Yokohama Awakening of Angel Part 2


Yokohama Awakening of Angel Part 2
The story you are about to read is true. I met Angel on the Internet through one of the swinger personal sites. The first part of our story begins with our e-mails to each other that began hot and finished hotter. This is our Friday night adventure. The reality was even better as you will soon discover. This has been co-written by Angel and myself.

The Reality – Friday Night

After rushing through Tokyo station and arriving at the “Silver Bell” meeting place I did not at first see her. When I turned around, there she was, leaning against the wall beside where I had just passed. I quickly approached her, eyeing her willowy body and sexy dress, all the while thinking to myself that the description, she gave of herself was underestimated. Our first passionate kiss caused my cock to strain against my shorts.

My hands soon began exploring her body with no thought to the hundreds of commuters passing by. My fingers found their way under her dress and up to her wet womanhood. Angel’s hands followed mine, reaching up the leg of my shorts (I was not wearing underwear as she had requested) and I felt her begin to massage my hard throbbing dick.

After what seemed like hours, but in reality turned out to be only 10 minutes we broke our embrace and bought a ticket for the train to Yokohama. It was on the train that I found Angel enjoyed the attention of the eyes that followed her to her seat.

As Angel sat down and slid over, she parted her legs wide enough to create a view that showed her hairless pussy to all who wanted to enjoy the visual feast. I quickly took my place beside her as she laid her white jacket over both of our laps. With one leg slung over mine, I had easy access to her moist pussy.

I marveled in the softness and smoothness of Angel’s bald pussy under my fingers and I could feel her wetness. At the same time she had pulled up the leg on one side of my shorts and was joyfully pumping my hard cock and running her thumb over the slippery tip that was covered with my precum.

We were so preoccupied with each other that we didn’t notice the train conductor standing watching us play like a couple of teenagers. When he cleared his throat it caught our attention. I moved my body to get our tickets out of my pocket. As I did I accidentally pulled Angel’s jacket away from her lap. I am sure he had quite a view of her now swollen cunt lips and the obvious moisture collected on them.

Once he had gone, I took her hand, now slippery with my precum and slowly licked one of her fingers clean while gazing deeply into her eyes trying to gauge her reaction. Angel responded by withdrawing her finger from my mouth and licking the rest of my juice from her other fingers. We then repeated the same but with my hand filled with her moisture.

Once in our hotel room, I quickly stripped off Angel’s beautiful dress ripping it in the process. Underneath I finally had my first opportunity to gaze at her long willowy legs clad only in thigh high white nylons and a white garter belt. My gaze slowly moved up to her firm breasts and erotic nipple rings. I pulled gently on them as she whispered in my ear that it did not hurt, urging me to pull harder and to squeeze her hardening nipples between my fingers.

I carried Angel over to the end of the bed and pushed her back. This opened her womanhood fully to my eyes, hands and tongue. She pulled a pillow down from the head of the bed so she could watch as I explored and probed. When I placed my lips and tongue on her labia, I could feel her tremble. Slowly licking up and down the length of her slit, I was overwhelmed by the sweet, salty taste of her.

As I moved my tongue in ever quicker and harder circles around her enlarged clit, I slowly inserted first one, then a second finger into her depths. I could feel her pussy clenching my fingers as if trying to milk them. My mind was in a swirl as I imagined what that would feel like when I finally thrust my hard dripping dick into her love canal, but for the moment it was Angel’s pleasure that I sought.

As she arced her pelvis off the bed to meet my thrusting fingers and rubbing tongue flattened against her clitoris, I felt Angel jerk and heard her moaning with her first orgasm, flooding my chin with her juices as I continued my relentless ministrations on her pelvic region.

Once she had come down from that high, I moved my body up so I could kiss her passionately. Angel could taste herself on my lips and tongue, and began licking the rest of her juice from my face.

With her in this position, I could feel my manhood throbbing as it lay along her outer lips and forcing itself between them to her wet inner pussy lips. When I began to move my hips back and forth, she started moaning as my dick slid up and down her slick slit.

Angel then raised her legs up, opening them as wide as she could with a knee on each side of her head. Her beautiful, wet, inviting pussy was now open to me like a flower in the spring sunlight. The dew on her pussy was shining and glistening in the soft light.

I could hold back no longer. I moved the head of my dick slowly between her pouting pussy lips. I intended to enter slowly, but she quickly thrust herself up taking me to the hilt. I lay there fully engulfed inside her, savoring the sensations and slipperiness of her hole. We began rocking slowly at first, then with a driven passion that I have not known in years.

I could feel Angel’s cunt muscles grabbing and milking my hard dick as she had done just moments before with my fingers. This however, was a feeling that quickly drew me to the edge of orgasm. I sensed her cuming again as I continued to pound my dick into her quaking pussy again and again. I was by then driven only for my own release.

I felt my sperm swelling and racing out of my dick flooding her cunt to overflowing. I didn’t slow down; I didn’t want to. Finally, and fully spent, my cock began to shrink and I slowly withdrew from her pussy. Angel’s juice, mixed with my cum flowed out of her in a flood once the dam made by my cock was withdrawn.

I watched in amazement as the flood slowed down to a trickle. Angel’s thighs, anus and butt were slick and shiny with our white mixture. I was drawn to do something I had never done before. My tongue, as if with a mind of its own, began to lick and taste the rapidly cooling cum on her pussy. As I savored it, my mind told me it wanted every single drop.

Angel was raised on her elbows watching as, like a maniac, I licked and slurped between her legs and ass cheeks. When I plunged my tongue into her still quivering pussy, she rewarded me with another flow as she climaxed yet again. She told me later it was both from the visual feast before her eyes, plus the feeling of my tongue and face straining to dive as deep into her as possible to get all of our lovemaking juices.

As we lay in the afterglow of our love, I gave Angel the present I had bought for her earlier that day. A string of pearls with a clasp on both ends. As I attached them to her nipple rings I smiled and thought of how they would look under the see-through blouse I intended to buy for her the next day.

I thought at the time I knew what we would be doing on Saturday, but was I wrong. Angel turned out to be more than just a sexy lady, but a master at exhibitionism with a thirsting to try multiple men as you will discover in Part’s 3, 4 and 5.

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