, the camera man pulled back to show that the cum shots had made it to her face, I had to stop it, I couldn’t believe what I saw, there with her face covered in cum was my step daughter Jennifer, I started the video again as the camera man said open up your mouth, then he shot his load in Jennifer’s mouth and on her face, I replied back asking him if he was free Friday night about 8:30 PM he said yes, I let him know what hotel and room number that was booked, and told him I would meet him outside the room.
Friday rolled around, we checked into the motel around 4PM it was a rundown place right off the freeway close to a truck stop our room was in the back , if no one showed up I thought we could get some truckers to fuck her, my wife said she was going to shower and get ready, I told her I was going to get some beer and drinks, as I left I pushed the bathroom door open and pulled the curtains open a bit hoping who ever walked by might see something, I texted Joe to make sure he would be there at 8:30 and sent him a photo of my wife’s cunt, when I got back there were a couple of black guys looking in the window, I watched them grabbing their cocks a few times, then I walked up with the drinks and told them if they came back around midnight they could fuck my wife all the wanted , they laughed and said okay. As the time approached I stepped outside to meet Joe, he arrived right on time I meet him with the password, and at first he was a bit shocked to see me, I reassured him it was okay, that my wife was blindfolded, she would never know who was fucking her.
As we entered the room she was laying on the bed in her thong and bra, I told her the first guy was here, and made sure that everyone knew the safe word, joe took his clothes off fast, just a baggie pair of shorts and tank top, he got on the bed, next to my wife, took her hand and placed it on his cock, she took a deep breath, saying god he’s big , she started to stroke him until he was hard, he then pushed her head down to his cock and she started to suck him taking as much as she could in her mouth as he pulled on her nipples she was rubbing her cunt getting it wet for him, after about 20 min of cock sucking he pushed her on her back, grabbed her legs and pushed them up to her shoulders and drove his big hard cock deep into her cunt, it didn’t take long till he was balls deep in her hairy cunt pounding away at her, she was moaning taking everything he gave her, he pulled out and rolled her over pinning her head to the pillow, he took the 10 inch rubber cock that was next to the bed, and some KY, he got her ass ready to be used , he pushed the rubber cock in her ass and worked it in and out till she was ready, he picked her up and set her on the table so that the rubber cock would stay in her ass, he pushed her legs open and jammed his cock back in her cunt, fucking her like a mad man, she was going wild with the big rubber cock in her ass and his big cock in her twat, he exploded deep in her cunt, filling her with his cum, so much it started to flow out of her, still with his cock in her, he picked her up from the table and held her in place, he walked to the bed and dropped her on it, the rubber cock fell out of her asshole, she lay on the bed legs open cum running out her used cunt, someone knocked at the door, I asked who it was, he used the password, I opened the door to 2 very black men , the took one look at my wife laying on the bed legs open cum running out of her cunt, Joe, dressed and I walked out with him he thanked me and said he would call later.
As I returned to the room I saw both men naked on the bed with my wife, one had his cock in her mouth the other sucking her tits, they then turned her over and took her doggie style fucking her wet cunt, one would cum in her then pull out and make her suck his cock clean, as the other fucked her, this went on for about an hour, when I got a text from Joe , all it said is when I call just listen, 5 min later Joe called me, I could hear Joe and Jennifer talking, Joe was saying yea baby suck my cock, lick it suck it good, there I was watching now 5 guys fucking my wife and listing to someone tell my step daughter how to suck his cock, the same cock that 2 hours before was fucking her mother, Joe was telling her about a party he was at saying he fucked some old woman and shot a couple of loads in her, he asked Jennifer if she could taste her cunt on his cock, she said yes it was so good, he asked he if she wanted to eat the cum from the old woman’s cunt, she said yes she wanted to do that again, he told her she had to be blindfolded and he would lead her into the room strip her naked and she would then suck the cum from the old woman’s cunt and lick it off her tits, she said yes I want to, then Joe moaned I’m cumming he hung up.
TEXAS, TEXAS I snapped back to what was going on around me, my wife was yelling TEXAS, our safe word, I asked her what was wrong she said she had to use the bathroom, she had so much cum in her she needed to clean up, two guys helped her up as she stood up a big glob of cum fell out of her pussy, she had cum leaking out her ass, all over her tits and face, 3 of the guys left, I walked to the bathroom door and saw my wife in the shower with 2 guys about 20 yrs old, the were washing her body, she let out a yelp as one guy pushed his finger up her ass, I took 2 summer’s eve douche out of a bag and handed one of them to a guy, he took it and inserted it into my wife’s pussy, squeezing the bottle to empty the contents in her cunt, I had them turn her around and bend her over, I shoved the other bottle up her ass and emptied it into her rectum, she let the water fly out of her with all the cum that was in her, after she was clean, we guided her back to the bed and laid her on the wet spot, the guys went back to work on her fucking her and making her suck their cocks, someone knocked at the door, it was the 2 black guys from earlier, I opened up, one guy said man you ain’t k**ding can we fuck the bitch all we want ? yes I said and they were out of their shorts and on the bed fucking her hard this went on for an hour until every guy had cum on her, in her, when my phone rang it was Joe saying open the door as I did he lead Jennifer by the hand into the room, made a sign for everyone to keep quiet , he reached under her skirt and pulled her panties down, took off her top and bra , she had only her short skirt on and a blindfold, he whispered to me fuck my wife or jack off on her cunt, it didn’t take long before I shot my load on her hairy pussy,.
Joe then got Jennifer on the bed and pushed her face in to my wife, her mother’s cunt and told her to start cleaning the old woman up, Jennifer started licking and sucking cum from her as, she did Joe got behind her. Lifted her skirt showing everyone her hairy pussy and rectum, one of the guys reached out and started to rub her cunt, she was wet, real wet, and of the black guys got behind her and slammed his cock into her cunt hard and pumped into Jenny until she had her first orgasm, the guys took turns fucking her cunt and ass, until she was full of cum, slapping her ass for fun as the fucked her, Joe then made her put her panties back on and as she pulled them up I could see her red ass, the cum in her pussy hair and the wet spot forming as cum dripped out of her, Joe pulled Jenny’s panties up into the crack of her ass giving her a wedgie and going up between her cunt lips, he slapped her one more time on the ass, pulled her cum stained skirt down and lead her out of the hotel room topples , everyone left except one of the black guys who asked if he could fuck my wife in her ‘’fat white ass’’. We got her up and he found his mark quick filling her rectum with his cock, I took the chance and got in front of her putting mu cock in her mouth, the thrill of watching my step daughter getting fucked and abused as she was cleaning her mother’s cunt, was too much I filled her mouth with cum within seconds, as the last guy filled her rectum with cum, she fell flat on the bed, ass and pussy gapping open, I helped her up, took the blindfold off, she kissed me and told me she loved it all, she really loved that some guy brought his girlfriend to eat her pussy, we got home late morning the next day and got in the hot tube , as we relaxed, Jennifer got home, she kissed her mom and I, she jumped into her bikini and joined us in the hot tub, as she got in I could still her the hand prints on her ass, and thought of the photos of her sucking Joe’s cock on my phone and watching her get used the night before, it didn’t take long before I had a ragging hard on.

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